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Jones and Mann

Family of Jackson Jones of Wood County, WV and Carroll County, MO

Jones, Matthews, Applegate Family Picnic 1940 Carroll County, Missouri
Jones family picnic 1940 Carroll County, Missouri

John Spencer Jones born June 2, 1863, Bosworth, Carroll County, Missouri,
son of Jackson and Elizabeth (Leach) Jones, is between the two women in aprons near the middle of this picnic picture.

The short white haired woman to HIS right (in the white apron) is his sister Rose Applegate. Texie (Winfree) Matthews next to Rose in white apron. The man behind John is Ace Matthews, and the other tall man in the back is Minn Matthews. Also in the picture on left side is John's son Clifford (back row, near Minn Matthews) and wife Eula, John's daughter Ocie Jones
Cabaniss (in the print apron), and some of her children, including Joe Cabaniss Jr. (behind her with hat) and Deloris.

Can you identify others in this JONES, APPLEGATE and MATTHEWS family photo?
Dovie Jones Gore took the photo in 1940. Texie Winfree Matthews near Rosie Applegate, Norma Matthews Wright (age 16) next to Ace, Emma B. Matthews Arnold near Ocie. Ida Fay Matthews Fix (age 12) sitting in front center.

Below is a smaller version showing the picnic on the ground.
Jones picnic 1940 Carroll County, Missouri


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John Spencer Jones' parents

Jackson Jones was born January 30, 1817, Marshall County, (W)VA, the son of Morgan Jones III (1776, PA-1853, Wood Co, VA) and wife Ruth (?) (1776, OH-abt. 1828, Marshall Co, WV), and the great grandson of Wales immigrant David Jones (ca. 1669-1748) and wife, Esther Morgan (1678-1754), who settled in New Castle County, Delaware. Jackson married Elizabeth Leach, daughter of Edward R. and Rebecca (Spoon) Leach, September 11, 1848 Wood County, (W)VA.

Jackson and Elizabeth left Wood County about 1859 with five children. They settled in Carroll County, Missouri. Five more children were born to the family. Jackson died September 12, 1887, Carroll County, Missouri.

Elizabeth remained in Carroll County until the early 1900s. She left Missouri to live with her children in Oklahoma. She died January 27, 1917 at Stafford, Custer County, Oklahoma.

Jones family 1898 Oklahoma

Children of Jackson and Elizabeth (Leach) Jones

Adeline (1849-1891) married John Glendenning
Susan P. (1851-1938) married Mr. McNab then Mr. Sharp
William Jones (1853-1892) His widow, Mary, married Henry Huffman
Jacob Lawrence Jones (1855-1940) a bachelor
Lawrence Dade Jones (1857-1930) married Morie Frock
Jackson Jones (1859-1901) a bachelor
Mary M. Jones (1861-1870)
John Spencer Jones (1863-1960) married Louise Emmaline Mann
Sarah E. Jones (1866-?) married William A. Matthews
Rosa Belle Jones (1870-1950) married Frank Applegate

John Spencer Jones married Louise Emmaline Mann December 24, 1893 Carroll County, Missouri. Ocie Pearl Jones was born near DeWitt on February 3, 1895.

imageAt Independence, Missouri on February 1, 1898, John Spencer Jones chartered a box car, loaded his family's possessions and household articles, two team of horses, two wagons, wife and three year old daughter, Ocie, and brother-in-law, Harrison Mann, 23 years and headed west by rail. They unloaded at El Reno, Oklahoma Territory, and drove the wagon to near Custer City. The camped for the night February 3, 1898. It was Ocie's third birthday.

A howling northern with snow blew in about dusk. They spent the night on a feather bed in the covered wagon. Brrrr. John spent the next few days at Dudley Driscoll's, who had settled four miles south and one mile east of Custer City in 1893. John found a place to farm for crop rent West and South of Custer City.

John filed at Oklahoma City Land Office homestead application #13361, April 5th, 1898 for NE 1/4 Section 20, Township 13N, Range 16 W., and bought out Lige Robison, 160 acres for $200, 1 mile north of Arapaho and 3 miles east, and settled there October 1898. By April 1904, had 14' x 28' house, well pump and wind-mill, orchard, hog-lot, stable, corn crib, nearly all fenced with 40 acres fenced off for pasture, 95 acres in cultivation.

John always took things slow and easy. Early to bed and early to rise. When he had something to think over, he'd sit, whittle and think. John worried little, ate heartily, tended his own business and expected others likewise. He lived to 96 years, 8 months.

In 1930s John and Emmeline moved to Arkansas. Emmeline died April 9, 1950, Bentonville, Arkansas. John died February 21, 1960, Bentonville.


John and Emmeline's children
Ocie P. Jones Cabaniss 1895-1970
Grace A. Jones Wagner 1898-1978
John Orvil Jones 1901-1969
Clifford Spencer Jones 1903-1965
Sylvia Jones Howard 1906-1969
Dovie Jones Gore 1912-2001

Darwin and Armindie Mann 

Louise Emmaline Mann was born 3 December 1873 Alma, Crawford County, Arkansas. She was working at Mrs. Medford's hotel in Dewitt, Carroll County, Missouri when she met John Spencer Jones. They were married 24 December 1893 Dewitt, Missouri.

Her parents

Darwin Mann Armindie Mann Darwin & Armindie Mann

Darwin was born 6 August 1845 Wood County, (West) Virginia to Daniel Selson Mann and wife, Margaretta Johnson. About 1857 the family, including sisters Ann, Rebecca and Bertha, and brother David moved to Atchison County, Missouri.

As a young man Darwin left Dewitt, Missouri for a trip to Arkansas. At the Missouri River he saw a boat full of slaves to be auctioned. He saw a strong young black man with a wife and child nearby that didn't want to be separated from his family. Darwin saw the man whipped and the experience made him change his politics.

Darwin, a short man with a full beard, was a Freewill Baptist. With a pleasant deep voice he sang his favorite hymns. Family tales often mention his large sense of humor. He once went to a Methodist brush arbor meeting, sat whittling on the front seat.

Darwin traveled from Missouri through Arkansas when he stopped near Alma at a brush arbor revival camp meeting and met the pretty girl outside the brush arbor. After meeting Armindie Malisse Woods several times he asked her to marry him. At her house her brothers sat on the porch and told Darwin, "She's not going with you." Darwin spurred his horse, circled it around and drew his gun in the maneuver. With the drop on Armindie's brothers, he told her to mount her horse and travel down the road where he would meet her later. Arminda's brothers were William, Henry, Lindsey and Alson.

Armindie was born in Tennessee 18 October 1851, to Isaac and Jane (Mulder) Woods. (Mann genealogy book has it that she was daughter of R. C. and Elsie (Yochman) Woods.) Armindie married Darwin Safford Mann on August 1, 1872 in Logan County, Arkansas.

Darwin was a teamster, owned teams of oxen. He hauled freight from Alma to Fayetteville, Arkansas and would be gone a week at a time. On his return trip he would bring back supplies. One time Darwin asked a saloonkeeper what he would give for a barrell of wine. The saloonkeeper said $100. Darwin and Mindie and the children picked blackberries until they could make a barrell of wine, sold to the storekeeper.

He and Armindie lived in Crawford and Logan counties, Arkansas, Carroll County, Missouri, and Custer, Bryan and McIntosh counties, Oklahoma. They raised nine children: Louise Emmeline, Harrison Casablanka, Lorenzo Washington, Frances Franklin, Wesley Penroy, Owen Clifford, Ollie Green, Bessie Maude, and John Pauley. Darwin and sons, Harrison, Lorenzo and Owen, helped build railroad in Custer County, Oklahoma in 1900.

While hauling supplies for the railroad crew in Custer County, Darwin took a wagonload of fresh beef through open range country. Wild cattle in free-range land smelled the blood and run at his ox team. A wild bull tried to gore his team. Darwin shot the bull and the cattle turned on it, so he was able to finish the journey home.

Living in Custer County in September 1900, in a house located on Joel Cokely's farm, Darwin was bitten by a rattlesnake. The snake came up into the room during the night and when Darwin got out of bed in the morning he stepped on it and was bitten on the foot. They pulled the floorboards up until they found that snake. Darwin stuck his foot in coal oil (kerosene) and the coal oil turned green from the snake poison. Darwin was pretty sick for a while but recovered.

Darwin died 16 May 1926 Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma. Mindie died 16 October 1918, Texanna, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

Thanks to grandmother Ocie (1895-1970), her sister Dovie, and second cousin Lois, for stories of Darwin and Armindie.

Margaretta Johnson Mann

Margaretta Johnson Mann

1820 Canada- June 1889 Bosworth, Carroll County, Missouri. Very glad to have a photo of a great-great-great grandmother. The 1850 Census shows Margaretta Johnson was born 1820 in Canada. The 1880 census shows her father was born in New York, her mother in Canada. Margaretta married Daniel Selson Mann, of Wood County, (West) Virginia, about 1838. They lived in Wood County until they moved to Missouri about 1857. Daniel Selson Mann died in Livingston County, Missouri in 1876. In 1880 at Fairview, Livingston County, Missouri, Margaretta was living with sons Daniel and Siegle.  Children of Daniel and Margaretta were Ann, Darwin, David, Rebecca, Bertha, Daniel Chester, and Siegel. Picture and info from Delores Mann.

Daniel Selson Mann was born about 1818, Wood County, (West) Virginia. He is on 1840 and 1850 Wood County, (West) Virginia census, 1860 census Atchinson County, Missouri, 1870 census Livingston County, Missouri.

Daniel is the son of John and Charlotte (?) Mann, of Wood County. John was born 10 June 1786 Delaware, and died 11 December 1868 Wood County, West Virginia. John leased land on Stillwell Creek, Wood Co, VA 1860, 1864, 1865; leased land on Stillwell Creek to son John Jr. in 1862. John Sr. is listed on Wood County censuses 1820 thru 1850 and living with his son John in 1860. John was buried in Murphytown Cemetery, Wood County, West Virginia. [The Wood County death record of 1868, page 40, no. 11, Jno. Mann, wht M, Dec 11, Clay District - Dropsy, age 82, 6, 1, parents J. and N. A. Mann, born Delaware, farmer, wife Charlotte, giving info. J. Mann - son.] Daniel's siblings, Eli, William, Zacharia, Christina, Susan, Charlotte, Nathaniel, a daughter born 1825, George, and John J. Thanks to Dorothy England for info.

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