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Cabaniss Family History

Joe L. and Ocie Cabaniss, my Grandparents

Joe was born 1895 west of Arapaho, Oklahoma.

Ocie was born 1895 Dewitt, Missouri. She came to Oklahoma 1898 with her parents, John and Emmaline Jones.

Joe and Betty

Joe L. (Jr.) and Betty (Cobb) Cabaniss are my parents.
50th anniversary July 17, 1998
Sons: Norman, Riley, Harve. Daughters: Susan, Mary.
Joe and Betty have eight granddaughters, seven grandsons.

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Great-grandparents, W. F. and Nancy, of Jackson Co., AL, moved to Titus Co., TX in early 1880s. They raised mules. Nancy's widowed mother, Elizabeth (Reynolds) Welborn ran a livery stable, Cookeville, Texas.
W. F. and Nancy moved to brand new town of Arapaho,
O. T.
in June 1892 with their children Florence, George, Charlie, Belle, and Charley. Jesse was born in Arapaho in 1892. Joe born at the farm in 1895.
W. F. built a two story building used as a grocery and a two story hotel that was used temporarily for county offices when the Custer County courthouse burned November 1896.
On his farm west of town W. F. raised, trained and sold mules for farming. He built a blacksmith shop on the farm. Nancy died in 1919.
W. F. married 1923 to Beulah Matheny of Alabama. Beulah died 1936.
picture Cabaniss family 1924

Harley Cabaniss 1904-1990,
s/o George F. Cabaniss 1882-1928
Harley & Helen Cabaniss

Hi, Nancy Parker!

Descendants of Michael Beam by James Loran Beam

Hubbard & Fannie (Cabaniss) Talley family picture 1906, Omaha, TX - from Dennis Hill

Fannie Cabaniss Talley

Robert & Florence (Cabaniss) Talley family 1909


Allied Families:
Embree or Ball or Cabaniss ?
John and Eva Cabaniss, Langston, AL. Grandparents of Lisa Cabaniss Sexton.
 Photo belonged to Margaret (Cabaniss) Ball 1865-1934, wife of Thomas Griffen Ball, of Morris County, Texas.
Janette Cook  janettecook at shared the photo.


Family of George Cabaniss
Virginia, Rutherford and Cleveland Counties, North Carolina 1700-1799

by Laura Jane Walters Cabaniss and William Boyd Walters, 1999.

Linda Coulter

Variant Spellings:
Fifty spelling variations noted in Cabaniss Family Histories.
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The Olive Tree:
Huguenot Refugees

Steven Rutherford of Tippah County, MS, descends from Henry Cavinis (Henri Cabaniss' first son). Scroll down the page and select
Caviness from the pop-up menu.
Laura Tobin Krolick
Cabiniss-Caviness researcher

Matthew Cabaniss I descendants
Billy Joe Cabaniss Home Page and
Cabaniss Genealogy Billy Joe is my SIXTH COUSIN. Be sure and check out his page. Cabaniss books to download!
Bill Morgan
Elijah Cabaniss puzzle
John Walter Cabaniss
1815 VA-1850 Coosa Co., AL
Researchers: Peggy Manness, Sami Sutherland, Hal Pittman, Keri Moore, KayTucker
Michel Caviness
John Henry Cabaness
by Laura Cabaness Johnson
George Cabaniss I descendant
Keith Medeiros' Cabaniss connections
If you are Cabaniss kin and have a web page, please email me and I will link your page here.

Joe Cabaniss family

Back: Joe Jr., Dorothy, Pansy 1926-1998, Winona 1928-1989, Doyle
Front: Dale, Joe Sr. 1895-1959, Ocie 1895-1970, Delores 1930-1991

Joe L. Cabaniss Sr., age 17

Wm. F. & Nancy Welborn Cabaniss
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William F. and Nancy Cabaniss, great-grandparents.

William Francis Cabaniss, b. 4 Jan 1859 in Jackson Co, AL, d. 25 Sep 1939 in Clinton, Custer Co, OK, married 8 Feb 1880 in Jackson Co, AL.
Nancy Melvina Welborn, b. 22 Aug 1858 in Jackson Co, AL, d. 8 Apr 1919 in Clinton, Custer Co, OK. Nancy was the daughter of William Starnes Welborn and wife, Elizabeth Reynolds.

Cabaniss, Welborn, Reynolds database at Reynolds Family Circle

W. F. and Nancy's children were:
Florence Elva Cabaniss, b. 22 Dec 1880, d. Apr 1931
George Franklin Cabaniss, b. 13 Oct 1882, d. 28 Dec 1928
Mary Dovie Cabaniss, b. 14 Sep 1884, d. 4 Aug 1888
Linda Belle Cabaniss, b. 17 Jan 1887, d. 10 Aug 1941
Charles B. Cabaniss, b. 15 Apr 1890, d. 9 Sep 1964
Jesse William Cabaniss, b. 22 Nov 1892, d. 19 May 1958
Joe L. Cabaniss, b. 16 Jun 1895, d. 25 Mar 1959
Lillie Cabaniss, b. 3 Sep 1898, d. 24 May 1899

George V. Cabaniss family


George V. Cabaniss and wife, Letty Ann Beam, of Jackson County, Alabama and their two youngest children,
George Thomas (1870-1929) and Florence Lanora (1867-1961).

George V. was born 21 Oct 1827, Shelby, North Carolina, and died 23 Feb 1905, Jackson Co., Alabama. George V. was the son of George Cabaniss III and his second wife Martha Martin.

Letty was born 16 Aug 1829 in North Carolina, the daughter of Peter Beam and Ann Long, and died 9 April 1885 in Jackson Co., Alabama. George and Letty's children were Laura Anna, Sara Jane, Mary Salina, WILLIAM F., Martha Virginia, Lucinda Catherine, Fannie Elizabeth, Margaret Annie, Florence Lanora, and George Thomas.

George V. Cabaniss married second Sarah Elizabeth Mason Stewart 27 June 1887, Jackson County, Alabama. Sarah was born 1854 in DeKalb County, Alabama and died 15 Nov 1933 in Fouke, Miller County, Arkansas. George and Sarah had three girls, Nancy, Cornelia and Alice.

Some refer to George V. as "George V. H. Cabaniss" because of the way his name appears in the will of his father, George Cabaniss of Cleveland Co, North Carolina. Close examination of a copy of the will may show the "H" to be a misreading of a Roman Numeral II. He is "George V. Cabaniss" in census, probate records and tombstone at Haigwood Cemetery.


George Cabaniss III was born 15 September 1782 in Amelia County, Virginia, the son of George Cabaniss and his second wife Sarah Jennings. George married Jennie Elliott, daughter of Martin Elliott 30 Nov 1799 Mecklenburg County, Virginia. They moved to Shelby, Rutherford (Cleveland) County, North Carolina, about 1806, where Jennie died, 30 June 1811. Twelve years later George married Martha Martin in Shelby on 23 March 1820.

George and first wife Jennie had children: Nancy, John E., James W., and William H.

George and Martha had children: Sanford W., Athel Montcalm, Sarah J., Harvey DeKalb, Joseph Bonaparte, GEORGE V., Salina H., Mary E., Martha V., Josephine P., Hester A., Charlotte C., and Frank W.

George Cabaniss II was born 30 January 1740 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia, son of George Cabaniss and Grace. George married first Ruth Hall; second Sarah Jennings of Amelia County. George II and Ruth had children: William, Matthew and Sarah. George and Sarah had children: GEORGE, John, James, Elizabeth, Mary, and Martha. On October 3, 1799 George's will was admitted to probate in Nottoway County, Virginia.

George Cabaniss I was born in Prince George County, Virginia, about 1714, the son of Henry Cabaniss. On 2 January 1737 he and his brother Matthew were patented 347 acres on the upper side of Sellar Creek.

In 1737 George, mate of the sloop BETTY owned by Col. Benjamin Harrison, was attacked along with the captain while the boat was enroute from Jamaica to Williamsburg, but he escaped serious danger. Later he was listed as master when the boat cleared the upper district of James River.

George's undated will was offered for probate by his brother Matthew 18 May 1744, Amelia County, Virginia. His will names his wife Grace and children: Mary Ann, Sarah, GEORGE, and Jemima.

Henry Cabaniss, French Protestant immigrant to Virginia and progenitor of the family in America, appears first on the ship list of the MARY AND ANN of London as "Henri Cabanis, sa femme et un enfant," among 205 refugees led by Olivier, Marquis de la Muce, and Charles de Sailly, sailing from Gravesend harbor.

After thirteen weeks at sea the ship arrived at the mouth of the James River on 23 July 1700. The royal governor, Sir. Francis Nicholson, reported on 12 August that the refugees had been located at a place "about twenty miles about the Falls of the James River, commonly called Manikin town," On 1 May 1708 Henry claimed land on a headright basis "for the transportation of himself and Mary his first wife, with Magdalene his second wife and Magdalene her daughter into this Colony".

On 9 Aug 1720 at Merchants Hope, Prince George County, his undated will was presented in court and recorded, executor Francis Epes Jr. Wife Mary and sons, Henry, Mathew and George are named. The inventory of his estate included two old horses, two featherbeds with and one without furnishings, a rug, pair of sheets, bedstead, blanket, pewter tankard and porringer, ten pewter spoons, a brass skillet and chafing dish, gridiron, pair of bellows, a brass kettle and pot, a gun, two iron pots, a pair of weights and scales, tin funnel, old pottle pot, a jug, seven old barrels, an old saddle and bridle, an old violin, periwig, and sword, three butter pots, a dozen bottles, two old sifters, and a brass spice mortar, parcel of crucibles, a great coat, old frock coat, old broadcloth suit with waistcoat and two other old coats, a fine hat, 21 old books, two gold rings, one pair of silver shoe buckles, a pair of money scales, a mirror and dram glass, iron and heaters in a box, two chests, a trunk, table cloth and napkins, half a dozen knives and forks, a side saddle with furnishings, two barrels of corn, five old chairs and a table, spinning wheel, old frying pan, a parcel of goldsmith's tools and handsaw, a pail, piggin, and grindstone and three head of cattle. Appraised at 45 pounds, 7 shillings, and 7 pence. No mention of the 200 acres of Henrico county land.

Henry Cabaniss And His Descendants, John Plath Green (Dallas, TX, 1956)

"Cabaniss Through Four Generations: Some Descendants of Matthew and George," Allen Cabaniss (University, MS, 1971)

Henry Cavinis, The Immigrant Infant And Some Of His Descendants, Alloa Caviness Anderson (Leland, MI, 1971)



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