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Surname Resources and Family History References for descendants of "Clan Suibhne" in the USA

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How do you spell "Swinney"??

Although I call this a "Swinney" genealogy site, much of the information here contains other spellings of the surname. I have tried to preserve these original spellings from my research. If you use the "search" function, I recommend that you search on the first name only since there may be references which use archaic spellings.

If you see the name "Suibhne" on this site, it is a general reference to the various Swinney, Swiney, Swinea, Sweney, Sweeny, Swenney (etc.) family groups in the USA. This site contains primarily early southern USA references and will probably provide little information for later "Sweeney" immigrant research. (A note for "Sweeney" visitors)

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A Note for my Sweeney cousins: By the middle of the 19th century, the anglicized form of this surname had largely standardized to "Sweeney". If you use this standard spelling (Sweeney or MacSweeney), you still might find something useful here. (Some families did adopt the standard spelling, but most appear to have adopted variants which distinguished them from the later Catholic immigrants to the USA.) However, the odds are higher that we are cousins only from the other side of the Atlantic where I have very little data. I recommend you visit the Sweeney Clan web site or their rival site Sweeney Doe Clan.

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