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This is my first attempt at posting information related to my family research.

I grew an interest in genealogy through my mother who showed me pictures of relatives she had collected throughout her years.

Often I would hear stories (as many of us had) of our relatives coming from England, Scotland and other places overseas.

Then about 12 years ago I decided to start collecting information about my mothers family and where we came from. Along the way I found that my wifeís† family was well researched, (she is a Knickle) and so added that line of relatives also.

There were mysteries along the way which inspired me to try harder. I had to ask a lot of questions (bugged a few people) and along this path I met a lot of great people. Most of them just want to share and past on information about that one question "Where do I come from?"

So, though my mom is no longer alive to see the results, I find myself related to over 11,000 people and counting. I think she would like the fact that I discovered our ancestors.

Mom and I

Mom and I

Like all adventures you undertake, you met great people along the way. There are many people that have helped me out with the information you will find posted here. Many of them are experts in this field or in their own family information.

I was (am) so lucky to have had their company (and still do) in my efforts and I thank each of them:

Heather and Chris (expert in all things Brewster), good friends and the connection between my family and my best friends family.

Gerald (expert in all things MacLeod), one of the most sharing people I know. His commitment to this hobby well exceeds my own.

Edna and Frank, long lost relatives and two of the nicest people I could only aspire to be like

Roy Swindells , Dad (to me),† who finally shared pictures and help me make connections.

Sid, who copied family pictures and found Alex Swindells, our oldest relative.

and everyone else who helped out over the years.

I would mostly like to thank my wife Barb, who spent many a hour tracking down a headstone, taking a drive to some place we havenít been looking for a long ago home site and mostly just being there with a coffee when I spend hours researching from my laptop.

Thank you all!

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Privacy is your right, which I understand and respect. I have taken reasonable steps to remove particular information about living persons from these† webpage's. This includes the full name (first names have been replaced by initials) and birthdates.

If you find that I have included any of the above for a living person , please inform me and I will remove the information.

If you find any information in these webpage's that is embarrassing or think is a violation of your privacy. Please let me know.

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