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The photo to the left shows David and Mary Boon. Two pioneers of what is now Australia's capital city, Canberra. They married in Sydney before making what would have been a long trip to Canberra.

Our Boon family was from Huntingdonshire in England.

Period covered: 1800's to current

Countries covered: England, Australia


Our Paxton family originated from the Scottish county of Midlothian and we have followed them through to current generations living in Australia. We have copies of correspondence from 1868 and 1897. Click here to go to our eldest direct ancestor, John Paxton who was born circa 1770 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Period covered: 1770's to current

Countries covered: Scotland, Australia


Due to this unique surname, I have been able to track this family from the late 1700's, when Benjamin Fagg was a gamekeeper at the Wouldham Manor in Kent (see documents) to Gloucestershire then to India and finally back to England, in and around West Ham.

Period covered: 1770's to Current

Countries covered: England, India, Australia, New Zealand


The earliest known Mills ancestor was Alexander Mills, a wood turner born in Scotland around 1805. He and his wife Charlotte Blair, also born in Scotland, moved to London in the 1820's.

Period covered: 1800's to Current

Countries covered: Scotland, England, Australia



Stacey's family has been researched quite comprehensively by Geoff Sherwood.

On 11th March 1803, John Sherwood arrived in Sydney as a convict, penalise for his part in stealing a sheep. His wife Anne Lane arrived 5 years later, also a convict for stealing apparel.

Period covered: 1770's to Current

Countries covered: England & Australia


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