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*The Iron Brigade Ole Abe & Military Affairs
*American Battle Monuments Commission
*Civil War Military Records
*US Military Construction Corps
*Military Chaplains
*Rootsweb Military Links
*Veterans History Project {loc}
*Australian Military Links
*In search of our Militrary Heros
*Olive Tree Genealogy Military Links
*New Zealand Military Links
*Access Genealogy Military Records
*12 History& Military Magazines Indexes
*War of 1812; Eyewitness Accounts
*Family History Indexes: Military Courts
*Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
*U .S.S. Akron (ZRS-4) and U .S.S. Macon (ZRS-5) |
*DAR Organization Site
*National Archives: Army Records
*Shoe String Genealogy
*Military Locator: locate military personnel
*Soldiers & Sailors Database Civil War
*The Canadian Military Heritage Project
*Searchable Databases & Request Records Forms
*Military Records, Indexes & Rosters
*Military Database: Temporarily Open for Free
*African Americans in the Revolutionary War
*Thurmaston Military Indexes Homepage
*Military Index BCW Project
*Civil War Blog great newsletter
*War Crimes Trial Case Files 1947-1958 (national archives catalog)
*WW2 Diaries {fold3}

Downloadable PDF military forms
*World War 2, 4th draft
*World War 1, draft a
*World War 1 draft b
*World War 1 draft c
*1890 Veterans
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