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Sweet Potato's Genealogy Page !!

Photo of Nancy Ann Landis ~ Watts.The Making of Sweet Potato's Genealogy Page was a joint creation of my mother (seen here) & I back in 1998.

My mother was born July 18, 1932, during the depression to Ruth Pritchard & David Landis. Somehow, we aren't sure how, or when but she was placed for adoption when she was just a little child. She was moved from Columbus Ohio to Akron Ohio at that time. {Where she lived at the Children's home and with Levi Williamson.}

She had told me what she could remember and for the most part it was somewhat accurate. We spent up to the time of her death trying to find some clue of who her family was and where they were then. She didn't want anything from them other to know about them, & her history. Everyone at one time or another wonders where their roots originally started, she was no different.

The first call she made was actually to her adopted grandfather. As you will see if you explore our line, is that a good part of this family was adopted, or married in and mixed this way all through~out the Landis line.

It was a little confusing to me at first, but I figured it out with the help of everyone out there on the world wide web. Unfortunately my mother passed 10 years before I was sent her line. I know that she is smiling down though.

If any of my visitors should have any other information on this line, or helpful links I would love to hear from you.



Scheck Family

christian Scheck & Family.

My Scheck family hails from Germany.

They migrated to Pennsylvania and then moved on over to Ohio where the lived mainly in Medina County.

I didn't really know my father's side of the family as I was growing up. It wasn't until I was a little older that I got to know about them and our Scheck history. I am kindly still learning about them.

Below is a link to the Scheck Page, old photos and links I found helpful in my genealogy research into my father's family lineage. If you know of any other Scheck sites that I don't have listed please email me a link and I will add it.