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  • Welcome To Sweet Potato's Genealogy Page!
    A new, FREE, one stop for all spellings of the LANDIS surname.

    Other Interesting Genie Sites:
    Links of sites that I find helpful in one way or another.

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    ISTG - Titanic Headlines
    Ancestors the companion to PBS's show
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    This is a one stop site for those that don't like searching to hard.
    Genealogy, Love to know
    Awesome Free Stuff for Genealogists
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    Free Mormon (LDS)Genealogy Records by Ancestry.com
    Google Genealogy Search Excellent Resource
    I am now offering lookups and research in the Warren county / Cannon County / Dekalb County areas of Tennessee. For any request you may have please email at either link and I will get back to you.
    To add your info for this surname or info for any other surnames on this site please email them to me.
    Email address: Stace Pollard

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