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The Eriksson/Ericsson Family


Erik Gustav Eriksson Born: May 12, 1863, Husby-Oppunda, Sweden

Died: 1938, Stigtomta, Sweden

Wife: Charlotta Dorothea Petersson Born: January 30, 1865, Husby-Oppunda, Sweden

Died: 1923, Stigtomta, Sweden


The children of Erik and Charlotta are:

1. Erik Sigfrid Eriksson Born: April 4, 1889, Lunda, Sweden

Died: 1961, Sweden

2. Sigrid Charlotta Eriksson Born: April 4, 1889, Lunda, Sweden

Died: May, 1972, Kelowna, BC, Canada

3. Gustaf Herman Eriksson Born August 12, 1894, Lunda, Sweden

Died: August 11, 1962, Stigtomta, Sweden

4. Carl Arvid Eriksson Born: April 16, 1896, Lunda, Sweden

Died: 1970, Stigtomta. Sweden

5. David Georg Eriksson Born: April 5, 1900, Lunda, Sweden

Died: ?


Additional notes:

When I visited Stigtomta the summer of 1999 I copied the words from 2 grave stones at the Stigtomta church graveyard.


Gravestone #1

Gustaf Eriksson

Born 1863 Died 1938

Charlotta Eriksson

Born 1865 Died 1923

Arvid Ericsson

Born 1896 Died 1970

Edith Ericsson

Born 1896 Died 1990


Gravestone #2

Herman Eriksson

Born 1894 Died 1962

Elvira Eriksson

Born 1900 Died 1969


Sigrid Charlotta Eriksson left Bettna, Sweden for the USA 1913. She stayed with Aunt Klara in Boston, Massachusetts until she married David Peterson in 1915.

David and Sigrid are my grandparents. Read The Journey


Aunt Klara is Sigrid's mother's sister.

Aunt Klara had two daughters: Svea and Viktoria and one son Fredrik


Charlotta's and Klara's family:

Father: Wilhelm Petersson Born March 29, 1839, Husby-Oppunda, Sweden

Died 1929, Sweden

Mother: Johanna Charlotta Eriksdotter Born Nov 10, 1836, Husby-Oppunda, Sweden

Died Jan.30, 1927, Stigtomta, Sweden

Note: We found this information about Johanna:

Pettersson (also spelled Persson), Johanna Charlotta. Maiden name Eriksdotter, husband was a bricklayer. Died in a seniors home in Stigtomta of cerebral haemorrage. Her doctor was Dr. Palmi.


Wilhelm and Johanna's children are:

1. Augusta Wilhilmina Petersson 1862-?

2. Charlotta Dorothea Petersson 1865-1923

3. Anna Sofia Petersson 1868-?

4. Johanna Mathilda Petersson 1870-?

5. Johan Georg Petersson 1874-?

6. Klara Maria Petersson 1876-?

Additional information found in 2005

From the 1890 Swedish Census

Homeparish: Stigtomta

Residence: Uddbol N:o 1 l�genhet County: Nyk�pings SVARvolume: 000129 Card nr: 5 Page: 30 Row: 4 Fam. nr 1

Wilhelm Pettersson, b. 1839 in Husby Opp. Nyk. L., Murare (mason; bricklayer) wife: Johanna Charlotta Ersd:r (Ersdotter, same as Eriksdotter), b. 1836 in Husby Opp. Nyk. L. s. Johan Georg, b. 1874 in Husby Opp. Nyk. L. d. Klara Maria, b. 1876 in Husby Opp. Nyk. L.

1900 Swedish Census

Homeparish: Jakob Stockholm Residence: Jericho N:o 8 County: Stockholms stad

Gustaf Fredrik Ljungqvist, b. 1876 in Helgona S�dermanlands l�n, Sj�man (sailor)
wife, Klara Maria, b. 1876 in Husby-Oppunda S�dermanlands l�n son, Fredrik Efraim, b. 1899 in Stockholm

From the Emihamn database of CD Emigranten:

First name: CLARA M Last name: LJUNGQVIST Age: 28 Gender: K (kvinna = woman) Parish: STOCKHOLMS STAD (city of Stockholm) County: A (city of Stockholm) Port: G�TEBORG Date: 1903 03 20 (date of registering with the police to leave Sweden) Destination: BOSTON Fellows: NEJ Source: 72:335:281

First name: FREDRIK E Last name: LJUNGQVIST Age: 3 Gender: M Parish: STOCKHOLMS STAD County: A Port: G�TEBORG Date: 1903 03 20 Destination: BOSTON Fellows: JA Source: 72:335:281

First name: GULLY T Last name: LJUNGQVIST Age: 1 Gender: K Parish: STOCKHOLMSSTAD County: A Port: G�TEBORG Date: 1903 03 20 Destination: BOSTON Fellows: JA Source: 72:335:281


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