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There are many Swarthouts that have done well in the United States.  Here are a few that I've discovered:

This is one of the early Swartwout Waffle irons, now in the possession of Frank Swartwout.
Be proud of your heritage!  Eat waffles!  The first patent for a Waffle maker was issued to Cornelius Swarthout on August 24th 1869!  
You would heat up the waffle iron on the coal stove - and later the gas range - pour the batter on the griddle, close the cover and after a few minutes, flip the griddle in its little groove, and cook the other side of the waffle.
Swarthout Coaches, Inc. 
115 Graham Rd. 
Ithaca, NY 14850
Picture Copyright Swarthout Coaches, Inc. 1999, Used by Permission

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Clarence B. Swartout, town marshal, came to Mena, Arkansas, when the town was first started and was elected to office in April 1897.
Courtesy of Shirley Ann (Shewmake) Manning, editor, The Mountain Signal, Mena, Arkansas.
Fishing Lure manufactured by Gerald M. Swarthout, Pinckney, Michigan.


 Swartwout Descendent
Item of Note
Douglas Swarthout, Arthur Pierce Jean Arthur, 1990
Doris Bickford-Swarthout Mary Hallock Foote: Pioneer Woman Illustrator 
Publisher: Berry Hill New York 
December  1996
Doris Bickford-Swarthout Best of Times, 1870-1915:  
Heritage Gardening at Cradle Knoll Farm 
Publisher: Berry Hill New York 
April 1999
Susan Swartwout Freaks
Gladys Swarthout Come Soon, Tomorrow
Glendon Swarthout also with wife Kathryn Many Titles
Kathryn Swarthout, with husband Glendon The Ghost and the Magic Saber
The Button Boat
TV Thompson
Whales To See The
Cadbury's Coffin
Rev. Arthur W. Swarthout

Editor of numerous publications
Contributor to many Devotional and Sunday School materials
(Yes, my dad!)

Miles Swarthout Edited Easterns and Westerns, which was published by
Michigan State University Press, 2001
Western movie review column for The Roundup
Free-lance articles for:
The Arizona Republic
The Los Angeles Times
Persimmon Hill
Glen Swartwout Physics of Health
Glen Swartwout Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions
J. Baxter Swartwout Optometric Vision Therapy Manual:  Procedures & Forms
(Yes, this is the Baxter we know from the reunions!)
Paul F. Swarthout, et al. The Hills Beyond the Hills Collection of autobiographical writings by 8 ordained Christian ministers.  North Country Books, 1971
Jeanne Swarthout, et al.  The Kayenta Anasazi, Archaeological Investigations Along the Black Mesa Railroad Corridor : Site Descriptions/Rs-30A
Charlene R. Swarthout The School Library As Part of the Instructional System
Kathryn Swarthout

Glendon's Wife and co-author of many of his books

Doris L. Swarthout Age of Flowers-Nature : Sense and Sentiment in Victorian America, 1975
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