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Ward Family History
by:  Frederick C. Kruse III

Daniel Ward Family in 1868
The Daniel Ward family about 1868.
Back Row, left to right - Charles, Frank, and George
Front Row - Daniel (father), Elmer Landon, Emma Taylor (mom) 

 Daniel Armen WARD was born 10 June 1825 in Adams Co., Ohio, and died 8 June 1887 in Rainsboro, Highland Co., Ohio and buried at Sinking Springs, Highland Co., by C.J. Wells.   He married Emmaline Harrison "Emma" TAYLOR on 23 Aug 1849 in Adams Co., Ohio, daughter of John TAYLOR and Christiane.  She was born 11 Sep 1829 in Virginia, and died 13 Jan 1869 in Hannibal, Marion Co., Ohio. She was buried in Belfast, Ohio.

   Children of Daniel A. WARD and Emeline Harrison "Emma" TAYLOR are:

1.  Mary Ann WARD was born 30 May 1850 in Elmville, Highland Co., Ohio, and died 4 Jun 1926 in Highland Co., Ohio.  She married James M. McCOPPEN 27 Feb 1877. He was born Abt 1850.
2.  Charles A. WARD was born Apr 1854 in Missouri and died 24 Oct 1942 in Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington. He married Sadie GORE.
3.  George Harrison WARD was born 1856 in Franklin Twp., Adams Co., Ohio, and died 1900 in Elmville, Highland Co., Ohio. He married Sarah Amanda HAMMOND 25 Dec 1879. She was born 1861, and died 1947.
4.  Mahlan Frank WARD was born 1858 in Franklin Twp., Adams Co., Ohio.
5.  Eliza Jane WARD was born 12 Apr 1860 in Hillsboro, Highland Co, Ohio, and died 13 Aug 1935 in Nodaway Co., Missouri.
6.  James Edward WARD was born Abt 1862 in Hillsboro, Highland Co, Ohio, and died Abt 1862 in Hillsboro, Highland Co, Ohio.
7.  Elmer Landon WARD was born 10 Feb 1864 in Brushcreek Twp., Highland Co., Ohio, and died 30 Jul 1924.  Elmer married Ellen Ida Lewis, daughter of William Riley Lewis and Mary Ann Fisher, on 4 Apr 1889 in Highland Co., Ohio.  Ellen was born on 3 Oct 1868 in Highland Co., Ohio and died on 29 Jul 1930, at age 61.
8.  Rachel V. Della WARD was born 1865 in Brushcreek Twp., Highland Co., Ohio.
9.  Fred WARD was born Abt 1866 in Highland Co., Ohio.
10.  Frank WARD was born about 1868 in Highland Co., Ohio.
11. Taylor WARD was born 13 Jan 1869 in Hannibal, Marion Co., Missouri, and died 9 Dec 1948 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska.  Taylor married Nora Bell Schaffer about 1893 and had 5 children in Hayes County, Nebraska.

The Ward family is said to immigrate from England or Ireland.  The earliest known Ward is Daniel A. Ward born about 1826 in Adams County, Ohio.  His parents were both listed on the 1880 Federal U.S. Census as born in Pennsylvania.  There are 2 other elder Ward's in Ohio that could be the ancestor to Daniel.  The first is Benjamin Ward  born in 1800 in Pennsylvania.  He is listed in the 1840 Census in Greenfield, Madison Township, Highland County with 2 male children with ages between 15 and 20.  Since Daniel was 15 years old in 1840 this looks like the most promising link.  Another related family thinks Daniel may have been a Civil War Veteran.  There is a Daniel A. Ward from Ohio, born in 1822, who enlisted in the Civil War in 1864, 43rd Ohio Infantry, however all current evidence does not support this Daniel A. Ward as the correct one.  All the Census records show Daniel was born in 1826 to 1827.  The birth date for Daniel of 10 June 1825 is the closest and comes from records of the Taylor Ward family.  More research is needed to confirm or deny the Civil War reference.  Also Daniel is buried at Sinking Spring Cemetery, just east of Elmville, Ohio.  Parts of this cemetery are being renovated and moved and it is hoped more information comes to light as to the dates of Daniel and any other Wards that maybe related.

There is another Ward family showing Robert Ward, born 1795, and wife Sarah in the 1850 Census and wife Talitha in the 1860 Census all born in Pennsylvania and living in Scott Township, Adams County, Ohio.  Their first 3 children are listed as born in Pennsylvania, so if Daniel were a child to this family he should have been born in Pennsylvania.  The Robert Ward family is also in the 1840 Census with several children. To have Daniel fit, there should be 2 males listed between the ages of 10 to 15 years.  It does show one, but this would fit with another male Ward, named Charles.  So to be a likely match one would expect another male in that time range.  So to date the most likely father of Daniel A. Ward is Benjamin Ward, born about 1800.

Another interesting possible link is to Barny Ward from Ireland, listed in the 1850 Census of Liberty Township, Highland County, Ohio.  He was born in 1773 in Ireland and could be the father of Robert or and Benjamin Ward.  Another Ward family that has been unlinked so far is Rueban T. Ward, born  1818, and wife Elizabeth A., born 1824, from Virginia. They are listed in the 1850 Census in Paint Township, Highland County, Ohio.  There is also Mary Ward, born 1829 in Ohio, listed in with the Michael Frye family of Virginia in the 1850 Census of Fairfield Township, Highland County, Ohio.  She could be a sister to Daniel A. Ward and daughter of Benjamin Ward.  So far no linkage has been found for any Wards from Virginia.

NEW- April 2007, Sandy Crum found the obit of Daniel Ward in a book called Obituary Extracts - Highland County Newspapers - Hillsboro, Ohio 1883-1889.  Daniel Ward- died 8 June 1887 (60 yrs) at Rainsboro.  Funeral and burial at Sinking Springs by Rev. C. J. Wells.  Survived by 8 children.  This finding re-confirms Daniel was born about 1827 and probably not the same Daniel as the Daniel A. Ward, born 1822, of the 43rd Infantry.  May 2007 -  New info from Judy Ward Bracht... "I remember Besse and Babe saying the family came over from England or Ireland and they lived in McCook, Nebraska."  See also a History of Adams County Book online that talks about a Battle Near Reeve's Crossing in 1792.  It mentions several Wards,  Captn. Charles, James, John, and Phoebe.  Not sure how any of this ties into our Ward Family.

Census and other Family History
  Adams County Townships  -  Highland County Townships  -  Adams County 1895  -  Highland County 1895

The 1840 Census shows Benjamin Ward with family in Greenfield, Madison Township, Highland County, Ohio. The census only shows the head of household and lists 4 males; 2 at ages 5 to 10, and 2 with ages 15 to 20.  This is why Daniel would fit with these children since he would be 15 years old.  Also listed are 2 female children; one under 5, and 1 aged 15 to 20.  The wife is aged 30 to 40.

Also in the 1840 Census is the Robert Ward family.  He is listed with 7 children in Scott Township, Adams County, Ohio. Of the male children there are one baby boy under 5 years old, and one boy 5 to 10.  Of the female children there are 3 baby girls under 5 years old and one girl 10 to 15.  The wife is shown as between 20 and 30 years of age.

The 1850 Census still shows the Robert Ward family but Daniel is not listed.  This makes sense because Daniel would have just been married to Emma on 23 August 1849.  I have been unable to find Daniel and family or Benjamin in any 1850 Census, so this could be an indication they both have re-located somewhere else, possibly in Virginia where Emma was born or back to Pennsylvania, or more likely in Missouri where Charles was born in 1854.  Emma had died in Hannibal, Marion Co., Missouri in 1869 so this maybe an indication that her parents or other relatives had moved to Hannibal.  

Other Wards in the 1850 Census are; Barny Ward, born in 1773 in Ireland.  He is listed in a poor house in Liberty Township of Highland County;  the Rueban T. Ward family of Virginia in Paint Township of Highland County, with wife, Elizabeth A., and 4 children, James, Martha, Jepe and Joel (twins); and Mary Ward, age 21, living with the Michael Frye family of Virginia in Fairfield Township of Highland County.

The 1860 Census taken on 17 July at the Locust Grove Post Office, Franklin Township, Adams County, Ohio is the first one to show Daniel A. Ward at age 33.  Here he is shown with his wife, Emmaline "Emma" Taylor age 29, born in Virginia with 5 children;  Mary A. Ward age 10, Charles A. age 6, George H. age 3, Mahala F. age 2, and Eliza 2 months old.  The children all born in Ohio except for Charles shown born in Missouri.  The 1860 Census in Franklin Township is the last one to show Benjamin Ward.  He is wagon maker living with the Maria Burns family from Ohio. Maria could be a daughter to Benjamin and a sister to Daniel.

By the 1870 Census the Daniel Ward family had moved from Franklin Township of extreme northeast Adams county to a few miles north and into extreme southeast Highland County into Brushcreek Township.  Emma is not shown on this census and died while giving birth to their last child, Taylor, age 1 on the census.  Emma passed away on 13 January 1869 in Hannibal, Missouri at the young age of 39.  The new children besides Taylor since the 1870 Census are Elmer Landon age 8, and Rachel V. age 5.  See the photo of the family (top of page) just before Emma died around 1868.

By the 1880 Census, Daniel is age 53 living in Rainsboro, Paint Township, Highland County, Ohio along with some of his children helping out on the farm and taking care of the house.  Listed are Eliza age 20 as keeping house, Elmer Landon 17 as a farm hand, Rachel V. D. 14 years old helping at home, and Taylor age 11 at school.  The other kids, not listed at home;  the first born, Mary Ann Ward had married James M. McCoppen on 27 February 1877.  The second born, Charles A. Ward married Sadie GoreGeorge H. Ward married Sarah Amanda Hammond on 25 December 1879.  Mahlan Frank Ward, the 4th born, has not been found, so he may have died or moved out of the state.

By 1890 Elmer Landon WardElmer Landon Ward (photo right) now 25, the 7th born, had married Ida Ellen Lewis age 21 on 4 April 1889 in Highland County, Ohio.  The 1890 Federal Census was destroyed by fire at its holding place so no information can be gleamed as to the location of the family.  The 1900 Census taken on 15 June shows Elmer Landon and family in Bratton Township, Adams County, Ohio or which is probably the small town of Louden.  Listed are Elmer Landon Ward, age 36, with his wife, Ida E. age 31, Bessie F. age 10, Tobias 8, and Paul "Willie" one month old.  Also in 1900 Taylor Ward, Landon's brother, had moved into southwest Nebraska to Thornburg Precinct, Hayes County.  Some family notes on Elmer Landon Ward...Elmer Ward built the house in Louden where Babe Ward lived on the corner of State Route 73 and Elmville Road.   There was a log house before.  Elmer was born at Marble Furnace, just north of Peebles in Adams Co., on 10 Feb 1866, and early in childhood his parents moved to Western State, ??, for a short time, then returned to Rainsboro where he spent his youth.  His birth year of 1866 may be suspect as every census he is he gets younger by one year.  The 1900 census shows born in Feb 1864.

Landon's wife, Ida Ellen Lewis, came from the Lewis family out of Wales, England.  Her great great grandfather was probably John Lewis who was born about 1740 in Wales.  Her great grandparents were John D. Lewis and Katherine Shoemaker.  They married in Rockingham, Virginia in 1790 so the family must have immigrated to America from England around 1785 to 1790.  Ida's grandparents were John L. Lewis and Sarah "Sally" Setty who were married in Highland County in 1825. They are buried in Dunkard Ridge Cemetery in Highland County.  Ida's parents were William Riley Lewis who was born in 1836 in Brushcreek Township, Highland County, Ohio and Mary Ann Fisher born in 1839 in Ohio.  Ida Lewis was born on 3 October 1868 in Highland County.

The 1910 Census shows the Elmer Landon Ward family in Bratton Township, Adams County, probably in Louden, with Elmer and Ida age 40, and children Bessie F. 19, Tobias P. 18, and new child Walter Birdsall "Babe" Ward, age 6, born on 14 February 1904.  Babe Ward's twin brother had died at childbirth and was not named.  Paul Willie Ward had died at age 7 on 15 July 1907. 

By the 1920 Census, the Landon Ward family is still living near or in Louden, Bratton Township, along with Sylvester Seaman's family only a few doors down the road.  Landon's son, Tobias "Toby", had married Serena Grace Seaman (photo left) in 1915, daughter of Sylvester Seaman and Celia Ann Dunbar.  Grace was the granddaughter of Franklin Allen Seaman and Susanah Kane.  The town of Seaman in Adams County was named after him.  A few pages before Landon Ward's family is his son Tobias Ward with his new wife Serena Grace Seaman Serena Grace Seaman Wardliving in Louden.  Listed are Toby's and Grace's young children, Evelyn age 4, Sylvester E. age 2, and Mary L. only a few months old.  Also listed in the 1920 Census with Landon are Bessie F. age 29, and Walter B. "Babe" age 15.  Tobias's dad, Landon, died about 4 years later in 1924 followed by his wife Ida Lewis in 1930.

In the 1930 Census, Toby Ward and family are living in Jackson Township of Highland County in North Union.  Listed are wife Grace, age 38, with children, Evelyn age 15, Elmer Sylvester age 13, Mary Louise age 10, and new kids since 1920;  Walter Eugene age 9, William Chester age 7, Paul Seaman age 4 (named after his mom's dad, Sylvester Seaman), Archie Ervin age 3 and Leroy Farris, an infant.  Charles Estel Ward is not listed because he lived for only 6 months in 1924.  Walter "Babe", Landon's last born son, married Lena Gordley in 1923.  Bess Ward, Landon's first born, married Vernon Setty.

 Toby and Grace (photo right) went on to have more children in North Union, Highland County and had a total of 12 kids by 1937.  Tobias Peter Ward Grace and Tobias Wardwas laid to rest on 13 May 1961 in Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio at age 69.  His wife Serena Grace Seaman was laid to rest 24 years later on 1 January 1985 in Hillsboro at the old age of 92.

Their first born child Evelyn Imogene married Henry Yarger in 1931.  Evelyn just recently passed away on 16 August 2003 at the age of 88.  Elmer Sylvester "Bud" Ward, the second born, married Alta Helterbran in 1938.  Elmer died on 20 November 1988 at the age of 71.  Mary Louise, the 3rd born,  married Ralph Warnock in 1939, and she died on 26 January 1998 in Peebles at the age of 78.  Walter Eugene, the 4th born, died in 1968 at the age of 47.  Charles Estel, the 6th born, died at 6 months old in 1924.  Paul Seaman Ward, the 7th child, gave his life for his country and was killed in France in World War II on 9 August 1942.  He was only a teenager at the young age of 18 when he was killed.  Archie  Ervin, the 8th born, died on 14 June 1994 at the age of 67.  Donald Lee Ward, the 10th child, was born in 1931 but died one day after birth of a lung defect.

 James Branson Ward, (pictured in his uniform) the 11th child, just recently passed away from lung cancer in Bucyrus, Ohio on 29 May 2003 at the age of 68.  BransonJames Branson Ward - Ohio State Patrol joined the Ohio State Patrol in 1961.  Robert Franklin "Bobby" Ward, the last child born to Toby and Grace, also died just recently on 18 July 2003 in Hillsboro, Ohio at the age of 65.  From these children the Ward family continues with more marriages and others born in Ohio and Kansas.  For pictures of the Ward Family gravesites, see the Dunkard Ridge Cemetery page.  The Dunkard Ridge Cemetery is located just west of Elmville in Highland County.  Daniel A. Ward, who was Toby's grandfather and Branson's great grandfather, is buried at Sinking Spring Cemetery just east of Elmville.  

Other relatives to the Ward Family showing in the 1930 Census is the Farris Bolton Cummings family.  Farris married May Weaver and had 4 children, Mary C., Paul E., Dorothy, and Charles RalphCharles Ralph Cummings died in April 2000 in Dodge City, Kansas.  He had married Mary Olive Moore and she passed away in Garden City, Kansas in 1998.

Farris Bolton Cummings was born in 1878 in Brushcreek Twp, Highland County, Ohio, son of Thomas Cummings and Mary Hiser of Highland County.  Thomas was the son of Thomas Cummings and Susanna Cingue of Virginia.  May Weaver was the daughter of Thomas Weaver and Eliza Adair of Champaign County, Ohio;  granddaughter of Jason Weaver and Catharine MaGrew of Champaign County;  great granddaughter of Henry Weaver and Nancy Chapman of Ohio and Virginia; 2nd great granddaughter of Christopher Weaver Jr. and Mary Rector of Virginia;  and 3rd great granddaughter of Christopher Weaver and Anna Lintz of Germantown, Philadelphia.   Christopher was born about 1730 in the old Pennsylvania Colony.

Mary Olive Moore, wife of Charles Ralph Cummings, was born to William Clinton Moore and Mary Olive Persinger on Christmas Day 1918 in New Vienna, Clinton County, Ohio.  She was the granddaughter of George Moore and Mary Henderson and the great granddaughter to William Moore and Nancy Johnson.  Mary Olive Persinger was the daughter of John W. Persinger and Mahala Jane Martin of Fayette County, Ohio. They migrated from Virginia in 1844 to Clinton County, Ohio.  See the Moore and Persinger page for some pictures of these families.  For gravesite pictures of the Moore and Seaman families see the Moore and Seaman Cemetery page.  The Moores are buried at  Pleasant Hill Cemetery at Leesburg in Highland County, Ohio, and the Seamans are buried at Locust Grove Cemetery in Adams County, Ohio.

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