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Daryl Hahn --> Samuel Arthur Hahn--> Benjamin Franklin Hahn--> Samuel Hahn --> Nancy Harless

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart of Benjamin Franklin Hahn

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Nancy Harless was born in Giles County, Virginia. She was married at age 22 to Samuel Hahn in Darke County, Ohio. I feel very strongly, after gathering a lot of data, that Nancy was the daughter of Paul Harless, who settled Darke County in the 1820s, with Elias Harless, quitle likely his brother. Paul married in Darke County, Ohio in 1826. This would mean Nancy's mother died when Nancy was younger than four years old. By 1840, Paul had died. Most researchers agree that Elias was the son of Ferdinand Harless. It should be noted that Nancy's parentage has not been proven, neither has Paul's or Elias'.

Ferdinand Harless --> Martin Harless --> Phillip Harless

The brothers, Ferdinand, Daniel, and Philip Harless of Giles County, Virginia, applied for a military pension based on their service during the Revolutionary War. At this time, the area was on the very edge of civilization. The Harless family was part of the German New River Settlement. The boys were sixteen to 22 years of age when they first volunteered. They served six months out of every year from 1877 to 1881 at more than one fort. They were under the command of Captains and Colonels. They also served as spies to trace the movements of the Indians lurking about. Sometimes there were not enough volunteers from the backwoods to properly man the forts so men from nearby counties were drafted to help out.

In their applications the brothers recounted the depredations brought upon the settlers by the Indians. They told of families who were attacked, and some members were murdered while others were carried away captive. Their own father, Martin Harless, was chased through the woods for three or four miles before he found safety. Ferdinand recalled a ". . . Daughter of Lybrooks was skelped and beate on the head with a war club and found living next morning and when she was found asked for a drink of water and soon after expired."

Sadly, their applications were denied by the war department. No, they did not belong to the Continental Army, and they did not engage the British in battle. Their service was in protecting the frontier families from the Indians serving as British allies. These frontier families had been encouraged to settle the backwoods to serve as a buffer between the population in the east and the unfriendly indigenous peoples to the west. It is unfortunate their service and loyalty to their country and countrymen was not recognized.

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Cabin image found at A More Complete History of Beverly
Frontiersman image found at Revolutionary War Pension Applications for patriots of Giles County, Va

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