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In 1845 a tall, red-haired Irishman by the name of Edward O’Carroll, descendant of one of the tribes of Ireland, joined the Irish Constabulary in Dublin. Two years later he caught fever and left. With his brother, Michael, he then rowed in an open rowing boat to Wales, dropping the ‘O’ from his surname into the Irish Sea on the way, and three days after leaving Dublin enlisted in the Carmarthenshire County Constabulary as plain Edward Carroll.

This, according to my grandfather and others of his generation, is how Edward Carroll came to leave County Clare in Ireland for a new life in Wales. This site aims to tell the true story of Edward and Michael: where they came from and what became of them, their children and their grandchildren. It is a story at once unique to the family, and at the same time shared in general aspects with countless other families who lived through the same times and events.

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Edward Carroll married Rachel Evans, dau. of Margaret and the Rev. David Evans, Baptist Minister of Ffynonhenry, at St. Davids Church in the Parish of Saint Peter, Carmarthen.

Rachel Carroll was staying in Conwil Elfed with her children, Edwin and Ellen, away from Edward, probably for the sake of her health, and probably visited Carmarthen to see the opening of the railway there.

The 19th Foot Regiment with Sgt. Michael Edward Carroll disembarked at the Old Fort on Calamita Bay in the Crimea, and took part in the Battle of the Alma a few days later.

Pte. Michael Edward Carroll was one of the soldiers of the 19th Regt. involved in the failed attack on the Great Redan at Sebastopol in the Crimea.

Poice Constable Michael Edward Carroll was promoted from 2nd Class to the 1st Division of 1st Class Constables in the Pembrokeshire County Constabulary.

Edwin Carroll joined the Pembrokeshire County Constabulary as a 4th Class Constable, PC 46.

Police Constable Edwin Carroll was dismissed from the Pembrokeshire County Constabulary, probably for misconduct.

Michael Clare Carroll was born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire to Martha Maria and Michael Edward Carroll.

Charles James Carroll was born at Freehold, Llandaff, Glamorgan to Annie Josephine and Edwin Carroll.

Elsie Margaret Carroll was baptised, aged 6, in the parish of Bromley St. Michael and All Angels, London.

Kathleen Mary Carroll was born in Pembroke Dock in Pembrokeshire to Mary Ann and Thomas William Carroll.

Albert Edwin Carroll was born in Taffs Well, Glamorgan to Margaret Ann and Albert George Carroll.

Robert Hugh Patrick Carroll was born in Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire to Mary Ann and Thomas William Carroll.

Kenneth Stanley Carroll was born in Taffs Well, Glamorgan to Margaret Ann and Albert George Carroll.