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Thomas Green - A Timeline

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For a short story I wrote about him, see New Beginnings

1780? Thomas is born, somewhere in England.

28 March 1799 Thomas assaults Sarah Jarvis, and steals a bundle of clothing from her.

3 April 1799 Thomas is tried at the Old Bailey, and sentenced to death. He claims to be a Shropshire man, 19 years old.1

21 May 1799 Along with eight others, Thomas is pardoned from the death sentence on condition of being transported for life to NSW.2

20 Nov 1800 The Royal Admiral arrives in NSW, with Thomas on board.3

14 Aug 1803 Thomas testifies in court regarding an assault upon him by Thomas Biggers.4

1 Jan 1806 Thomas is granted 50 acres of land in the District of Evan [Penrith] by Governor King.5

28 May 1806 A reference to constable Thomas Green seizing a still.6

Aug 1806 A settler, with 50 acres in the Nepean, an emancipated convict.7

28 Feb 1807 Thomas sells his land to Jacob Russell.5

27 Jun 1807 Thomas transfers ownership of his house to Catherine.8

5 March 1809 A Thomas Green in the Hawkesbury area is granted a wine and spirit license.9

Feb 1811 Described as a convict, serving a life sentence, who arrived via the Royal Admiral.10

9 Feb 1811 Constable at Windsor.11

22 May 1813 Poundkeeper at Windsor.12

5 Feb 1814 Thomas is commended for the capture of runaway convicts.13

Oct 1814 Thomas and his wife Catherine McLoghlin are mustered at Windsor.14

1814-15 Thomas appears on a list of those receiving rations at Windsor. ‘Dead’ appears next to his name in the last entry.15

11 May 1815 Thomas disappears at Bathurst, while travelling in the Governor’s party across the new road.16,17

31 Jan 1822 George Loder, gaoler at Windsor, refers to his predecessor, Thomas Green.18

Abbreviations used:

ABGR Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record
AJCP Australian Joint Copy Project
AONSW Archives Office of NSW
BDMs Births, Deaths and Marriages
Col. Sec. Colonial Secretary
HO Home Office (in England)
LTONSW Land Titles Office of NSW

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