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Old Bailey Session Papers

227. Thomas Green was indicted for making an aャault, in a certain field, and open place, near the King痴 highway, upon Sarah Jervis, on the 28th of March, putting her in fear, and taking from her perバn a cap, value 12d. a ナlk bonnet, value 12d. a cloth cloak, value 10s. a pair of フays, value 6s. a ドift, value 12d. a pair of woman痴 leather ドoes, value 12d. a child痴 linen frock, value 18d. a ナlk handkerchief, value 12d. and a cotton handkerchief, value 18d. the property of James Jarvis.

SARAH JARVIS ヘorn. - Q. How old are you? - A. Turned of ナxteen.
Q. Are you the daughter of James Jarvis? - A. Yes.
Q. Do you live in your father痴 family? - A. Yes, at Longford.
Q. Is that in the county of Middleテx? - A. Yes.
Q. Whoテ property were the things mentioned in the indictment? - A. All my father痴 property; they were taken from me laフ Thurヅay, between eleven and twelve o団lock in the forenoon; I had been at my ナフer痴, at Drayton, and was bringing theテ things home; I met the prisoner in a field, he came through a gap, and took hold of me; and then he took my bonnet, my cloak, and my cap off; he then went away to the gap, and then he came from the gap again, and ran after me; he did not aヌ me for my bundle, but I chucked him my bundle, and told him if he would not hurt me he ドould have the bundle; he picked up the bundle; then he ran after me, and threw me down; and then he went away with the bundle; I never ヂw him before that day.
Q. Were the things ever returned to you afterwards? - A. No.
JAMES JARVIS ヘorn. - I am the father of the laフ witneピ; the property that was loフ was mine.
Q. Your daughter lives with you? - A. Yes.
Q. What has been her behaviour - has it been that of a modeフ, decent, good girl? - A. Nobody can say otherwise of her.
WILLIAM EAST ヘorn. - I apprehended the priバner about half an hour after he had done the robbery, about half a mile beyond Drayton, on the Uxbridge road; he had a bundle with him. (The property was produced, and depoテd to by the girl).
Q. (To East.) Do you know anything of the priバner? - A. No, he said he was a Shropドire man.
The prisoner did not say anything in his defence.
Guilty DEATH. (Aged 19.)

Tried by the firフ Middleテx Jury, before Lord Kenyon.

Case 227, Old Bailey Session Papers, Q343.1/L 1799, Mitchell Library.