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To Major Goulburn
The Humble Petition of William Green

Sheweth, That your Humble Petitioner is a native of the Colony, is a Ship Wright by trade, having served his apprenticeship in H.M. Dock Yard in Sydney, and fully competent of instructing and maintaining an apprentice
That your Humble Petitioner has a Brother named John Green an orphan, in the Male Orphan School, who has now attained his 14th year, which makes him eligible for a trade, and Petitioner believing that the Committee will at no very distant period Indent this orphan to a tradesman, Petitioner therefore humbly trusts that the Committee will take this in to their humane Consideration and will be pleased to Indent him to Petitioner, he being the Brother, and hopes that the Committee will consider him the most proper person for that purpose, is a House Holder residing with his mother.

And Petitioner will ever pray

William Green
Prince Street Sydney
28 Febr. 1825
Children of Catherine Green, washerwoman

Letter from William Green to Major Goulburn, 28 February 1825, Col. Sec. papers, AONSW 4/330.