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NEW!! Web Family Cards--detailed information on individuals and family trees



Pedigree Chart for Charles Henry Perkins imported from LDS going back many generations (PDF)


for information about John Perkins of Ipswich, MA (apparently the immigrant ancestor for this Perkins line) see and search on page for Perkins)

excerpt:  John Perkins left the port of Bristol 1 Dec. 1630 on the ship "Lion" and arrived in Boston 5 February 1631. He brought with him wife Judith and children, including son John. The youngest child was about 7 yrs. of age and the eldest was 17. He was made Freman 18 May 1631 and he joined the church in Boston where daughter Lydia was baptized 3 June 1632. In 1633 went to Ipswich with Gov. Winthrop the younger. He was representative to the General Court for Ipswich in 1636 and was on the grand jury in 1648 and 1652. He owned the large island at the mouth of the Ipswich River called, at least through 1856, Perkin's Island. His home was near Manning's neck and close to the river. He was released from training by the court in March, 1650. John Perkins died at Ipswich in 1654. His will is dated 28 March 1654 and was proved 27 Sept. 1654. His estate totaled 250 pounds, 5, the inventory having been taken 26 Sept. 1654.

Brookville Vital Records 

Death of Amos Jerome Perkins Jr.

Excerpts from Seth Blodgett: His Ancestors and Descendants (1933) detailing many more Maine Perkins generations (large PDF file).  There are even more Perkins names in the full book, available on Heritage Quest Online.  Seth Blodgett (of Brooksville, Me.) 1747-1817. By Grace Limeburner. Rutland, Vt. 1933. (89p.)


Obituary for Walter Morris Perkins, Washington Post, 1978

Obituary for Ellen Jensen Perkins, Washington Post, 1992


Census images for the Perkins Family  (JPGs):

Charles Henry Perkins, mariner, Brooksville, Maine, 1870

Charles Henry Perkins, farmer, Brooksville, Maine, 1880

Seth Benson, clergyman, Paris, Maine 1880

Charles Norman Perkins, high school teacher, North Brookfield, Mass, 1900

Harvey Perkins, brother of Charles Norman, 1900

Charles Norman Perkins, superintendent of schools, Brewer, Maine, 1910

Charles Norman Perkins, superintendent of schools, Waltham, Massachusetts, 1920

Charles Norman Perkins, superintendent of schools, Hampton, NH, 1930

Herbert Perkins, teacher, Hampton Institute, VA, 1930

Ruth Perkins, secretary, Hampton Institute, VA, 1930

Margaret Perkins, teacher, Braintree, Mass, 1930

Otto Seller, upholsterer, Watertown, Mass, 1930


rent a  vacation cottage from the Perkins family on Perkins Lane in Brooksville!!


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