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Littleworth, home of Jacob and Barbara Stier

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The 1798 tax assessment for Frederick County shows Jacob Stier owning acreage in a tract known as Littleworth in Sugar Loaf and Linganore Hundred.

Based on information contained in the Tracey land record collection at the  Carroll County Historical Society in Westminster, Littleworth was very near Sugarloaf Mountain in southern Frederick County, very close to the Montgomery County line:

My work with Deedmapper suggests that the approximate location of this tract is on the Montgomery/Frederick County line, slightly west of Sugarloaf Mountain and Mt. Ephraim:


The original patentees for Littleworth are listed as: 

Dec 3 1767  Littleworth 25 acres Balser Gachs, Liber BC&GS#40, folio 131

Nov 20 1769 Anthony Hunter, Patent 25, Liber BC&GS#36, folio 135

Sept 14 1771 Resurvey on Littleworth 374 acres, Zachariah White and Daniel Hunter, Certificate 374, Liber BC&GS#46, Folio 302.

Jan 24 1774 Resurvey on Littleworth,  Geo. Silver, Patent 374, Liber BC&GS#46, folio 302:


Location of Littleworth is described as S.S. of a small branch, a draft of Rocky Branch.

George Silver conveyed parts of the Littleworth tract to Jacob Stier and to Francis Deakins in November 1774.  For copies of the deeds, see Stier Littleworth transactions

A preliminary map of the 1774 Silver, Stier, and Deakins portions of Littleworth

Silver family deeds

Jacob Stier conveyed parts of Littleworth to his son Henry.  transcription (more to come)


Frederick Post articles that hint at the location of Littleworth and neighboring tracts:


Sept. 23, 1924
Foul Play near Sugarloaf


Sept. 30, 1924
Foul Play near Sugarloaf


Oct 16, 1924
Foul Play


Nov. 3, 1930
Gordon Strong purchases parts of Foul Play and another tract


 (same article
images/Land Records/littleworth fred post jun 24 1937.pdf)

June 24, 1937
parts of Foul Play and Resurvey on Littleworth, including M&B and previous owners; Littleworth a short distance NW of Mt. Ephraim P.O.




(same article images/Land Records/littleworth fred post jul 17 1937.pdf)

July 17, 1937


(same article images/Land Records/litleworth fred post jan 25 1960.pdf)

Jan. 25, 1960
sale of a part of Resurvey on Littleworth


Mar. 27, 1976
sale of part of Foul Play with M&B


(same article images/Land Records/littleworth fred post dec 19 1990.pdf)

Dec. 19, 1990
sale of a part of Resurvey on Littleworth and Foul Play



(same article images/Land Records/littleworth fred post jan 2 1991.pdf)

Jan. 2, 1991
Resurvey on Littleworth and Foul Play



Parts of Little Worth (all or part) were among the first tracts that Gordon Strong purchased when he acquired Sugarloaf Mountain.  According to an article in the Frederick Post (June 18, 1992) on the history of Sugarloaf, Strong purchased this land "on the road to Greenfield Mills" from Thomas O. White et al. 

(same article images/Land Records/littleworth fred post june 18 1992.pdf)

June 18, 1992
history of Sugar Loaf Mountain


images/newspaper/gordon strong frederick news aug 12 1941.pdf

images/newspaper/gordon strong frederick news june 2 1951.pdf


View from the Inn

Sugarloaf Mountain, with an elevation of 1,282 feet, was created by erosion of the surrounding land and is known geologically as a "Monadnock".

Hunter Cabin

When I found these land records, the name Hunter jumped out at me.  My 17 year old son is a rock climber and climbs at Sugarloaf several times a year.  Last fall I drove him out there early one morning.   As we were driving on Comus Road, almost to the mountain entrance, I noticed an old log cabin standing abandoned on the right hand side of the road.   A tingle went through me--I just felt it had to be very old and very significant somehow.  When I got home I posted a question to the Montgomery and Frederick County lists about this old cabin, and was referred to Dona Cuttler's published History of Sugarloaf, which calls it the Hunter cabin. 

At that point I had absolutely no idea that the Stier family might have lived near Sugarloaf.  However, it seems likely that the Hunter cabin is located near Littleworth, the old land tract that the Hunter family patented.

According to Dona Cuttler, George W. Oden was another resident of the cabin, while Thomas Jones, Walter Magruder, and O.N. Jamison lived nearby.  These names can be seen on the the Montgomery and Frederick County maps of the 1870s, helping to pinpoint the location.

small medley district.jpg (78654 bytes) section of Medley District (Montgomery County)

  small urbana district.jpg (178387 bytes)  section of Urbana District (Frederick County)

Hunter cabin near Sugarloaf


comus map.gif (10586 bytes) 

sugarloaf topo.jpg (4038169 bytes)

Sunset view from our main dining room

Gelatin silver print
After 1911 (negative exposed), modern print from copy negative
Stronghold Incorporated, Dickerson, Maryland

More Sugarloaf Mountain information

another Sugarloaf page


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Buyer, Stier, and Related Families

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