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Stier House, New Market



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The Stier house is at 5 West Main Street in New Market.  According to the Washington Post, it is one of the grandest homes on Main Street, and was built in 1790 and expanded over the years.  I would assume that it was built by Jacob or Henry Stier, and expanded by Hamilton Stier.  After Aunt Alma died in 1946, the house was sold, and became an antique shop opened by Franklin Rappold.  It is now The Thistle Stop, a Scottish import shop owned by Mrs. Kindness, who was very welcoming and friendly when I introduced myself as a Stier descendant.

At one time the house was The National Hotel, serving the Old National Pike.  I believe this was during Hamilton's time.  Mr. and Mrs. Kindness found the National Hotel sign in the attic, and it now occupies a place of honor in their front hallway.

According to the 1873 map of New Market, Hamilton owned other properties in town, including land next to the Methodist cemetery and a property across Main Street from his home, next to the Episcopal Church.  More pictures here

The house occupies parcel 3850 in the  Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation Real Property System.


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