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Poland's Hotels

Chapter 12


Poland: Past and Present 1795-1970


In the early days of Poland hotel keeping was major business this being the main thoroughfare between Portland, Northern New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada.

In 1792 Captain George Waterhouse built a tavern on the Isaac Barton Place. In 1797 Wentworth Ricker opened a public house at South Poland. This was followed by a public house near the foot of Range Pond opened by a man named Jackson in 1800.

In 1819, Josiah Jordan opened the third tavern or public house at Poland Corner. This place was situated on the regular stage-route from Portland through New Hampshire and Northern Vermont.

Immense quantities of country produce, lumber etc. Were carried over this road previous to the completion of the Grand Trunk Railroad. About 1830 Mr. Jordan opened a "Temperance Hotel" at the same place (it being the first of that class in town) which he kept till 1844 when the business becoming unprofitable by reason of the decreased amount of travel by stages, he closed the house and afterwards moved to Lewiston.

In 1859 in East Poland A. C. Denison & Co built the Eagle Hotel. Its first landlord was a man named Davis who was followed by a Peirce. Prescott R Cobb kept it from 1866 to 1868. In 1887 H S Jordan opened it as The Elms. In 1891 A V Edie succeeded him. Today this is the home of Robert and Beryl Shaw.