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The Oracle

March 14, 1900



Business is good in the shoe shop. Mrs. Avery Rowell of Gorham NH with her daughter is visiting her parents MR and Mrs. Chase Green. Tyrian Lodge will work the F C at their next meeting, March 15th. P T Murray has got into his new quarters in Fred E Dwinal's Store. The friends of Mrs. Mary Perkins will be glad to hear that she is comfortable although confined to the house. We are glad to see Major Ryerson home from his trip in the West. Freemont F Dresser has sold his colt to Norway parties. Mrs. Amy Marshall and children of Norway spent Sunday with her father Mr. J S Merrill. Mrs. William Libby of South Paris visited her daughter Mrs. G N Stowe last week. Mr. Walter Pulsifer has a purchased a half interest in the drug business of J C Walker and we wish him success.

Dr E F Bradford is about his business again after a serious illness. Mrs. H M Mayberry informs us that she saw three crows Saturday. Look out for a thaw. Mr. E A Faunce lost a horse last week. It dropped dead on the street. Colfax Rebekah Lodge of this village visited Mt. Pleasant Lodge at South Paris Friday evening and saw the work on two candidates after which refreshments were served.

George Needham, the grocer, is out again after a short illness. E A Gammon is about the village after being confined to the house with his old trouble. L W Mason is out among his friends after six seeks illness. The funeral of William D Holt occurred Sunday at 12 o'clock attended by Osceola Tribe I.O. R. M Rev E. W Webber officiated.

The horse of G G Bridgham became unmanageable Wednesday of last week and threw Mr. Bridgham out of the sidewalk near the post office, breaking his left wrist and cutting his face. There were no other injuries and he is getting on nicely.


Moses M Libby is visiting his sister Mrs. H D Smith. B M Fernald and E A Libby are talking of remodeling there house adding the entire up to date improvements. Mrs. H D Smith called on friends in Norway last Sunday. F E Hanscom, of Bethel, is visiting at his folk's house for a few days. George Jones and John Chadbourn of Oxford called on H A Gerry last Thursday. Mrs. George Hall spent Sunday with her father Wallace Hodsdom. The excitement of the week here was the horse race on Tripp Pond Saturday morning.

While Ernest Archibald was harvesting his ice last Wednesday his four big horses got frightened and attempted to run away but he got control of them before any damage was done. Friends of Wallace Hodson are glad to see him out again after ding confined to the house for many weeks. Mrs. B M Fernald has returned from Waterville where she has been on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Harry Prince.