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Poland, Maine, March 14, 1900 Volume 1 No 1


Have you ever paused to consider what kind of town it is?

Have you ever taken the time to consider the fact that Poland is the most widely known town in the world? At first thought this may seem to be a rather broad statement, but let us give you a few figures.

Poland has the greatest summer resort in the world. A horsebreeding establishment which has few peers and no superiors one of the best butter factories in the world the head-quartered and main plant of one on the largest canning concerns: a leather board mill running day and night. Some of the most progressive farmers in New England. Besides many more industries which fill admirably their allotted places. A new summer hotel, which promises good things, is in the process of construction.

More goods are sold a shipped under the name "Poland" than under the name of any other town of ten times its size. "Poland Water" which finds its way to every quarter of the globe. Poland Butter the entire product of the Poland Dairy Co. Poland Brand canned goods, the output of Fernald, Keene and True CO's four factories: and the product of Poland Steam Mill. Poland has contributed her full share of the foremost businessmen of the outside world besides retaining an ample supply for her own use.

You will bear us out in the statement that Poland is the best advertised town in the world, irrespective of size when we tell you that it is not at all impossible to find people who know Poland U.S.A., but never heard of the state of Maine.

Poland has four beautiful lakes and borders on a fifth where alluring fist wait the flies of patient angles. And Poland can justly claim some of the prettiest drives and grandest scenery to be found in all New England, as thousands of summer tourist will testify.

In Conclusion we quote from the speech of F.E. Hansom at the Poland Centennial: Poland can boast of no mushroom growth. She did not flash before the gaze as she came; but in that grand constellation of towns, called Maine, whose motto is Dirigo" she has ever shone with a steady light, and I predict that she will not only retain her place, but continue to shine with increasing brilliancy down through the ages."