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Mechanic Falls Congregational Church

W.W. Waterman Says in "History of Poland" that this church was organized as a branch of the Congregational Church in Poland" by ecclesiastical Council at the house of MR John Valentine June 15, 1840 with these members: John Valentine, Charlotte Valentine, Joseph H Hall, Sophia Hall, Salmon Hackett, Laurana Hackett, Samuel Chandler, Lowell and Nelson Valentine, Mrs Pamelia Foss and Mrs. Nancy P Alden. This branch of the church was to be under the care of Rev Thomas Williams then pastor of the church in Poland and could preach alternate Sabbaths at the Poland Corner and Mechanic Falls. The first preaching service was held at the old school house on the Minot side of the river July 12, 1840. About this time a few individuals joined in erecting the vestry on the south side of the meetinghouse lot which was a gift to the society by Mr. John Valentine. The vestry was dedicated Dec 30, 1841. It was used for high and singing schools, lectures etc until about 1850 when it was moved away. Nov 9, 1842 the branch church became an independent society and Rev Nathan Cobb became its first pastor and continued to be nominal pastor of the church (not preaching all the time) up to Aug 12,1847 when he was dismissed at his request. On the same day and by the same council Rev Enos Merrill was installed. Mr. Merrill was dismissed at his own request Aug 10, 1855. He was noted for faithfulness as a pastor and fine scholarship. Rev William N Jordan came next, remained till Jan 1859 when Rev Joseph Kyte succeeded him. Mr. Kyte was installed Sept 25, 1862 and remained until 1864. Rev George W Campbell, E T, Borchers, F. M. Davies A.C. Herrick, E. S JORDAN, H Whitcher, R. J. Landgradge and Professors Stanely, Hayes and Angell then supplied the pulpit. Rev F E Emrich commenced preaching April 1, 1874 was installed July 25, 1877 and dismissed Aug 27, 1882. Rev C.A. White succeeded him Dec 31, 1882. He resigned April 1, 1888. Rev S. H. Woodrow preached one year and was followed by Rev Frederick Newport the present pastor. The number of persons connected with this church from commencement until May 1890 is 228. The present church building was completed and dedicated in the autumn of 1848. Rev Enos Merrill preached the dedicatory sermon. In 1868 the house was remodeled, repaired and furnished with furnace and a basement vestry added.