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Historical Highlights of Poland


1736 The General court of Massachusetts granted a petition for two townships of land to the officers and soldiers who had served in the disastrous campaign of 1690 against Canada.

It was called the Bakerstown Grant. No real attempt to settle the area took place.

1741 George the II settled a boundary dispute by creating the Province of New Hampshire. The land for the Bakerstown Grant fell within the new province boundary lines and the title issued by Massachusetts was invalidated.

1765 The General court responded to the demands of agents and granted a township of land to Bakerstown proprietors. This township included Poland, Minot, Mechanic Falls, and the part of Auburn known as Marston's Corner.

1768-1769 some of the first settlers were Nathaniel Bailey, Daniel Land, Moses Emery and John Nevens.

1770 Moses Emery settled in what is now East Poland. He built Bakerstowns first mill on the Little Androscoggin River at Minot Corner and established a ferry.

1772 Moses Emery JR was the first white male to be born in Bakerstown. He built the first mill at Hacketts Mills. He is buried in the ancient church cemetery at Center Minot.

1792 Captain George Waterhouse built grist mill at the outlet of Range Pond.

1792 the first tavern was built by Capt. George Waterhouse.

1793 the first meetinghouse was built. Its location is in question.

1794 A shaker community, Thompson pond Plantation was organized.

1795 On Feb 17th Town of Poland incorporated from Bakerstown grant as Maine's 92nd town. It is believed that the name was taken from the tune "Poland" a great favorite of Moses Emery. Small communities were built within the town during settlement, being Central, East, South and West Poland. Central Poland, otherwise known as Poland Corner became the busiest portion of Poland after 1800.

1797 Opening of original Mansion House, first of the Ricker hotels in south Poland.









1800 First Post office established at Poland Corner.

1802 Land set off to form Minot.

1819 The Shaker Society at Gorham disbanded and moved to Range Hill, a mile from Poland Spring.

1820 Maine admitted to the Union as 23rd state.

1827 Dedication of Poland Community Church.

1834 East Poland Office first established.

1837 Post Office established in West Poland.

1848 Rail travel comes to Poland as Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad depot is completed in East Poland.

1852 Land set off to Danville.

1854 Androscoggin County formed.

1857 Lease signed for Empire Grove Camp Ground.

1862 Post office established as South Poland. Name changed to Poland Spring in 1939.

1870 John S Briggs built a steam mill at Poland Corner.

1876 Centennial of the United States

1876 Opening of the Poland Springs Hotel.

1877 the first barreling and bottling house of Poland water was built.

1884 The Poland Dairy Association built a butter factory where the Poland Community School now stands. The Factory had an output of 300 pounds per day.

1885 Twenty-eight school districts had been formed by this time. The first district had been established on Range Hill in the southern part of town.







1888 Fernald & Keene Brothers began their packing of corn and other vegetables and fruits. Four years later there were a corporation under the name of Fernald, Keene and True Company in west Poland.

1890 The New Gloucester Shakers changed their name to Sabbathday Lake.

1893 Town of Mechanic Falls formed.

1893 The Maine state building was constructed at the Worlds Fair in Chicago.

1894 The Maine state building was transported from Chicago and reconstructed on the Poland Spring property by the Rickers.

1895 Dedication of the Maine State Building

1895 Poland Centennial Celebration and Parade.

1900 Population of Poland is about two thousand.

1904 Summit Spring Hotel opened on White Oak Hill.

1906-1907 the original Poland Spring Bottling facility was built.

1911 Bert M Fernald is inaugurated as Governor.

1912 All Souls Chapel is constructed.

1914 Dedication of 2nd Excelsior Grange Hall

1916 Bert M Fernald elected to U.S. Senate.

1921 Act passed to establish Poland Ministerial Fund.

1927 Dedication of present Town Hall at Poland corner, the towns center.

1954 The Poland Community School was constructed on the site of the old Poland Dairy butter factory.

1956 The Town converted to a manger form of government.







1959 The Summit Spring Hotel was torn down.

1961 Community Health center dedicated.

1961 A four room addition was approved to Poland Community School.

1964 Alvan Bolster Ricker Memorial Library and Community House dedicated.

1965 The State Park and recreation commission acquired over 500 acres of land on the southern end of Lower Range Pond for a park.

1965-1966 The Poland Spring House was leased to the Federal Government for Job Corps.

1966 A second floor room addition was added to the Poland Community School.

1969 Job Corps at Poland Spring closed.

1969 Poland Fire department was constructed behind the town hall.

1970 Poland 175th Anniversary with Parade and program.

1970 population of Poland approximately 2,015

1970 The Poland Spring resort hosted the spiritual Indian Guru- Maharishia Mahesh Yogi.

1973 the town highway garage was constructed.

1973 Perrier Corp purchased Poland spring water

1975 The Poland Spring Hotel burned down.

1976 Poland Spring preservation society received charter.

1977 Rage Pond state park was opened.

1978 The Poland spring mansion house burned.

1979-1980 the town's solid waste transfer station was constructed.






1980 population of Poland approximately 3, 752

1982 The addition to Poland community school was constructed with the cafeteria and gymnasium.

1989 The new town office was constructed.

1989 the new fire and rescue station was constructed.

1990 Population of Poland is approximately 4,321

1990 Welcome to Poland sign erected.

1990 A new post office was opened on rt. 26 serving Poland spring, located one mile south of Poland corner.





1990 The Maine bottling company began bottling Garden Spring Water.

1994 Post office at Poland corner closed.

1995 Poland celebrates Bicentennial.