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East Poland History

Part 1


East Poland was the area where the first real settlement was made. Originally Martson corner Empire, Minot Corner, Hacketts Mills, and Bailey Hill and were considered part of East Poland. From 176? to 1790 Capt. John Nevens, Nathaniel Bailey, Josiah, Capt. Farrington, Nehemiah Strout, Zebulon Davis, John Newman David Lane, David Pulsifer with sons Moses Emery had begun the settlement. Empire was the first settlement to be made in Poland.

The road leading from the New Gloucester town to the bridge at Minot Corner was always been know as "Empire Rd" It will be impossible to mention the number of families who lived in the houses along the Rd. However it may be of interest at some time for someone to ascertain the names of the many families.

In tracing house by house the names of the many families this account will begin at the southern end of Empire Rd. Just before the residence of Nehemiah Strout the road that runs south-easterly known as the Bray Hill or the road toward Lewiston junction will be considered. Then the account will continue form the same point of but proceeding in a south-westerly direction along the the Worthly Brook. This will include all of the houses that were originally in the Empire Community. The return to the Strout house and progressing to Minot Corner. When the Portland and Rumford Falls railroad was constructed around 1894 short sections of these two roads were continued from the strout house to the railroad and roads were built from the main highway just south of the bridge.

The first house north of the New Gloucester line East Side of the road where the new home of Arthur? Now stands was the home of Capt. John Nevens the first house built in town. It later became the home of Elvin and Ellen (Locke) Pulisfer. Elvin was descended from? Pulisfer and Ellen from Josiah Dunn, two of the first settlers of the town. Elvin had two daughters Rosa and Addie. Rosa married Eban Eveleth of Auburn and had three children, Norris, Roger and Harold. Norris married Mildred the daughter of Gov. Bert Fernald. Addie married Robert the long time station agent at Poland Corner. Some of the residents of this place were William H Davis and? Everett. A plaque is front of the new house is dedicated to Capt. John Nevens, the first settler.

The next place north of the same side was the house of Henry Chandler. Andrew R Bunker lived with him for some time and inherited the property. Andrew and Nellie Bunker were parents of six boys, Emery, Ralph, ?, Walter, Lester and Carol. Lester still lives on the place.


To be continued