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The Advent Society

Elder E Cromwell, Joshua Hines, and others first preached Adventism at West Poland in 1842. A considerable number were converted to this sect while occupying the same building with the Baptist Society.

After a time a disagreement developed which prompted the Adventist to ask for a dismission from the church. This was obtained although the Adventist continued to use the same house of worship with the Baptists.

The Adventists sold out their interest in the building to the Baptists in 1855, and built a new chapel for themselves which was dedicated as free to all sects and denominations.

Among the more prominent Elders serving the Advent Society at West Poland was Jard Whitmen and James A Libby. Deaths and removals much reduced this society so that 1890 maintained no church organizations or regular meetings.

The effects of this society still remained however and a church organization of this denomination was formed in Mechanic Falls in 1888. Two years later the Advent Christian Campground Association was organized there. Both of these religious organizations continue to function today.