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The Oracle

March 14, 1900


West Poland praying band held a meeting here Sunday. Next Sunday they will be at Cooks Mills. Silas Edwards of South Windham and Charles Emery of Webb's Mills were the guests of J C Maxfield Sunday. M H Maxfield is working for Sumner Whitney in Harrison. Mrs. J H Maxfield is visiting friends at Harrison. Mrs. R J Chaplin is on the sick list. Asa W Folsom and wife, who have been spending the winter at Mechanic Falls, are expected home soon. Horatio Durfee, who has been at work for W M& F Harmon have nearly finished hauling pine timber for Chas Morse.


Colds are in order. Mrs. John Cloutier is quite sick. Delmer Strout has lost a pair of horses from the prevailing epidemic. Chas Sawyer rode out Thursday for the first time since he cut his foot. Harry Bearce and wife are attending the Sportsman's Fair in Boston.

Mrs. Rose Pike and grandson, Phil Campbell is in Auburn on a visit. Mrs. George Perkins is visiting her daughter, Laura Bridgham in Auburn. March 5, there was a town meeting day in Minot, and many out of town people attended. Selectman, Frank Attwood, Charles Washbourn, Howard Woodard. School Committee, George Whitmcomb. Clerk and Treasurer, Gideon Bearce. Mr. Bearce has held this office for a long time.


Joseph Ainsley fell from a sled Monday morning and was killed. He had been drinking.


During the rain of march 1, the water ran down the road in front of C S Binford's house so deep that he could not get from his house to the barn without going over his boots. There is a little brook above his house, which overflowed its banks, doubtless causing such a large quantity of water in the road. As a boy Mr. Binford always had sharp eyes for trout, and it seems they are as sharp as ever for he caught a specked trout six inches long in the water in front of his house!


Miss Ethel Edwards has returned from Windham where he has been attending the High School. Silas E Davis proprietor of the Davis House, is doing quite a business buying and selling sleighs and carriages.