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Poland in 1995

Taken from chapter 18 of the book Poland Past and Present 1795-1970.


Any history raises the question of what now. Poland has had a very active past but what of its future? What can be expected to happen in the next 25 years?

These expectations will be confined to population, municipal government, housing and industry.


Poland will continue to grow quite rapidly for a small town due to its excellent geographic location. It is believed that the next census will show that he present population will be approximately 2000. By the year 1995 it is reasonable to expect that the resident population will reach 35,000. We will also experience a growth on our seasonal population and this should reach an additional 3000.

Due to increasing costs of professional services and maintenance equipment it is thought that Maine will see more construction and co-operatives set up with two or more adjacent towns grouping together in certain instances.

An example of this addition of the schools will be large road equipment purchases law enforcement property appraisal, personnel etc; Fire Department will approach this more and more mutual aid agreements. In line with Poland Fire Service it is reasonable to expect that the West and east portions of the town will have a fire Dept substation by 1995 so that improved fire protection can be provided for these areas.


Year around dwelling will continue to increase in number. However this growth will be related to the population pattern. The rapid growth in dwellings will be in the mobile home area. An estimate of 150 additional mobile home dwellings by 1995 does not appear to be unreasonable.

During the next 15 years our seasonal dwellings (cottages) will continue to grow at a rapid pace, however this growth will tend to greatly moderate over the following 10 years, as the attractive shore lots will have been absorbed.


Industrial growth will continue to be very slow with this growth limited to areas east of Route 26. We should experience a growth of recreational areas on attractive locations throughout the town.

With proper planning and with all our residents working closely with the elected officials the development of Poland will continue to be orderly. By the year 1995 we will be able to view Poland as we do now, as an attractive community that we are proud to be a part of and to raise our children.