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Books written by Meredith Nicholson
1903 Main Chance "EKN" (Eugenia Kountze Nicholson)
1903 Little Brown Jug To You At The Gate
1904 Zelda Dameron My Father
1905 House Of A Thousand Candles
A romantic thriller; sold over 250,000 copies was made into a movie in 1936 recently published in paperback.
Margaret, My Sister
1906 Poems (Short Flight) "None"
1907 Port Of Missing Men Herman Kountze
1907 Rosalind At Redgate My Mother
1908 War Of The Carolinas "None"
1909 Lords Of High Decision Bowman Elder & Edward Robinette
1910 Siege Of The Seven Suitors Thomas R. Marshall
1912 A Hoosier Chronicle
A serious work examining Indiana society and politics at the turn of the century. Many critics consider this his best work.
Evans Woolen
1912 Provencial American George Edward Woodberry
1913 Otherwise Phyllis Albert B. Anderson
1914 The Poet "None"
1915 The Hoosiers
Considered one of the best works on Indiana's culture and literature.
Caleb Mills (Wabash College Professor)
1916 Proof Of The Pudding Carleton McCulloch
1917 Reversible Santa Claus "None"
1918 Valley Of Democracy Children: Elizabeth, Meredith, Lionel
1920 Blacksheep, Blacksheep Louis C. Husmon
1921 Man In The Street Cornelia
1922 Broken Barriers
Made into a movie with Norma Shearer, James Kirkwood, and Ruth Stonehouse.
Ray Long
1923 Hope Of Happiness Frank S.C. Wicks
1925 They Lived Happily Ever After "EKN" Eugenia Kountze Nicholson
1928 Cavalier Of Tennessee Mary J. Judah
1929 Old Familiar Faces C.L. Nicholson
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