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Surnames relative to Moore & Pilcher
A Note from Patti: Although many now have access to many more on-line records, the extractions to my census records include corrections to the enumerator's errors and also the maiden name of the women when known. Since I began blogging, there is also more information available at my PDP's Roots & Branches and Early St. Louis blogs.

I've included sources at the bottom of the sketch and links to the census extractions or images. Any information you can contribute, or any errors you might correct, I gladly accept your emails. Questions and comments are welcome as well. Thanks, and enjoy browsing.

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ADAMS (PDF Only) Robert Adams, born 1679 in Goochland Co., Virginia married Mourning Lewis, daughter of Zachary on 14 Feb 1712 and resided in Louisa Co., Virginia. They were the parents of thirteen known children including Elizabeth, wife of Achilles Moorman; Judith who married Micajah Clark; Robert who married Penelope Lynch; and Mary who married Charles Moorman. Robert died in James Citie in 1740. See also Biography of Robert Adams compiled by Bev Conolly.
ANTHONY Descendants of Mark Antony & Isabella Hart. Although a disputed tale, family folklore says Mark had runaway from school in Italy on a merchant vessel which had been captured by pirates; and that Mark had been taken as prisoner to Algiers.  After managing to escape on a British vessel, he came to the America Colonies and settled in Bedford County, VA where he had a grist mill.
ARBAUGH I never knew of Catherine (Cook), sister of Rebecca (Cook) Moore and the wife of James Arbaugh. In fact, I had never heard the name until I came across an obituary of Catherine's among the letters, notes and clippings brought back from St. Louis where Catherine's nephew Thomas Anderson Moore lived. - The parents of James Arbaugh, John (1792-1848) and Rosina Wentz (1789-1864) were natives of Maryland and later lived in Harrison Co., Ohio as did the Cook and Moore families.
BALLARD Once owners of the historic Middle Plantation upon which some of the city of Williamsburg and the College of William & Mary now stands, the Ballards of Virginia became Quakers, and like most of the Tidewater Friends, the younger sons moved westward and patented land in the territories as they opened and continued to move into the frontiers. This line begins with William Ballard (1715-1794) who married Mary Byrom and was the father of eight known children including Byrom who married Eleanor Candler.
CANDLER Descendants of Daniel & Hannah Candler, their son William who was born in Ireland 21 Apr 1736 married Elizabeth Anthony (daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Clark) at South River MM. Daniel and Hannah's daughter Eleanor Candler married Byrom Ballard, whose son William (b.1767) married Elizabeth Anthony (1769-1826), daughter of Christopher and Judith (Moorman). William and Elizabeth's son Christopher Anthony Ballard (1789-1862) married Eleanor Mossman of Berwick, England and were the parents of Louisa Ballard, wife of Ezekiel Pilcher ... thus tying in almost every line of my Virginia ancestors.
CHASE From the Aquila Chase family - the ancestors and descendants of Eleanor M. Chase, daughter of Ira R. Chase and Frances Estella (Barnes). Born in Winnebago Co., Illinois, Eleanor's ancestry traces back to early Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She was born in 1886 and was the wife of Thomas Anthony Moore who was the son of Thomas Anderson Moore & Clarissa V. (Pilcher) of St. Louis. They were united in marriage in Chicago, Illinois in 1910 and were the parents of one child, Tom Moore, Jr.
CLARK The Clark family originates from Christopher Clark who was born about 1681. His parentage has not yet been proven.  Many have speculated, without convincing evidence, that he descended from Sir John Clark de Forde, Knight, of Kent County, England and that William - the descendant of John Clark, along with his uncle emigrated to Virginia.
COOK (PDP File Only) Martin Cook, born in Pennsylvania in about 1788, was first married to Elizabeth Firebaugh. His daughters were Polly who married Philip Smitely; Elizabeth who married Issac Moore (son of Eli & Deborah); Rebecca, who married Isaac's brother James U. Moore; Catherine who married James Arbaugh; and Susan who married Thomas Moore, also believed to be the son of Eli & Deborah (Updegraff) Moore and brother of James and Thomas. Martin Cook's 2nd wife was Magdalena Swinehart whom he married in Tuscaraws Co., Ohio in 1825.
CRITES (PDP File Only) Jacob Crites of Washington Co., PA was the son of Jacob Crites of Swiss-German ancestry. He served as a private in Samuel Cunningham's Company, 2nd Battalion, Northampton Co, PA Militia in 1782 during the Revolutionary War. Along with his two sons, Andrew and Jacob, he purchased land in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio where he settled in 1810, working the land and becoming a distinguished pioneer of that county. After his death in about 1820-1820, his heirs donated the land for a church and cemetery.
FIREBAUGH (PDF File Only) The maternal grandfather of Rebecca, Catherine and Elizabeth Cook, was Philip Firebaugh, who was said to have been the son of Heinrich and Catharine Marie Feuerbach (German spelling of the name which means Fire Stream) who had arrived from Germany on the "Friendship" on the third of November 1744 coming to Philadelphia from the village of Breunigweiler, about thirty-five miles southwest of Frankfurt.
HOUGH Jacob Hough was born in Moreland Co., Pennsylvania on 21 Jun 1815, and married Eliza J. Cravens on 06 Mar 1840. According to a biographical sketch of Hardin Co., Iowa, the family arrived in Tipton, Iowa in 1856 where he became Justice of the Peace. Their daughter Margaret A. Hough was born 21 Jun 1846 and married Samuel Mossman (1841-1900), the son of George Mossman and Hannah (Brown).
LARATTA My great-grandfather, Armando Laratta, came to the United States from Papanice in Southern Italy as a young boy and worked in a leather factory. He returned to Italy where he married Eleanora (Rossomanno), and with their five year-old son emigrated to the U.S. where they settled in St. Louis, Missouri. His older sister Antonia's family still resides in Crotone.
MARSH The Marsh and Hull families were machine builders and had interests in Madison, Indiana at an early date, and several branches of both families moved to that point where they built steamboats for the river trade. Hiram and Nathaniel Shaw both married daughters of Richard Marsh and Catherine (Milward).
MEREDITH Ancestors and descendants of Samuel Caldwell Meredith who was born in Greene County, Pennsylvania on 27 Nov 1807 and married Margaret Ballard (1810-1884), the daughter of Christopher Anthony Ballard and Eleanor Mossman in Springfield, Illinois in 1829. They were the parents of two children who survived to adulthood - William Morton who served in the Civil War and was director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing; and Emily Ellen, wife of Edward Willis Nicholson and mother of the author Meredith Nicholson.(Download PDF File)
MOORE Eli Moore, who was born about 1783, settled finally in what was then known as Beaver Dam, Pennsylvania. He married Deborah Updegraph or Updegraff who had been born about 1787.  They were the parents of Isaac, Joseph, John, James U., Thomas, Cynthia, who married John Harris; and Eli Moore who was just a few months old when his father died. Eli's widow Deborah then married William Griffith in Harrison Co., Ohio on 22 May 1832. - James U. Moore is the father of Thomas Anderson Moore who married Clarissa V. Pilcher and resided in St. Louis, MO.
This line contains information on the descendants of Charles Moorman and Elizabeth (Reynolds) of colonial Virginia. Son Thomas married Rachel Clark, daughter of Christopher and Penelope (Johnson); son Achilles married Elizabeth Adams, daughter Robert and Mourning (Lewis); and Charles married Mary Adams, sister of Elizabeth.
MOSSMAN The ancestry of Eleanor Mossman who married Christopher Anthony Ballard has been taken back to George Mossman of Berwick, England.  He became a Freeman by serving seven years apprenticeship to a Freeman - the Enrollment Book listing him 12 Feb 1752 as the son of John of Scremerston (a couple miles from Berwick), in county Durham, yeoman who was apprenticed to Henry Tanner burgess and butcher.
PILCHER Robert Pilcher was said to have been born about 1708 and emigrated from Wales to Maryland in the early eighteenth century, which following an interlude of royal rule, had emerged as a center of resistance to British policy in the period preceding the outbreak of the American Revolution.
ROSSOMANNO Pietro Rossomanno of Calabria, came from a family of twelve boys orphaned out to different environments by poverty. Four of the twelve brothers remained together: Pietro, Gerardo, Vittorio, and Giosúe. Of these, Pietro was the father of my great grandmother, Eleanora who married Armando Laratta.
RUSSOMANNO Antonio Rossomanno or Russomanno of Calabria, was the brother of my great-grandmother, Eleanora. Though intending to emigrate to the U.S., the ports were closed and the family ended up in Argentina, some never to see their family again.
SHAW Hiram Shaw, was one of six brothers who came to Lexington sometime between 1785 and 1800 from North Adams, Massachusetts, was a hat maker who married Margaret Pilcher. (Download PDF File)
Robert J. Skinner was born in Virginia and married Mary (Hollis). They lived in Dayton, Ohio where he was publisher of The Ohio Watchman. He died in 1849 at the age of 57 and was laid to rest at Woodland Cemetery.
SLAYBACK Abraham Slayback was born 1841 in Butler Co., Ohio, and died February 13, 1896 in Burlington, Boone Co., Kentucky.  He married Mary Elizabeth Deer, and was an old soldier, having served in the "bloody fifty-fifth."
SLAYBACK Solomon Slayback who married (1) Pheobe Day and (2) Elly House and later lived in Madison County, Illinois. His daughter Julia Caroline Slayback was the wife of Isaac Cook Moore.


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