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St. Louis City Directory
The 1821 St. Louis Directory & Register by John A. Paxton
for several years editor of the Philadelphia Directory and Register
Printed for the publisher - Price $1 (1821)
Benton, Thomas H. Attorney at Law
North F, above Church near Bennet's
Berthold & Chouteau Fur merchants
11 North Main
Campbell, John Commission merchant
2 Steam boat warehouse - d. h. 178 north Main, above north H
Carr, Francis Attorney at Law
123 South Main, S.E. Corner South E
Carr, William C. Attorney at Law
West of the land office
Chouteau, Colonel Auguste 12 South Main, opposite the Market house
Chouteau, Auguste P. Indian trader
94 North Main
Chouteau, Paul L. Indian Agent
Southwest corner North Church & C.
Chouteau, Peter, Jr. Fur merchant
11 and d. h. 111 North Main
Chouteau, Peter, Sr. 124 North Main, above North E
Clark, William Late governor
103 North Main, S.E. corner North E
Dougherty, John Grocer
107 South Church, below D
Dougherty, Matthew Drayman
172 North Main
Kennerly, J. & G. H. Merchants
57 North Main, above B
Lane, William Carr Physician
98 - d. h. 127, South Main
Lewis, Fanny Mrs. of John
South Church below D
Lewis, James O., Engraver
& c. 118 South Main
Lisa, Mary Widow
21 North Main, N.E. corner North A
Lucas, J. B. C. On the St. Charles road mile from St. Louis
Lucas, William Attorney at law
1 Jones' row, Corner Market and Fourth
Papin, Joseph Grocer
South West corner North Third & North E.
Papin, Laforce Indian Trader
90 North Main, above North D.
Papin, Leber Blacksmith
34 North Main, above A
Papin, Villeray Blacksmith
34 North Main above A
Riddick, Thomas F. President of the Missouri Bank
South Fourth, below South F
Taliaferro Lawrence Indian agent at St. Peters
North C. back 65, North Main
St. Louis Mechanics, Mfr's Business Directory - 1850
Hendry, Charles F. Commission and Forwarding Merchant
Pine Street between Main and Second
Wholesale dealer in Saddle Trees, Iron Safes,Leather,Hide, Tanners' Oil, Brushes, & C. Agent for George Beal, Jr.
Manufacturer of Paint, Varnish, Sash Tools & Brushes of all kinds.
Liggett, J.E. & W.C.L. J.E. Liggett & Brother,
[Successors to Hiram Shaw & Co.,]
Manufactures and Dealers In Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, at Wholesale and Retail, No 18, South Main Street,
[Opposite the Old Market]
City Directory - St. Louis, Missouri - 1860
Hendry, Edward Carpenter
resides north side of Lucas between 13th & 14th
Hendry, Elihu Carpenter - Locust between 5th & 6th
boards no side of Montgomery bet 9th and Broadway.
Moore, Isaac Tinner
resides 340 Franklin Avenue
Moore, James Blacksmith
resides rear 411 North Main
Pilcher, Archibald Mossman Carpenter
resides w side of 10th bet West Brooklyn & Webster
Pilcher, Henry Piano Tuner
resides 113 North 16th
Pilcher, Henry Organ Builder
boards 193 Pine
Pilcher, Henry Jr. Organ Builder, 116 north 15th
resides 357 Morgan
Pilcher, Joseph Warren Carpenter
resides no side Montgomery between 9th & Broadway
Pilcher, Thomas Organ Builder
resides 103 North 15th
City Directory - St. Louis, Missouri - 1881
Fenton, John Works at Philibert & Johanning
Kalb, Caroline Resides south side Hunt Ave. Near Mt. Vernon Avenue
Kalb, James T. Carpenter, resides 113 North 7th
Kalb, Montgomery W. Carpenter, resides 113 North 7th
Moore, Joseph River, boards at 814 Mound
Moore, Rebecca Widow of James U. resides 814 Mound
Moore, Thomas  Carpenter, resides 2810 Gamble Avenue
Moore, Thomas A. Carpenter, 113 N. 7th St;
resides north side Kennery Ave near Taylor
Pilcher, Alexander S. Carpenter
resides south side Page Avenue near Taylor Avenue
Pilcher, Edward M. Carpenter
boards north side Kennerly Ave. near Taylor Avenue
Pilcher, Joseph W. Carpenter
resides Franklin Place near Vandeventer Avenue
Pilcher, Richard M. Carpenter
resides east side Prairie Ave, opposite St. Ferdinand
City Directory - St. Louis, Missouri - 1882
Deere, Mansur & Co. 515 and 517 Main
Liggett & Myers Tobacco  Benjamin F. Stevens, sec. 13th
southeast corner St. Charles
Moore, Thomas A.  Carpenter - 113 North 7th
Judlin, Asbury J. Harrison & Co. and A. Judlin & Co. 717 Chestnut;
resides 2423 Glasgow Avenue
Moore, Thomas A. Carpenter
resides so. side of St. Ferdinand Ave nr Baltimore Ave
Pilcher, Edward Carpenter
resides east side Belle Glade Ave. near Cottage
Pilcher, Joseph W. Carpenter
resides south corner Franklin Place near Vandeventer
Pilcher, Richard M. Carpenter
resides east side Baltimore Avenue near Parsons
Stagg, Henry Agent
resides 3633 Finner Avenue
City Directory - St. Louis, Missouri - 1890
Burden, John F. Plasterer
residing at 907 Cass Avenue
Burden, John K. Clerk at Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
residing at 4112 N. Grand Avenue
Burden, William Notary at 703 Pine;
residing at 923 Benton
Burden, William A. Foreman
residing at 4112 N. Grand Avenue
Harzmeier, Charles Machinist
residing at 1012 N. 9th
Harzmeier, Mathilda Widow of William
residing at 1012 N. 9th
Henze, Henry Salesman for Albert Kuehne
residing at 811 Mound
Jones, Samuel E. Stone, residing at 903 Cass Avenue
Kalb, Charles R. Insurance
residing at 3140 Lafayette Avenue
Moore, Rebecca Residing at 1313 Pine Street
Moore, Thomas Carpenter
residing at 3718 Rutger
Moore, Thomas A. Carpenter
residing at 4221 Lucky Street
Moore, Thomas A. Jr. Clerk at Wiggins Ferry Co.
residing at 4221 Lucky Street
Pilcher, Frank M Post office carrier
residing at 2723 St. Louis Avenue
Pilcher, John E. Third Vice-President at Simmons Hardware Co.
Located at 900 Washington Avenue.
residing at 1025 Union Avenue
Pilcher, Joseph W. Carpenter
boards at 4221 Lucky
Pilcher, Joseph W. Clerk at P.T. Wonderly
residing at 2317 Clark Avenue
Pilcher, Margaret Widow of George W.
residing at 218 E. Steins
Pilcher, Richard M. Carpenter
residing at 2723 St. Louis Avenue
Pilcher, Sarah Widow of Henry
residing at 4339 Michigan Avenue
Pilcher, William Carpenter
residing at rear of 1120 Lynch
Pilcher, William Shoe
residing at 4339 Michigan Avenue
Pilcher, William P. Brakeman
residing at 218 E. Steins
Pilcher, William T. Printer at the Republic
residing at 2317 Clark Avenue
Tebbetts, Lewis B. Vice-President at Mansur & Tebbetts Implement Co.
located at 515 N. Main
residing at 3217 Washington Avenue
City Directory - St. Louis, Missouri - 1905
Jones, Samuel E. John Deere Plow Co.
4329 Arco Avenue
Lane, Clarence Clerk
4713a Vernon Avenue
Moore, Thomas A. Carpenter
1430 Whittier
Moore, Thomas A. Lumber
122 N. 7th; resides at 3700 Lindell Blvd.
Pilcher, Charles W. Clerk
Simmons Hardware Co. resides 4031 Morgan
Pilcher, Edward Clerk
residing at 3031 Washington Avenue
Pilcher, Etta Clerk Strauss-Samish M Co
resides 4243 Clay Avenue
Pilcher, James Plasterer
resides 604 S. Garrison Avenue
Pilcher, John E. Vice-President of Simmons Hardware Co. - 900 Spruce
resides 5034 Washington Avenue.
Pilcher, Joseph W. (McConnell & Pilcher) - 2754 Clark Ave
resides 2815a Clark Ave.
Pilcher, Louise Teacher
4051 Morgan Avenue
Pilcher, Louisa A. Wid of Warren
resides 4051 Morgan Avenue
Pilcher, Margaret Wid of George
resides 219 W. Schirmer
Pilcher, William P. Cond
resides 6812 Minnesota Avenue
Tebbetts, L.B. Tebbetts & Son Carriage Co.
SE Corner 2nd & Branch Streets


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