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Special thanks to the following for contributing their family information: Brooke Adams, Judith Board, Julia Casey, Lou Daly
Patty Furrer, Foxie Hagerty, JoElayne Ferre Johnson, Joyce Lang, Madelyn Springer, Darcy St. George & Maureen Speer Trafton.
PLEASE NOTE: This information has been compiled from a small bit of my own research, but mostly that of Julia Casey and others mentioned above. The following is correct to the best of my knowledge. However, unless cited, this informtation is not written in stone. In fact, some of the headstones set in Grooms Cemetery do not match exactly to the Smith Family Bible inscriptions.

Should you have other sources which could verify, offer other leads or correct this information, please feel free to contact Patricia Davidson-Peters.

SMITH TERPENING, son of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born in Illinois in 1837. He married Isabella Armstrong on 20 Jan 1859 in Warren Co., Illinois. They were enumerated in the 1860 census residing in Kelly Twp. with their four month-old daughter Mindwell and John Armstrong who is most likely Isabella's younger brother.

The Armstrong family, speculated to be the parents of Isabella, also resided in Kelly Twp. and the family included parents Alex and Martha and children James, William, George, Samuel, Margaret, and Mary - the latter who appear to be listed with Smith and Isabella in 1870 residing in Cold Brook Twp. All of the Armstrongs were listed as born in Ireland.

The 1880 census was faded and very difficult to read. extracted the family name as Ferhening in their index, but they were eventually located residing in Cold Brook Twp.

Smith died in 1887 in Warren Co., Illinois and was buried in Hope Cemetery located in Kelly Twp. His wife Isabella was listed as head of household in 1900 with her son Wilbur residing with her, and in 1910 her sons Wilbur and James along with his wife and children were living with her in Cold Brook Twp. Isabella died in 1918 and was also laid to rest there.

  1. Mindwell Terpening - died at age 11 months and 1 day on 29 Dec 1860; buried in the Terpening Cemetery in Kelly Twp.
  2. Martha Richey Terpening - born 24 Jun 1862 in Illinois.
  3. Sarah Jane Terpening - born 22 Dec 1864 in Illinois; married Hugh Armstrong and removed to Montana.
  4. John Alexander Terpening - born 08 May 1867 in Illinois.
  5. Jessamine Terpening - born 11 Mar 1869 in Illinois; married Fred U. Glass.
  6. James Smith Terpening - born 04 Jul 1871 in Cold Brook Twp., Warren Co., IL; married Bertha Peckenpaugh.
  7. Mary Isabella Terpening - born 24 Nov 1873 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL.
  8. Laura E. Terpening - born 28 May 1878 in Illinois.
  9. Wilbur Armstrong Terpening - born 15 Jun 1880 in Illinois.
JOHN WESLEY TERPENING, son of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born in Illinois in 1838. He served in the Civil War as a Sgt. of Co. B, of the 102nd IL Volunteers. On 04 Oct 1866 he married Jane D. "Jennie" Pearson in Warren Co., Illinois.

Shortly after their marriage the couple moved to Marion Co., Missouri. They were enumerated in the census records residing in Round Grove Twp. in 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920. Jennie died in 1899 and John died in Ewing, Lewis Co., Missouri in 1923. They were laid to rest in New Providence Church Cemetery near Benbow, Marion Co., Missouri.

  1. Lillian Terpening - born about 1866; married George F. Schaller whose parents were both born in Germany. He and Lillian were the parents of Wesley Russell and Arthur T. Schaller.
  2. Inez Terpening - born about 1868 in Missouri.
  3. Beulah Terpening - born May 1870 in Marion Co., Missouri. Not listed in the 1880 census - may have died young.
  4. Lena P. Terpening - born Oct 1873 in Missouri; was single and resided with her father.
  5. Earl Stanley Terpening - born according to his WW1 Draft Registration card on 28 Mar 1875 in Missouri, he had white hair and blue eyes. He married Elsie Bondurant on 27 Sep 1899, daughter of Robert and Rosa J. (Thompson) and from at least 1920-1930 they resided in Ewing, Lewis Co., Missouri.
  6. Charles W. Terpening - born Aug 1881 in Missouri; married Lizzie and was the father of Charles Jr.
SARAH A. TERPENING, daughter of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born in Illinois in 1837. She married William M. Armstrong on 08 Mar 1866 1859 in Warren Co., Illinois. William was born on 24 Sep 1836 in Ireland, and was the son of Alexander and Martha (Richey). He was Captain of Co. B 102nd IL Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Severely wounded at the battle of Averysburg, William never recovered from his injury. After his return from the war, he was elected Sherriff of Warren County, but did not live to fill his term of office. He died at age 31 years and 5 months on 24 Feb 1868.

In 1870 Sarah, now widowed and listed as head of household, was residing in Cold Brook Twp., next door to her brother Smith Terpening. Her younger brother Nathan, aged 24, was also listed in her household. In 1880 Sarah and her son Charles are listed in the household of her brother Harrison in Cold Brook Twp.

  1. Charles Armstrong - born about 1869 in Warren Co., Illinois.
HARRISON P. TERPENING, son of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born in Illinois in 1842. He was enumerated in the 1850 and 1860 census records with his parents and on July 17th the following year he was mustered into Company B of the 59th Illinois regiment. He served as a private in that company and was mustered out 19 Sep 1864.

On 08 Mar 1866 he married Martha Nicolina Armstrong, known as "Lina" in Warren Co., Illinois and together they had eight children. In 1870 they were residing in Richland Twp., Vernon Co., MO but by 1880 they had returned to Warren County. His wife of twenty years passed away on 08 Apr 1886 and is believed to have been laid ot rest in or near Ewing, Missouri.

On 12 Jun 1895, Harrison married Adelia H. Thomas in Rock Island, Illinois and they were enumerated in the 1900 census residing in Kelly Twp., with their youngest daughter. In 1920 Harris and Adelia were residing in their daughter Mary's household and two years later Harrison passed at the age of 80 years, 10 months and 8 days on 11 Nov 1922. He and Adelia were both laid to rest at Hope Cemetery in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., Illinois.

  1. Emma G. Terpening - born 20 Feb 1867 in Warren Co., Illinois; married Frank Cane
  2. Edith I. Terpening (twin) - born about 1869 in Illinois.
  3. Edwin E. Terpening (twin) - born about 1869 in Illinois; married Mary Brown.
  4. John Terpening - born 12 Dec 1870 in Illinois; married Emma Wallace.
  5. Mindwell Terpening - born 18 Mar 1876 in Illinois; married William Mersman.
  6. Sarah Elsie Terpening - born about 1878 in Illinois; married Arthur C. Terpening, son of George and Amanda (Sallee) and later moved to Montana.
  7. William A. Terpening - born 09 Jan 1881 in Warren Co., IL; married Gussie M. Kruse and later lived in Montana with their children Estella Marie, Clarence Lee, Helen P., and Marjorie M. Terpening.
  8. Lina Mary Terpening - born 04 May 1882 in Warren Co., IL; married Joseph R. Dunn.
OLIVE TERPENING, daughter of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born in Illinois in 1843. She married on 11 Dec 1866 William Bracken Armstrong in Warren Co., Illinois. William was the son of Alex and Martha (Richey) and was born in Ireland on 27 Dec 1839, coming to the U.S. when he was about thirteen years of age.

In 1870 the family was residing in Richland Township, Vernon Co., Missouri with their two young children. Also included in their household was the family of Olive's brother, Harrison Terpening who was married to Martha Nicolina Armstrong. In 1880 the family was still living in Richland Twp., and their youngest child then included daughter Lenoara who was three months old. Living nearby in Deerfield Twp., was Olive's Uncle Peter and Aunt Hannah (Francesco) Terpening's family.

By 1900 Olive had returned to Illinois where she, her husband and youngest daughter were living in Montgomery County. Her son Richie had married by this time and was living in his own household. According to the census, only two of her four children were living at the time - Smith and Esthelda having passed prior to 1900.

In 1910 and 1920 Olive and William were residing in Montgomery Co., Illinois so although no date of death is known for Olive, she lived until at least 1920 at which time she was enumerated in the household of their son Ritchey. William, also listed in his son's household, died on 06 Feb 1922.

  1. Smith Armstrong - born about 1867 in Illinois.
  2. Esthelda Armstrong - born about 1869 in Illinois.
  3. Richie E. Armstrong - born Jul 1872 in Illinois or Missouri; married Laura B. in about 1897 and had by her Stella B. who was born in July of 1898 and William R. who was born about 1902. He married (2) Mary J. in about 1904 and had by her at least Malcolm R. who was born in about 1907, and Bertha who was born in about October of 1917. During 1900-1920 he resided in Montgomery Co., Illinois.
  4. Lenora M. Armstrong - born Feb 1880 in Vernon Co., Missouri.
NATHAN ALONZO TERPENING, son of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born in Illinois in April of 1846. Nathan served in the 59th IL Volunteer Infantry during the war. In 1870 Nathan was listed as living in his sister Sarah Armstrong's household in Cold Brook Twp. with her two year-old son Charles. Her husband, William Armstrong, had served in the War of the Rebellion and was wounded. Although he was elected sherriff of Warren County he had died in 1868 before filling his term in office.

On 02 Jan 1872, Nathan married Caroline "Carrie" Graham in Warren Co., IL and in 1880 at the age of 34, the couple and their three children were living in Kelly Township. By 1900 the family had moved to Missouri and were living in Deerfield Twp., in Vernon County where his sister Olive and their uncle Peter Terpening had lived.

It is uncertain why, but the couple was located ten years later in the 1910 census records for Harper Co., Oklahoma residing in Buffalo Precinct of Kiowa Township where it is believed their daughter Mona died. It is possible that Nathan and Carrie considered moving there since the Cherokee Outlet had opened up for homesteading and Reuben Breeden (who had been married to his cousin Amorett Wait who died in 1898) had gone to Oklahoma in about 1902, but finding the area to be snake infested and too oily for farming, had returned to Missouri.

Caroline's date or place of death is not known, but Nathan died 29 Nov 1932 at the Soldier's Home in Riverside Twp. (Quincy), Illinois and was buried at the Sunset Cemetery.

Note: It is not known when Nathan became a resident at the Soldier's Home, but he was enumerated there during the 1920 and 1930 census.

  1. Nora Terpening - born 22 Nov 1874 in Illinois; died 22 Aug 1875; buried in Hope Cemetery in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL.
  2. Mona M. Terpening - born Mar 1875 in Illinois; died 28 Feb 1910 in Harper Co., OK.
  3. Malcomb Terpening - born about 1877 in Illinois.
  4. John A. Terpening - born Jun 1879 in Illinois.
CHARLES W. TERPENING, son of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born 01 Jan 1848 in Illinois and married Mary Armstrong on 10 Dec 1873. After living in Warren County, the family moved to Montana and there lived in Yellowstone, Musselshell and Golden Valley counties.

Listed in the census records as a child with his parents from 1850-1870 residing in Kelly Twp. in Warren Co., Illinois. In 1880 Charles, his wife, and son Alvin were residing in his parents' household which was next door to the family of his brother Nathan and wife Carrie. In 1900 Charles, Mary and their daughter Mildred were living in Spring Grove Twp. of Warren County where he was listed as an implement dealer. His son Alvin, who at the time was 25 years old and married to Gertie Brown was living in Kelly Twp., and his household included his brother Walter who was listed as a 19 year-old farm laborer.

By 1910 the family had moved to Yellowstone Co., Montana and were enumerated in that census as residing at Twp 5 North, Range 23 East. Their household then included only themselves and their daughter Verna. Their son Alvin and his family were also living nearby, his family including five children, the youngest being eight month-old Elbert.

In 1920 Charles and Mary were living in Musselshell Co., Montana and their household included their grandsons, Lee and Everett - sons of Alvin who was living in Yellowstone County. Listed in the census records near Alvin was a Hazel Atkinson, believed to be his 24 year-old widowed daughter who was working as a stenographer.

Charles and Mary were living in Golden County, Montana when the 1930 census was taken. Living nearby them were the families of Hugh Armstrong and William Terpening. Their daughter Verna was living in nearby Utopia of the same county with her husband Elmer Strong.

According to the Montana vital records, Charles died on 07 Sep 1941 in Golden Valley County. He was about 93 years and eight months old at the time of his death.

  1. Alvin Terpening - born 27 Sep 1874 in Illinois; married on 25 Dec 1894 Gertrude Brown and were the parents of Hazel Grace, Marian Ruby, Lee Bernard, and Everett Fred and Elbert M. Terpening.
  2. Walter Terpening - born 05 Aug 1880 in Illinois; married Nellie Coats; died Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.
  3. Marion Terpening - born in 1887; died in 1888 - she was buried in Hope Cemetery, Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL
  4. Mildred Verna Terpening - born 30 Mar 1891 in Illinois; married Elmer Strong on 30 Jun 1915 and resided in Montana.
EDWIN EZEKIEL TERPENING, son of John P. and Mindwell (Smith), was born in Warren Co., Illinois in 1851. He married Cynthia Adcock there on 30 Dec 1875, and died in Warren Co., Illinois on 29 Sep 1939.

In 1880 he and Cynthia were living in Cold Brook Twp. of Warren Co., Illinois with their three year-old daughter Lucy and by 1900 the household had grown to include three more children - Arthur, Harry and Mabel. The family would continue to reside here until their deaths, and were enumerated in the 1910 and 1920 census records. Both were laid to rest in the Terpening Cemetery in Kelly Township.

  1. Lucy Terpening - born Apr 1877 in Illinois; married Marshall Ryner.
  2. Arthur Terpening - born Dec 1883 in Illinois; married Blanche Ferris.
  3. Harry R. Terpening - born Jan 1891 in Illinois; married Edna Noble Clay.
  4. Mabel Grace Terpening - born Apr 1893 in Illinois; married Glenn Lawrence Glass.
ZERNAH "RUIE" MAVIS WAIT, daughter of Eliza (Smith) and Solomon Wait, was born 04 Mar 1845 in New York. She married George Pettit on 04 Nov 1868 and in 1870 the family was enumerated in Speedwell Township of St. Clair Co., MO.
  1. Thomas Byron Pettit - born 02 Aug 1869; listed in the census prior to his death on 03 Aug 1870.
  2. Fred Pettit
  3. Charles Pettit
ALVAH SEELY WAIT, son of Eliza (Smith) and Solomon Wait, was born 29 Jun 1847 in New York and in 1850 was enumerated with his family residing in Wilson Twp., Niagra Co., New York living very near the Thomas Pettit family whose son George later married Alvah's sister Zerna "Ruie" Wait.

Removing with his family to Illinois and in 1860, Alvah was listed in their household in Coldbrook Twp., Warren Co., Illinois. The family then left that area and settled in St. Clair County, Missouri where in 1870 they were residing in Roscoe Township. Eight years later he married Mary Susan Metcalf on 21 Mar 1878 in St. Clair Co., Missouri.

Susan was the daughter of John T. and Susan Catherine (Marshall) and was enumerated with her family prior to her marriage in 1860 and 1870 residing in Speedwell and Roscoe Township, respectively. In 1880 Susan and Alvah were residing in Speedwell Twp. with an one year-old that appears to have been named A.W. Edward. His relationship to their household is not listed, but he may have been their first child who died before the next cenus was taken as she is listed in 1900 as the mother of eight children, seven living. By 1910 when the couple is enumerated with their two children Charles and Bessie, Mary indicates one more child has died.

Mary appears to have died prior to 1930 when Alvah, his divorced daughter Hettie Cooper along with her daughter Marie, and Alvah's son Charles E. were residing in Los Angeles, California on North 113th Street. Alvah died on 13 Jun 1934 in Los Angeles, CA. He married

Family Group Sheet of Alvah Seely Wait and Mary Susan Metcalf - View/Print PDF File

  1. William Elmore Wait - born 16 Jun 1879 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., Missouri; married Cledia Abigail Lingle on 05 Dec 1905 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. He died 23 Jan 1953 in Independence, Jackson Co., MO.
  2. Luther Wait - born Aug 1881 in Missouri; died in Montana.
  3. Hettie Myrtle Wait - born Sep 1883 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., Missouri; married Claude Berdette Cooper; died 24 Jun 1961 in Canoga Park, Los Angeles Co., CA.
  4. Charles Wait - born 02 Feb 1885 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co, Missouri; died 04 Feb 1960 in Los Angeles, CA.
  5. Edgar Louis. Wait - born 25 Apr 1887 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., MO; married Maggie Bland; died 18 May 1970 in Duarte, Los Angeles Co., CA.
  6. Ora Wait - born Feb 1889 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., Missouri.
  7. Bessie S. Wait - born Apr 1891 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., Missouri; married Harold Paulson.
RICHARD EUGENE WAIT, son of Eliza (Smith) and Solomon Wait, was born 26 Mar 1851 in Wilson Twp., Niagara Co., NY. He married Elizabeth Ruth Ducket Hall on 24 Jun 1877 in Speedwell, St. Clair Co., Missouri. Elizabeth was the daughter of Moses Williamson Hall and Ann Elizabeth Dowell and was born in Tipton, Monteneau Co., MO on 24 May 1861.

The couple was enumerated in the 1880 census as Jean and Bettie and were living just a few houses down from Richard's parents Solomon and Eliza. He died on 06 Mar 1887 in Tiffin or Roscoe, St. Clair Co., Missouri and his widowed married within a couple years, Asa Martin Guffey.

His widow and her children were enumerated in the 1900 census records in Vernon Co., MO - all them listed as Guffey, and it appears from the enumerator's notation on her husband's information that her 2nd marriage took place 11 years prior, or in about 1889 and five additional children being born to that marriage (Asa M., Nannie J., Alfred W., Teresa B., and Metta M. Guffey.

In 1910 Elizabeth and her family are living in Kenna, Chaves Co., New Mexico and in 1920 Valley View, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico. She died in Roswell, Chavez Co., NM on 12 Dec 1929.

Family Group Sheet of Richard Eugene Wait and Elizabeth Ruth Ducket Hall - View/Print PDF file

  1. Eliza Calesta Wait - born 18 Dec 1878 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., MO; died there on 22 Oct 1879.
  2. Mary "Mamie" Mindwell Wait - born 14 Sep 1880 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., MO; married Charlie N. Fivecoat on 25 Dec 0901; died in San Diego, CA on 03 Mar 1924.
  3. Louis Martin Wait - born 22 Jul 1883 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., MO; married Lizzie M. Woods on 14 Jul 1945 and married (2) Jenny Boman; died 16 Jan 1974.
  4. Richard Dowell Wait - born 25 Oct 1885 in Roscoe, St. Clair Co., MO; married Lelia and (2) Doris A. Addison; died in Roswell, Chaves Co., New Mexico on 17 Feb 1962.
AMORETT WAIT, daughter of Eliza (Smith) and Solomon Wait, was born 13 Aug 1853 in Wilson, Niagara Co., NY. She married Ruben Breeden on 05 May 1871 in St. Clair Co., Missouri. Reuben was the son of Joseph "Job" and Sarah E. Brackney and was born on 03 Nov 1841 in Rockingham Co., Virginia. Listed with his family in 1850 as age 8, Job's father who could neither read or write, understood the continous quarreling between the different sections of the country which was partly economic and partly slavery. With Job being a Yankee and his brother a rebel, he realized they would soon have to fight each other, and felt it would be better to leave Virginia so they decided to journey to Missouri where a cousin lived. They packed up all their wordly goods along with their family, leaving behind two daughters, Rebecca Breeden Hensley and Ann Mariah Meadows, who were married at the time, and went west by way of ox team and wagon. They settled on a piece of land in Oyer, Missouri, but in 1860 were enumerated in Kelly Twp., Cooper Co., MIssouri. Their once large family now including only Reuben who was 19, his younger siblings Sarah and Conrad.

In 1870, the year before Amorett and Ruben were married, they were both residing in Roscoe Twp., St. Clair Co., Missouri. By 1880 when the family was enumerated in the federal census, the couple had five children: John, Charles, Eliza, Robert and Lucy who was just two months old.

Whle is St. Clair County, Amorett's mother Eliza passed away on 22 Sep 1888 in Oyer and she was buried in Pleasant Springs Cemetery. in Oyer. Her father Solomon then accompanied her and her family traveling south from Missouri in covered wagons, along with some neighbors to work in the cotton fields. They settled not far from the Brazos River which was infested with mosquitos and in 1898 Amorett and her father Solomon contacted malaria and died. Both were buried in or near Rosenburg, Texas and Amorett's husband, Ruben, and the rest of their family returned to Missouri where he was listed in the 1900 census residing once again in Roscoe Township with seven of his children. Amorett and Ruben's oldest son John had died in 1894, their son Robert had married two years prior and was living in Indian Terriroty on the Chickasaw Nation, and daughter Lucy was married to John Barton and living in Webster Co., Iowa.

By 1910 Ruben had moved to Rogers County, Oklahoma where he was living next door to his married daughter Etta Killebrew. He died on 10 Mar 1915 in Claremore and was laid to rest in Sandridge Cemetery.

Photo of Amorett (Wait)

Photo of Amorett (Wait) & Ruben Breeden

Smith Photo Collection III contrtibuted by Patty Breeden Furrer (2007)

Family Group Sheet of Reuben Breeden and Amorett Wait - View/Print PDF file

  1. John Hiram Breeden - born 15 Feb 1872 in St. Clair Co., MO; died 04 May 1894 in Oyer, St. Clair Co., MO
  2. Charles Alva Breeden - born 28 Apr 1874 in St. Clair Co., MO; married Clara E. Downing on 28 Jan 1904, she having been born in Missouri in 1882. He died in Feb of 1943 in Tulsa, Rogers Co., Oklahoma.
  3. Eliza Luella Breeden - born 06 Apr 1876 in Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO; married John Harvey Sorte on 05 May 1901 and was the mother of Millard Thomas and Charles Sorte. She died in February of 1943 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  4. Robert Henry Breeden - born 02 Feb 1878 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., MO; married Stella Baron on 10 Mar 1898 in Richmond, Fort Bend Co., Texas, she having been born 18 Apr 1881. They were enumerated in the 1900 census reising in Indian Territory in the Chickasaw Nation. Robert died 15 Sep 1945 in Montana.
  5. Lucy Belle Breeden - born 28 Mar 1880 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., MO; married John W. Barton on 19 Sep 1897, he having been born 28 Aug 1868 in Iowa. In 1900 they were living in Webster Co., IA and in 1910 and 1920 they were living in Pennington Co., SD. Lucy died in that county on 21 Mar 1931.
  6. Etta Ellen Breeden - born in April of 1882; married William B. Killebrew on 21 Oct 1900 in St. Clair Co., MO, he having been born in Arkansas according to his WW1 Draft registration on 06 Nov 1880. In 1910 they were living in Rogers Co., Oklahoma and in 1920 on Oyer Road in St. Clair Co., Missouri. She died on 25 Jul 1945 in Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska.
  7. Thomas Albert Breeden - born 12 Mar 1884 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., MO; married Clara E. Foley in Phillips Co., Montana on 23 May 1917 and were enumerated in that county in 1920. They removed to Lane Co., Oregon where they were listed in the 1930 census and where Thomas died in the city of Eugene on 03 May 1971.
  8. Ruie Ann Breeden - born according to the 1900 census in January 1886, she married Frederick McCarty on 04 Feb 1904 in Owasso, Rogers Co., OK. Frederick was born 19 Feb 1878 on the Cherokee Nation in the Goingsnake District. In 1910 they were living in Owasso Twp., and enumerated in the Indian Census residing in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. She died on 02 Apr 1979 in Collinsville, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma.
  9. Burley Elgin Breeden - born on 13 Feb 1888 in Oyer, St. Clair Co., MO; married Jennie Osborne Meade on 11 Jun 1910. In 1920 they were enumerated in the Rogers Co., Oklahoma census. He died on 17 Jul 1983 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO.
  10. Martha Caroline Breeden - born 22 Mar 1891 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., Missouri. She married John D. Coats in 1909 and in 1910 they were enumerated in the Indian Census residing in Tulsa Twp. Martha is listed as 1/16 Cherokee.
  11. Elijah Smith Breeden - born Feb 1894 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., MO and residing in that county in 1900, he was later enumerated with his widowed father in the 1910 census residing in Rogers Co., Oklahoma. He died on 12 Jan 1911 in Claremore and was buried in Sandridge Cemetery.
ELLEN WAIT, daughter of Eliza (Smith) and Solomon Wait and twin of Ellmore, was born 22 Nov 1859 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL and died 09 Mar 1939 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin. She was laid to rest at Pinelawn Memorial Cemetery in Milwaukee.

In 1860 she was listed as one year-old and was residing in Cold Brook Twp., Warren Co., Illinois and in 1870 was living in Roscoe Twp., St. Clair Co., Missouri. She married John William Tivis on 18 Mar 1879 in that county, he having been born 14 Sep 1856 in Tipton, Montineau Co., Missouri and was the son of Hammond M. and Margaret (Fry). The following year the young couple was living in Speedwell Twp., St. Clair Co., Missouri when the 1880 census was taken and continued to reside there. In 1900 they were listed in the same township, and in 1910 as living in Roscoe.

On 07 Oct 1927, John Tivis died in Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri and was laid to rest at Mount Vernon Cemetery, but prior to his death Ellen married (2) Joseph J. "Jack" Collins in about 1909 or 1910. During the 1910 census there were listed as married less than one year (both 2nd marriages), and her daughter Alma was also listed in their household.

Photo of Ellen & children William & Alma

Family Group Sheet of John William Tivis and Ellen Wait - View/Print PDF File

  1. Myrtle Tivis - born 26 Dec 1879 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., Missouri; died 07 Sep 1880.
  2. William Arthur Tivis - born 10 Dec 1882 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., Missouri; died 1957 in Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co., CA; married Ida May Schell.
  3. Emma Rose Tivis - born 12 Apr 1885 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., Missouri; died 30 Oct 1925 in Eldorado Springs, Cedar Co., MO; married Leslie Hawkins.
  4. Leonard Lace Tivis - born 11 Dec 1886 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., Missouri; died at the age of 73 on 14 Jan 1960 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri; married Ada Estelle Field.
  5. Susan Ann Tivis - born 19 Apr 1889 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., Missouri; died 28 Sep 1957 in Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri; married Thomas J. Simmons.
  6. Alma Bessie Tivis - born 03 Sep 1897 in Tiffin, St. Clair Co., Missouri; died 19 Sep 1976 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; married Theobald S. Nennert.
ELMORE WAIT, son Eliza (Smith) and Solomon Wait and twin of Ellen, was born 22 Nov 1859 in Galesburg, Knox Co., and died 09 Jan 1938 in Merced, California. He was a logger and worked with John W. & Florence M. Logan. He was buried in the Masonic Cemetery.
SARAH J. SMITH, daughter Abijah P. Smith and Margaret Jane (Sickler), was born in Saratoga Co., New York on 08 Apr 1849. She came with her parents to Illinois and on 07 Aug 1872, married Hiram H. Conant in Warren Co., Illinois. They were then enumerated in 1880 as residents of Alexis, Mercer Co., Illinois with ther son Asa, but it should be noted that Alexis is situated along the boundary between Warren and Mercer counties.

The Conant family continued to reside here, and in 1900, 1910 and 1920 are listed in the census records (Mercer Co., IL). Sometime after Sarah's death on 02 Dec 1928, Hiram went to stay at the Old Soldier's & Sailor's Home in Riverside, Adams Co., IL where he died on 26 Mar 1931. Hiram was the son of Richard L. Conant and his wife Mary Sarah McKinsey (or McKenzie). He was born in Ohio on 15 May 1847 and was listed with his family in the 1850 census for Lake Co., Ohio. In 1860 the family was living in Knox Co., IL and in 1870 Warren Co., IL. A carpenter by trade, he enlisted as a private in Co. G of the 132nd Illinois Infantry and had filed for a soldier's pension on 14 Jul 1891, certificate no. 716277.

He and Sarah were both laid to rest at Hope Cemetery in Alexis Junction, Warren Co., IL. along with their infant son who died in 1876.
(Headstone photo at Find A Grave)

Note: The 1900 census indicates Sarah was the mother of three children, one living; but only these two are known. Given the date of her marriage, it is probable that it was her first child who also died.

  1. Infant Son Conant - born and died 1876; buried at Hope Cemetery, Alexis Juction, Warren Co., IL.
  2. Asa I. Conant - born Apr 1877 in IL; listed as single in the 1930 census residing in Alexis Junction.
SUSAN MARGARET SMITH, daughter Abijah P. Smith and Margaret Jane (Sickler), was born in New York on 27 Aug 1850, and was first enumerated in the federal census in 1860 with her family who was then living in Watervliet, Albany Co., NY. In 1870 the family is residing in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL where she is listed as aged nineteen.

She married Oliver Jerome Duke on 09 Sep 1873 in Warren Co., Illinois, the marriage listing him as Jerome - which he appears to have used alternately with Oliver, as well as O.J. in various records. According to his death record, Oliver was born in Waverly, Morgan Co., IN on 01 Oct 1849 and was the son of James Duke and Ruth Conklin. He first appeared in the federal census records in 1850 residing with his family in Harrison Twp., Morgan Co., Indiana where they lived until at least 1860. After his father's death on 11 Mar 1861, his mother and some of his nine siblings are residing in Decatur Twp., Macon Co., IL in 1870, but Oliver does not appear with them. In 1880 Susan and Oliver are listed in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., Illinois living near the George Terpening family, his brother James Duke's family, and the William and Alexander Cole families. Their household includes niece Josie Schrader, aged five; and although Susan and Oliver do not have children of their own, they seem to have raised Josie as she is again listed with them in the 1900 and 1910 census records, though not in the 1920.

According to the Illinois death records, Oliver died in Galesburg, Knox Co., Illinois on 04 Apr 1926 and Susan in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., Illinois on 17 Aug 1927; and both were laid to rest at the Hope Cemetery in Warren Co., Illinois.

Note: Speculated that Josie Schrader listed in their 1880 household is the daughter of Susan's sister Caroline. Illinois marriage records a marriage in Knox Co., IL between a John Shrader and a Caroline Smith - but nothing has been proven. Josie, however, does not appear to be Oliver's niece as none of his sisters appear to have married a Shrader/Schrader.

GEORGE W. SMITH - son of Abijah P. Smith and Margaret J. (Sickler), was born in New York on 02 Jan 1853 and by 1870 was residing in Warren Co., Illinois with his parents. At the age of thirty-one, George married Phoebe Elizabeth Stivers in Knox Co., Illinois on 23 Mar 1884. Phoebe (mostly known as Elizabeth but also referred to as Lizzie) was born 21 Apr 1864 in Alexis, Warren Co., IL and was the daughter of Daniel D. Stivers who may have also been from Saratoga Co., New York. Daniel's wife and Phebe's mother Caroline was born in New York, and is speculated to be Caroline Elizabeth Clute* as Phebe and her brother Frank are listed as the niece and nephew of James Clute in the 1880 census residing in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., Illinois.

According to the 1900 census, George and Phoebe had their first child in 1885; and were residing in Roseville Twp., Warren Co., Illinois where George was listed as a 46 year-old farmer. Phoebe is listed as married 16 years and the mother of six children, all living - her parents both born in New York. In 1910 the family is living in Walnut Grove, McDonough Co., Illinois, and in 1920 they are residing in Swan Twp., Warren Co., IL.

According to the Illinois death records, Phoebe died on 20 Mar 1931 in Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois and was buried in Roseville Cemetery on the 23rd of March. Geroge died in Monmouth on 29 Jan 1936 at the age of eighty-three, and was also laid to rest at Roseville Cemetery.

Note: * FamilySearch information provided by Isabella de Clare and other various trees at Ancestry list Caroline Elizabeth Clute who was born in Saratoga Co., NY 22 Jan 1835 and died in Warren Co., IL on 10 Oct 1864, making it possible that she died a few months after the birth of her "daughter" Phebe. This Caroline is also listed as the sister of James W. Clute (shown as uncle to Phebe), but no documentation has yet personally come to light to confirm Caroline's identity. Illinois marriage records also indicate Daniel D. Stivers married Elida/Alida Muncy 19 Jul 1866 and they appear as a blended family with Frank and Elizabeth included in the 1870 household in Point Pleasant, Warren Co., IL. (See Family Group Sheet)

LESTER A. SMITH - son of Abijah P. Smith and Margaret J. (Sickler), was born 01 Nov 1856 in New York. In 1860 he was listed with his parents residing in Watervliet, Albany Co., New York, though in 1855 the family had been residing in Clifton Park, Saratoga County, New York when the state census was taken. By 1870 he was living with his family in Kelly, Warren Twp., Illinois where he married Mary Elizabeth St. George on 22 May 1884.

Mary, also referred to in the records as Elizabeth M., Laura, M. Elizabeth, and Mary L., was born in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., Illinois on 05 Sep 1861. The daughter of Robert St. George of Ireland and Mary Elizabeth (Cole) of Otsego Co., New York who were residing in Clifton Park, Saratoga Co., NY in 1850, she was first listed in her parents 1870 household residing in Charlotte Twp., Bates Co., Missouri as age seven. In 1880 the family was living in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., Illinois.

She was first enumerated as Lester's wife one house down from her parents in the 1900 census. In 1910 their household included Lester, his wife "M. Elizabeth", and sons Arthur and Guy. In 1920 and 1930 the family was enumerated in Kelly Twp. near her brother John W. St. George, and also the Stiver family.

Mary died in Lenox Twp., Warren Co., IL on 14 May 1884 and was buried at Hope Cemetery on the 17th of May. Lester died on 27 Oct 1944 in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL and was buried in Hope Cemetery on the 29th.

  1. Blanch(e) Smith - born in Apr 1886 in Warren Co., Illinois
  2. Arthur Ray Smith - born 03 Nov 1893 In Kelly Twp., Warren Co., Illinois; died 28 Jun 1942; buried Hope Cemetery.
  3. Guy E. Smith - born 08 Oct 1903 in Warren Co., Illinois; died 08 Sep 1999; buried Hope Cemetery.
IDA "JOSEPHINE" SPIER - daughter Joseph and Sarah M. (Green) Spier, was born 30 Aug 1850 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois, and on 30 Mar 1868 married George Hale in Columbia, Tuolumne Co., CA. George was born in Ripley, Somerset Co., Maine on 31 May 1837 and at the age of fourteen moved to Brighton, Massachusetts, then coming to California in 1857. In the Fall of 1879 he erected a sawmill on the south fork of the Stanislaus River, on the ranch once owned by the notorious Jim Lyons.

Prior to her marriage, she was listed with her parents in 1860 residing in Columbia, Tuolumne Co., California. In 1870 she and George were listed as residing in Big Oak Flat with their two young children. Their 1880 household in the town of Columbia then only consisted of George, Ida, their daughter Sarah and their domestic help, Bridgett Doyle; but in 1900 their household included their son-in-law, Niles Knudsen, and their two grandchildren, George and Marie. 1910 would be the last time the family was enumerated in a federal census residing in Tuolumne County as George died in that county in the town of Sonora on 18 Sep 1915. According to George's obituary, "Old Fellow and Native Daughters of Dardanelle Parlor escorted the remains to the upper end of town, on the journey to Columbia, where they were buried in the family plot in the Masonic Cemetery. After the death of her husband, Josephine went to live with her daughter Olive in Oakland, Alameda Co., California where she was residing in 1920. She died in Oakland on 14 Nov 1923 and according to her obituary was buried at the City Cemetery in Columbia.

  1. Olive Sarah Hale - born 15 Jan 1868 in Columbia, Tuolumne Co., CA; married Niles L. Knudsen of Germany; died in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA on 15 Feb 1940.
  2. George Clarence Hale - born 07 Sep 1869 in California; died 28 Jan 1880 in Columbia, Tuolumne Co., CA.
  3. Charles Joseph Hale - born 14 Feb 1871 in California; died 01 Mar 1880 in Columbia, Tuolumne Co., CA.
CHARLES ALBERT SPIER - son of Joseph and Sarah M. (Green) Spier, was born in Columbia, Tuolumne Co., California on 16 Jul 1858. He married Laura Ann Bowen in Visalia, Tulare Co., California on 04 Sep 1881. Laura was born in Mexico in October of 1864. She was the daughter of William Wilshire Bowen who was born in Kentucky in March of 1826, and is believed to have been the son Thomas and Christina (Zumwalt) who were married in St. Charles Co., Missouri. William came to California from Missouri in 1849 to Tuolume county where he engaged in mining, but was listed in the 1850 census residing in Mariposa county (a portion which may have become Tulare county in 1852).

William Bowen's wife, Laura (Sheppard), was born in Alabama in March of 1845 and was the daughter of Lemuel and Sarah (Oliver) appearing in the 1850 census with her parents in Coosa Co., Alabama and afterwards 1860 in Tulare county where William and Laura are then listed as a married couple with a family. After theCivil War William is listed as a house carpenter in 1870 and 1880 and 1900 residing in Visalia, the latter listing Laura as mother of seven children, five living. Her husband William W. Bowen died in Visalia on 04 May 1905 and according to his obituary which remembered him as a pioneer of California who had left behind five children, his widow Laura, two sisters and one brother. Laura survived him over eighteen years, dying in Fresno on 08 Dec 1923, having been enumerated in the 1910 and 1920 census as head of household with her son George in Visalia.

The 1900 household of Charles and Laura (Bowen) Spier includes their daughter Ethel and son Chester. They continue to reside in Tulare County where they are enumerated in 1910 and 1920. Charles died in Visalia on 24 Jul 1921, and about a year later Laura had gone to reside with her daughter where she died, according to her obituary, on 08 Dec 1923. She was survived by her children Ethel and Chester, and four brothers - George, Walter, Arthur and John Bowen.

  1. Ethel Grace Spier - born 20 Aug 1882 in Visalia, Tulare Co., CA; married Robert H. Board 06 Aug 1905; passed away in Merced, California on 15 May 1961 and laid to rest at Park View Cemetery.
  2. Indiana Olive Spier - died before 1900.
  3. Chester A. Spier - born 31 Mar 1896 in Visalia, Tulare Co., CA; veteran of WWI and WWII; died at Stockton, San Joaquin Co., California 12 Nov 1956 and laid to rest at Rural Cemetery.
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