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 Photo of Agnes (Rich) Struthers Photo Back of Agnes Struthers
Agnes Struthers
Agnes Struthers, shown here, is likely the sister of Stephen Rich Struthers, who gave this photograph album to Hannah Rich in 1861. (For more about the Struthers family and Stephen’s gift, see Stephen Struthers' picture.) According to the census records, Agnes Struthers was born in New York in November of 1842.

That same Agnes is enumerated in the 1850 census with her parents, James and Mary (Rich) Struthers as aged eight. She is also included in the 1855 New York State Census with her parents as age 13, and attending school. In 1870 she is included in her mother's household, her father having died in 1857. By 1880 her mother had moved to Jersey City, New Jersey and is listed as widowed, head of housheold. Brother Stephen Struthers also migrated from New York to New Jersey before 1880, and Stephen, too, appears in the New Jersey portion of the 1880 census. After the deat of her mother in 1892, Agnes apparently went to live with her aunt Sarah Rich, or was included in her 1900 and 1905 household in Stamford, Delaware Co., New York. It is believed that she died in 1909 and was buried on the 26th of March in Green-Wood Cemetery in the same lot as her parents.

Agnes is wearing a gown in a style that was the height of fashion in the period 1861-1865. The tight-fitting bodice is probably silk and is slightly high-waisted to emphasize the length and fullness of the hooped skirt. The bands at the sleeves and shoulders are velvet. An interesting detail: Agnes wears a ring on her wedding ring finger. Since Struthers is her maiden name, and she was living with her mother in 1880, one has to wonder if she was engaged to someone who died before they were married. If the photograph were in color we could see if the dress is black (for deep mourning) or purple (indicating a certain amount of time has passed since the death).

At present (2005) there is no evidence Agnes ever married or had children.

About the photographers: Rintoul and Rockwood at 839 Broadway, New York City, took this picture, as well as the picture on the following page of Mary Struthers. The fact that two young women surnamed Struthers went to the same photographer suggests they were sisters.

According to John Craig’s wonderful online Daguerreian Registry, Rockwood was George Gardner Rockwood, born in Troy, New York. Craig writes, “Rockwood reportedly began his photographic career in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1853. Another report advances that date to 1855. While in St. Louis, Rockwood reportedly produced the first carte-de-visite in the United States. [A carte-de-visite was a photographic calling card; such cards were the rage in England and the United States during the Civil War, and millions were sold. For more information about the carte-de-visite craze, go to the Antiques Roadshow site]. Rockwood arrived in New York City, NY, in either 1857 or 1859, and opened a photographic gallery with his brother at Broadway and 13th Street. In 1860 he was listed at 839 (possibly 841) Broadway, corner of 13th Street, in partnership as Rintoul (JA) and Rockwood. The firm advertised they employed five artists for coloring photographs, and included one member of the firm to take outdoor views. After a long career, Rockwood died in Lakeville, Connecticut.”

For more about George Gardner Rockwood (1832-1911) and to see his portrait, visit Picture History.

Craig also tells us the Rintoul of Rintoul and Rockwood was John A Rintoul, listed in 1860 as Rockwood’s partner. Before 1860, Rintoul worked at 841 Broadway and lived at 159 East 84th Street.

The people pictured in Hannah Rich’s album lived in overlapping social circles. The Rintouls of photographic fame, for example, were connected to the family of our bride, Hannah Rich, by marriage: Hannah’s Aunt Elizabeth Rich was married to James Rintoul, a railroad company auditor born in Scotland, possibly in Glackmannanshire and living in Manhattan at the time of the 1880 US census. Another Rintoul, Belle Rintoul Davenport, appears in Hannah’s album as well.

See also the pictures of Mary Struthers, Mary Rich Struthers, Stephen Struthers, and Belle Rintoul Davenport.

Please Note: In 2005 this album came into the loving care of Hannah Rich Peters’ and William Blakely Peters’ great-granddaughter, Carolyn Flanders McPherson, and is presented here for the first time. For more detailed information on the photo album and its contents you may view the introduction here.

Patricia and Carolyn have attempted to identify all persons in the album and learn more about them through research of various records. If you can help us identify or add further information to this photo, please contact:
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