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Rob Buchan Photo back of Rob Buchan

Rob Buchan 1839 - after 1880

Robert Buchan was James Buchan and Jane (McClure) Buchan’s first child; further details about the James Buchan family appear on James’s page. Like his father, Robert worked in the soap and candle business and, like several of his siblings, Robert seems to have lived under the comfortable umbrella of his extended family for many, many years. In the 1860 census he is listed as a clerk in his father's household, but in 1870 he is living next door to his father's household and is listed as a 30 year-old merchant. His household includes his wife Sophia (Hatfield), age 27 and their young daughter Rachel.

In the 1880 Federal Census he is listed as residing in Westchester County, NY, with his elderly relative (probably by marriage), Maria Rich, age 90. Also in that household at the time were Maria Rich’s sister Rachel Oliver (age 92), and Maria’s daughter Ann (Rich) McClure, age 60. It's likely that the Maria Rich mentioned in the census is the Maria Oliver Rich whose portrait also appears in Hannah Rich’s album.

In 1900 Sophia is listed as a widow with her daughter Rachel. They are residing in St. Lawrence Co., New York living in the city of Messena Village. It is believed that Sophia is widowed, however, she was not enumerated with Robert in the 1880 census. In 1900 she lists her occupation as a land lady and four young women are living in her household. She lists her birth as Aug 1845 and her daughter Rachel as born March 1869. By 1910 she is living with her son-in-law Alan Philips, husband of her daughter Sophia. In this census Sophia is listed as widowed and mother of four children, three living.

The Riches, the Buchans, and the Olivers were a tightly knit family: Hannah Rich’s photo album pictures three woman with the maiden name of Oliver: Maria (Oliver) Rich above, Jane (Oliver) Rich, and Lockie Oliver. It seems probable, as so often happened in that day, that sibling Olivers married sibling Riches. Thus, Rachel Oliver would have married one Rich brother, while Jane Oliver married Stephen Altgelt Rich, another brother. Stephen Altgelt Rich and Jane Oliver Rich’s daughter Rachel married Rob’s father, adding the Buchan branch to the family tree.

The Buchan family was originally from Aberdeenshire; for more about the clan see the Buchan clan’s webpage. As the site mentions, Buchan is not a common name, and there was a time when there were not enough members for the Buchans to be considered a clan. Fortunately, the downward trend reversed itself, and in the 1970s the Buchans regained clan status.

About the photographer: Charles K. Bill can be found in John Craig’s fascinating Craig's Daguerreian Registry. Like most of the other photographers represented Charles K. Bill's Photographic Galleries - NYin Hannah Rich’s photo album, Bill’s studio was in New York City, on Broadway: specifically at 419 Broadway, from 1858-1860. According to Craig, from 1859- 1860 Bill was listed alone as a photographer, with no business address, and lived at 603 Broadway. Another directory listed Bill in a partnership in 1859-1860 at the 603 Broadway address.

On the back of Rob Buchan’s photograph, Bill is listed as having a second studio at 241 Fulton St., Brooklyn, but there is no further information about this address that might serve as a clue as to when the picture was taken.

For other examples of Bill’s work, see the picture of Gailey McLaury [link: ] in Hannah Rich’s album, as well as examples in Rob Billard's online photograph album and the magnificent portrait of an unknown woman posted at Rootsweb as a collection among "The Virginia Stash."

Please Note: In 2005 this album came into the loving care of Hannah Rich Peters’ and William Blakely Peters’ great-granddaughter, Carolyn Flanders McPherson, and is presented here for the first time. For more detailed information on the photo album and its contents you may view the introduction here.

Patricia and Carolyn have attempted to identify all persons in the album and learn more about them through research of various records. If you can help us identify or add further information to this photo, please contact:
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