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Hannah's Original AlbumThis photograph album belonged to Hannah Rich of Delaware County, New York. She was born in 1838 on Rich Hill near South Kortright, New York, and was the daughter of James Rich and Jane Southard, also of that township.

The album was given to Hannah Rich on the occasion of her marriage in 1861 to William Blakely Peters of Bloomville, NY. It contains thirty-eight portraits taken by some of the pre-eminent photographers of the day. On the reverse sides of the photographs is information written in Hannah Rich Peters' hand, as well as photographers’ trademarks and an occasional date, making the backs of these photos almost as interesting as the fronts.

In one case it is possible to identify a group of unknown people by trademarks and stamps. An unidentified man, woman, and little boy went to the identical photographer in New York City on the identical day, the date indicated in the tax stamps as September 6, 1865. What are the odds three unrelated people would have taken an unrelated child—in this case identified as Belle Leonard—with them? It seems more likely they are all members of the Leonard family.

Also included in this treasured album are the portraits of John (J D) Gibson, D D, and his wife. The Rev. Gibson performed weddings at the United Presbyterian Church of Stamford at South Kortright from 1845 to 1886, and his name appears on countless Delaware County marriage licenses.

In 2005 this album came into the loving care of Hannah Rich Peters’ and William Blakely Peters’ great-granddaughter, Carolyn Flanders McPherson, and is presented here for the first time.

Patricia and Carolyn have attempted to identify all persons in the album and learn more about them through research of various records. If you can help us identify or add further information to these photos, please contact
Email Carolyn McPherson

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01. Elizabeth M. Blakely 14. (Mother) Leonard 27. Maria (Oliver) Rich
02. Samuel Blakely 15. (Boy) Leonard 28. Stephen Rich #1
03. William Blakely 16. Belle Leonard 29. Stephen Rich #2
04. Nancy (Blakely) Bowers 17. Anthony Marvin 30. Thomas Rich
05. James Buchan 18. Gailey McLaury 31. Agnes Struthers
06. Rob Buchan 19. James Mitchell 32. Mary (Rich) Struthers
07. Charlotte Clark 20. Ransom Mitchell 33. Mary (Struthers) Robinson
08. Hannah Clark 21. Sarah (Blakely) Mitchell 34. Stephen Struthers
09. David O. Crofoot 22. Blakely Murvin 35. Jerusha (Peters) Tallman
10. Belle Rintoul Davenport 23. Lockie Oliver 36. Moses Tallman
11. JD Gibson, DD 24. Jane (Southard) Pudney 37. Unknown # 1, woman
12. Mrs. J D Gibson 25. Jane Rich 38. Unknown #2, man
13. (Father) Leonard 26. Jane (Oliver) Rich 39. Map of Jane Oliver Rich's World
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Album photos provided by Carolyn F. McPherson 2005
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