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William Blakely Peters (1837-1904)
William Blakely Peters
Photo contributed by Carolyn McPherson (2006)
Born on 23 Dec 1837 in Stamford in the same home his father John Peters was born, William was named after his maternal grandfather. He married Hannah Rich, the daughter of James & Jane (Southard), in South Kortright on 17 Jul 1861. They were the parents of Jennie who passed away in 1873 at the age of 11; Lizzie Belle who was the wife of Frederick M. Lyon; James R. Peters; and daughter Sarah, wife of William H. Hickok.

Having a special fondness for mathematics and fascinated with the watch-making industry, William became the owner of a watch and jewelry business, and was also a superior surveyor and draughtsman. He died in Bloomville on 03 Nov 1904, and was laid to rest at the Riverside Cemetery.

Family Photos relative to Hannah (Rich) Peters
Family of William Blakely Peters (circa 1880)
Residence of William B. Peters - Bloomville, NY
Headstone at Riverside Cemetery - Bloomville, NY
W.B. Peters, Dealer in Watches, Jewelry letterhead addressed to S.G. Dimmick dated 1887

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