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Family of William Blakely Peters (circa 1880)
Family of William Blakely Peters
Photo edited & contributed by Carolyn McPherson (2010)
Left to Right: William Blakely Peters, James Rich Peters, Sarah Peters; Top figure on right is Elizabeth Isabella (Belle) Peters; below here is Hannah Rich Peters.

This treasured photo, taken in about 1880, was recently found while Carolyn was scanning family albums. Tucked inside one of her mother's volumes was this stereoptican slide - the only picture she has ever seen of the five Peters, and the only picture she has of her grandmother, Sarah Peters, as a girl or young woman.

Born in Stamford on 23 Dec 1837, at the age of twenty-three he married Hannah (Rich), the daughter of James & Jane (Southard). Their children were: Jennie who passed away in 1873 at the age of 11; Lizzie Belle who was born 29 Dec 1865; James R. Peters born 06 Jan 1868; and daughter Sarah who was born 20 May 1872.

Note: These names appear on the back, along with the name of the photographer, E. T. Clegg. A search on the web finds E T Clegg's stamp on the back of several other stereopticon slides, but as of this writing--Jan 2010--no biographical information.
Family Photos relative to Hannah (Rich) Peters
William Blakely Peters (1837-1904)
Residence of William B. Peters - Bloomville, NY
Headstone at Riverside Cemetery - Bloomville, NY

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