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"Uncle John" (1804-1896)
"Uncle John Peters" (1804-1896)
John was born on March 22nd, and was the youngest son of Richard and Susannah (Halstead). At the time of his birth the family lived on what is known as "Rich Hill" midway between Bloomville and South Kortright, about 1.5 miles south from the river road.

In 1830 he married Jane Blakely who was the first school teacher in Kortright. She was the daughter of William and Nancy McDonald, and she and John became the parents of six children: Nancy, Sarah, William, Elizabeth, Susan and John Peters.

When the Civil War was raging, John had already passed the age limit, but while the 144th NY Volunteer Infantry of Delaware County were camped in the city of Upton Hills, Virginia near Washington D.C., John paid them a welcome visit, and a fire was made in the center of the tent to warm them through the night. After their fill of smokes, stories and good cheer they fell asleep. In the middle of the night, smelling leather burning, he yelled out "Somebody's boots are burning" but upon investigation realized it was his burned to a crisp. Before he headed home, the boys fitted him out with soldier's foot gear which he wore back to the capitol.

Well loved by the local Bloomville boys, John was known as "Uncle John." Although afflicted with rheumatism a great part of his life, he always showed the greatest of courage and fortitude. He died in Bloomville on 17 Sep 1896 at the age of ninety-two, and was laid to rest at the Riverside Cemetery.

Photo taken from "A History of Richard Peters of Halfmoon ..." by Leone Kleinheinz.

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