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Scattering from Coast to Coast 1826 - 1875
Farming, Blacksmithing & Digging for California Gold

1826 It is speculated that John and Aaron Mossman, sons of William Mossman and Leticia (Lanhorn) are born between 1826 and 1828, possibly in Ohio.
1826 Archibald Mosman sold David Pierce of Wythe County, VA 150 acres on Poplar Camp Creek for the sum of 100 pounds  -Deed Book 5, p. 18.  Note:  Although the U.S. government had issued money in the late 1700's, people seemed to have reckoned in English money for a good many years.
1826 In March, a deed from Archibald Mossman to George Mossman was proven in court by Eli Cook and Andrew Roberson subscribing witnesses.  - Grayson County, VA Court Order book, p. 99.
1826 On April 27th, George Mosman is a buyer at the estate sale of Thomas Baldwin - Grayson Will Book I, 1796-1839.
1826 Chestnut Monthly Meeting is laid down this year because of the migration of most of its members to Ohio and other northwestern states. Some of the original members of the women's meeting included Mary and Elizabeth Ballard.
1826 Henry Clay, Secretary of State, vs. John Randolph, Senator in a duel.  The first volleys had missed their marks, but the second struck Randolph's coat.  Randolph told Clay he owed him a coat, the two shook hands and concluded unharmed.
1827 First railway in the U.S. is constructed in Massachusetts.
1827 George Washington Mossman, son of George and Hannah (Brown) is born on the 18th of February but dies on the first of March.
1827 In October of this year, George Mosman had living on his land, these persons:  Ruben Wright of Rockingham Co., NC and Nancy Rinal from Pittsylvania Co., Va who had been living on this land from some time.  On the first of the month, George went before the Clerk of the Court and asked they be issued a license to marry.  Right granted, and the couple was married on the 1st of October the following year.  (Letter dated 8 Jan 1987 to Dean Mossman from James Stamper of Independence, VA.)
1827 Letter from Grayson County to Christopher "Anthony" & Eleanor (Mossman) Ballard, Illinois State, Sangamon Post Office, dated the 20th day of December from George and Hannah (Brown) Mossman which mentions their two sons (Alexander & Eli) and one they lost last February which died at 11 days old - they had named him George Washington Mossman. The letter discusses the Mossman estate, and though George indicates he has no desire to leave Grayson County, he removes not long after to Hardin County, Iowa.
1828 Margaret Mossman, daughter of George and Hannah (Brown) is born 07 February. She later marries Jacob Spangler in Mercer County, Illinois.
1828 Louisa Ballard, the daughter of Christopher Anthony Ballard and Eleanor (Mossman), marries Ezekiel Pilcher (son of Shadrach Pilcher & Sarah Proctor) on the 8th of May in Springfield, Sangamon County, IL.
1828 Personal Property Tax list of Grayson County, VA includes George and Archibald Mossman each having one horse and William Mossman listed also.  [See 1828 Grayson Co., VA Tax List]
1828 Archibald Mossman and Sarah his wife, sells Thomas Smyth 200 acres on Poplar Creek on 11th of April - Deed book 5, p.310.
1828 George Mossman deeds the 200 acres of land on Laurel Creek his father Archibald had deeded to him to Abram Odell for $350 on the 11th of October - Deed Book 6, p.175. 
1828 Andrew Jackson is elected President, John Calhoun, Vice President, on December 3rd, 1828. Family notes indicate this is the same day that Archibald Mossman died.
1829 George and Hannah Mossman leave Grayson County and relocate to Wayne County, Indiana where George and Hannah purchase four separate parcels of land between January and June - these parcels being located in Centerville, Indiana.
1829 Margaret Ballard, the daughter of Christopher A. Ballard and Eleanor (Mossman), marries Samuel Meredith of Cincinnati, OH on the 27th of March in Springfield, Sangamon County, IL.
1830 Sale of the estate of Sarah Mossman, dec'd dated March 6th. This reference from 1895 letter of Norfolk, Virginia clerk's office to John Fenton.
1830 The following familes were enumerated in the 1830 Grayson Co., VA Census: Amos Ballard; William Ballard (3); William Hill; and John McMullen
1830 William Mossman, the son of  of William and Leticia (Lanhorn) is born about this year in Ohio.  He later marries Amanda Blandin.
1830 William and George Mossman appear in the index as heads of household in Centerville  in the Indiana Census for Wayne County, Indiana.
1830 Isaac V. Mossman, son of George and Hannah (Brown)  is born in Centerville, Wayne Indiana on August 30th. 
1830 Caroline Pilcher, daughter of Louisa (Ballard) and Ezekiel Pilcher, is born on the 17th of October in Springfield, Illinois.  She later marries James Montgomery Kalb.
1830 Letter written on the 19th of October from Grayson County. Begins, "Affectionate Sister and Neases; We onse more had the Pleasure of reciving a letter from you all though a lamentable one indeed … I feal verry thankfull to the great god of Mercys that He has been Pleased to Spare the Life of my Nease and her Dear Littel Infant …" Signed simply John. (Believe this is possibly John McMullin/McMullen - husband of Mina Mossman, daugther of Archibald and Margaret (Young) Mossman and sister of George Jr., William and Mrs. Eleanor Ballard.
1831 Audit of Sarah Mossman's estate dated February 28th. This noted in 1895 lettter to John Fenton from the clerk's office of Norfolk, Virginia.
1831 Mina (Mossman) McMillen, writes to her sister Eleanor (Mossman) Ballard from Grayson Co., Virginia on the 26the of October. This letter indicates she had just had a daughter "Marthy Jane" born the 17th of July and that they had to put off moving until early spring. She mentions "As we had a name for Each of our Mothers and one for my sister two for Johns sisters I had no perticular name invese and I gave up for Amanda to name her littel sister so she caled her Marthey Jane." Believe her other known daughters are Margaret and Eleanor, and one unknown. She also mentioned she had had twins, but nothing is known of them.
1831 George and Hannah Mossman sell 1/4 acre of lot 62 in Centerville and its right of way to George Hendrix.
1832 Black Hawk War takes place when the 1831 treaty has moved the Sac and Fox Indians West of the Mississippi, but under Chief Black Hawk, they returned to Illinois where most of the Indians in the engagement were killed on the Bad Axe River.
1832 Twin sons, Joseph Warren and Richard Montgomery Pilcher are born on the 8th of June to Louisa (Ballard) and Ezekiel Pilcher in Springfield, IL.
1832 Mary Jain Mossman, daughter of William Mossman and Leticia (Lanhorn) is born about this year, birth place unknown. She later marries James Kelley but prior to this is living in Fayette County, Indiana in 1850 with the Chrisman family, perhaps working as a nanny for a one year old Eliza Chrisman.
1833 Jackson is re-elected as President - his Vice President is Martin Van Buren.
1833 Aaron Mossman, son of George and Hannah, is born on the 5th of January.
1835 George and Hannah Mossman of Grayson County, Virginia have moved from Centerville, Wayne County, Indiana, and are living in LaPorte when their son George Mossman, Jr. is born on the 19th of March.
1835 The first attempted assassination against a U.S. President fails - a gun misfires, and leaves President Jackson unharmed.
1836 After losing the siege at Bexar, Mexican General Santa Anna, arrives in San Antonio where the Texans have taken refuge in an old mission known as the Alamo and all of the Texas defenders are massacred.
1836 Shadrach Anthony Pilcher, son of Ezekiel and Louisa (Ballard) is born on the 27th of February.  Family letters indicate he may have gone to Oregon and died there in about 1866.
1837 While Martin Van Buren has become President with Richard Johnson as his Vice, an economic panic and depression settles in on the U.S.
1837 Named after fellow Virginian, Senator Henry Clay, George and Hannah Mossman have another son born on the 13th of June, Henry Clay Mossman.  It is assumed that they are still residing in LaPorte at this time, but remove from here to Mercer County, Illinois by at least the fall of 1841.
1838 Archibald Mossman Pilcher, son of Ezekiel and Louisa (Ballard) is born on the 8th of January in Springfield, IL.  He later lives in Morgan County and Cook County, Illinois.
1838 In July, Archibald Mossman Ballard marries Matilda True (born in Fayette, KY) in Springfield, Illinois.  They later remove to Amador County, CA.
1838 Christopher Anthony Ballard marries as his second wife, Louisa S. possibly in Carthage, Hancock, IL on the 25th of October.
1839 Willis E. Jackson marries Mary E. Rich on 18 April, Washington Twp., Rush County, Indiana.
1839 George and Hannah Mossman settle near Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL on land which may have been bounty land awarded to his father from the War of 1812.
1839 According to George Mossman's letter (dated 14 March 1852), his son Aaron dies at the age of six years and seven months on the fourth of August.
1839 Mary Mossman, daughter of George and Hannah (Brown) is born on the 3rd of September in Illinois and later marries Henry Shiner.
1840 Ellenor Victoria Ballard, first child of Archibald M. Ballard and Matilda (True) is born in Springfield, IL on the 22nd of March.  She removes with her family to Amador County, CA and later marries William Cook.
1840 Johnson County, Indiana Census lists William Mossman's household; and Mercer County, Illinois is the residence for the family of George and Hannah Mossman. 1840 Mercer Co., IL Census
1841 John Tyler, Vice President to William Harrison takes over office when President Harrison dies on the fourth of April of pneumonia.
1841 Born on the 7th of November, Eliza Jane Ballard - daughter of Archibald and Matilda (True), she removes to California with her family and later marries Louis McLaine and resides in San Francisco.
1841 Samuel E. Mossman, son of George and Hannah (Brown) is born in Mercer County, Illinois on the 15th of November.  He later marries Margaret Hough.
1841 On the 24th of December, Louisa (Ballard) and Ezekiel Pilcher's son Alexander S. Pilcher is born in Springfield.  He later serves in the Union Army.
1843 James W. Ballard, son of Archibald M. and Matilda (True), is born in February of this year.  He removes to California and settles in Oakland.
1843 Eleanor Pilcher, twin of Edward and daughter of Louisa (Ballard) and Ezekiel, is born in Springfield on March 7th.  She later marries John Burden.
1843 Edward McCafferty Pilcher, twin of Eleanor and son of Louisa and Ezekiel is born on the 7th of March in Springfield, Illinois.  He later marries Mary Jane Dwyer in St. Louis, MO.
1843 On May 22nd, the first substantial wagon train to Oregon leaves from Independence, Missouri.
1844 Texas is annexed to the U.S. and James Polk is President with George Dallas as his Vice President.
1845 On the 19th of April, Matilda (True) Ballard, wife of Archibald, gives birth to son Archibald Mossman Ballard in Springfield, IL but the infant son dies the same day.
1845 Louisa and Ezekiel's last child, Clarissa VanBergen Pilcher, is born on the 7th of October in Springfield, IL.  She later marries Thomas A. Moore who joins the Union Army and also becomes a homeopathic doctor. 
1843 Martha Eleanor Jackson, daughter of Willis and Mary is born on the 5th of November in Falmouth, Rush County.  She later marries Isaac Mossman in Eugene, Oregon.
1844 Archibald, son of George Mossman and Hannah (Brown), is born on the 23rd of January in Mercer County, IL.  He later marries Julia Simplot.
1844 Alexander Mossman, son of George and Hannah, dies at the age of 21 years, 1 month and 23 days according to a letter written by George in 1852.
1846 Shortly after Texas is admitted to the Union, the Mexican War begins and at its end two years later, the Rio Grande was made the southern boundary of Texas, and California and New Mexico were ceded to the U.S.  - In return, Mexico was paid $15 million and the U.S. agreed to settle all claims of U.S. citizens against Mexico.
1846 Andrew Jackson Mossman is born on the 16th of October in Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL and is the son of George and Hannah (Brown) - Apparently named after President Andrew Jackson who had died in June, the previous year.
1847 Frances Ann Ballard, daughter of Archibald M. and Matilda (True) is born in Springfield, IL on the 11th of June.  She removes to California with her family and marries J.T. Bradshaw and resides in Pine Grove in Amador County.
1848 During an excavation for a saw mill on land settled by pioneer John Sutter, gold is discovered in Sacramento, California.
1849 Zachary Taylor is President, and Millard Fillmore the Vice President until Taylor dies the following year and Fillmore takes over the Presidency.
1849 On the 8th of June, Mary Maria Ballard, daughter of Archibald and Matilda (True) is born in Springfield, IL.  She later removes to California with her family and marries William F. Spencer and resides in Woodland, John County, California.
1849 About this time, Leticia (Lanhorn) Mossman, wife of William, dies.  William later remarries, the name of his second wife possibly Sarah.
1850 Margaret Mossman, daughter of George and Hannah (Brown), marries Jacob Spangler in Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL on the 21st of March.
1850 Christopher Mossman, son of William Mossman and Leticia (Lanhorn), and husband of Jemima is living in Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana.
1850 The family of George and Hannah Mossman are residing in New Boston, and enumerated in the Mercer County, IL census - George and Eli are both listed as blacksmiths. - The families of Joshua Warrington is listed in New Boston Twp. as well, and the Jacob Spangler household is enumerated in Millersburg Twp.
1850 Eleanor Mossman's daughter, Louisa Ballard-Pilcher, is enumerated with her husband Ezekiel and their ten children (two sets of twins) in the Sangamon County, IL census.  They lived not far from Abraham Lincoln whom they were acquainted with (Ezekiel a carpenter, was said to have made furniture for Abe), and the home of Deputy Marshall Peter Vanbergen and his wife Clarissa for whom Louisa's youngest child was named.
1850 Eleanor Mossman-Ballard's husband is enumerated in the Goliad County, TX census with his second wife Louisa and a young son Charley age eight. (It is not known when he and Eleanor split up).
1850 The family of Samuel Lundy and Polly (Ballard) are residing in Hillsville, Carroll Co., Virginia and incudes six children. Samuel is listed as a wgon maker.
1852 Hannah (Brown) and George Mossman's last child is born on the 6th of March. A letter from George indicates Hannah had quite a difficult time, and although baby Eleanor survived the birth, she apparently died as an infant.
1852 On the 14th of March, son Calaver Ballard is born to Matilda (True) and Archibald M. Ballard; but dies on the Atlantic Ocean on the 27th of February the following year.  Family letters state he was buried in Springfield, Illinois.
1852 From Keithsburg, IL George Mossman Jr. writes his niece Louisa and her husband Ezekiel Pilcher in Springfield, IL on the 14th of March. He states that his wife (Hannah) was "confined on the 6th of this instance and has a fine daughter and calls it Elleanor after your mother She had bin verry weakley for a long time and I was verry fraid I should lose her but thank the Lord She is now doeing tolerable well we had that good Doctor our oald friend Thomas Willits, he is one of the best in our country." [This off site link takes you to Nadine Holder & Jill Martin's website regarding Mercer Co., IL - offers ancestry, photo, general info and obituary of Dr. Thomas Willits.]
1852 Eli Cook Mossman, son of George and Hannah (Brown), marries Louisa Van Eaton on the 31st of October in Henderson County, Illinois.
1853 About this year, William Mossman, son of William Mossman and Leticia (Lanhorn), marries Amanda Blandin-Troutman in Fulton County, IN. She is the daughter of Jesse Blandin and widow of John Troutman who died in 1851 the same year their only son John E. Troutman was born.
1854 Lucinda May Ballard, daughter of Archibald M. and Matilda True, is born on the 10th of January.  She later removes with her family to California and marries J.W. Powers in Amador County but later lives in Sacramento.
1854 Mary Mossman, the daughter of William Mossman and Amanda (Blandin) is born about this time in Fulton County, Indiana.
1856 Charles B. Mossman, the son of William Mossman and Amanda (Blandin) is born about this time in Fulton County, Indiana.
1857 On the 25th of June, the last child of Archibald Mossman Ballard and Matilda (True) is born.  He is the only child of their nine children that was born in California.  He was born in Amador County.
1857 On the 19th of December George & Hannah Mossman of Hardin County, Iowa sell land to William Howell in Section Ten, Township 87, Range 21 for the sum of $950.00. 
1859 "Madam I have been for the Last 6 months trying to find some of the heirs of Archibald Mossman but without success untill the other day I Happened in Company with John Edwards and he showed me your Letter of the 5th December Last." Letter of Abner Thompson, Brown Hill, Wythe Co., VA to Mary Jain Mossman dated February 18th.
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1860 William Mossman, son of William Mossman and Leticia (Lanhorn), and husband of Amanda Blandin, is living in Fulton County, Indiana.
1860 Mary Thornburg-Brown, widow of Samuel and mother of Hannah Mossman, is residing in her son Jeremiah Brown's residence in Richmond, Wayne Co., Indiana. Listed as age 86. 1860 Wayne Co., IN Census
1860 James W. and Oscar Lundy and their families are lviing in Warren Co., Iowa - sons of Samuel Lundy & Mary "Polly" Ballard.
1862 Christopher Anthony Ballard, son of William Ballard and Elizabeth (Anthony) and husband of Eleanor (Mossman); and  (2) Louisa S., dies in Mission, Refugio, TX on the 24th of October.
1865 Eleanor (Mossman) Ballard writes from Canton, MO on March 29th: "Dear children I recieved your kind leter we we ware all glad to hear thaht yo ware all well and your mother was giting beter weare all and I am well all but mifet but I am still a tring every thing that I can git or hear of I wish you would come and see us Marget Meredeth is coming..."
1865 "Letter from Gun & Co. - American, Colonial and Foreign Agents of London England dated 6th July to Alex Pilcher in care of E.Hendry. "We have searched our Registry, and cannot find that any advertisements relating to either George or Alexander Mossman have ever appeard. Some 50 or 60 years ago, a John Mosman and a few years later, his wife Mary Mosman, died, both intestate, and their next of kin wre advertised for. Do you think that you are in any way related to those parties?"
1865 On the first of October Eleanor (Mossman) writes from Canton, MO to her daughter Louisa: "if you have not sent my brothers leter to Mr. Merideth and you doe not want to sent it and hve done with it I wold be glad that you woold let shad fech it to me but i think that you had beter send it to Mr. Merideth as he noes nose wheare my oldes bothers chilldren lives ..."
1865 "Letter from Gun & Co. - American, Colonial and Foreign Agents of London England dated 6th October to Alex Pilcher in care of E.Hendry. "Since writing to you a few months ago, we have been informed that there is a considerable amount of property in this country lying unclaimed in the name of Mosman and that the persons entitled there to are supposed to be in America."
1865 Mary Jain Mossman-Kelley, daughter of William Mossman and Leticia (Lanhorn) writes letters to cousins on the 18th of October, indicating that she has 6 six children living and one dead.
1865 On the 15th of November C.F. or O.F. McMillan/McMillen writes "Dear Cousins ...For myself I have not seen a well day since the 25th of July last. We started home 10 days too soon, as the “reconstruction” of the Railroad was not completed; and we had to “tarry” at “Camp Detention” distant from Atlanta Thirty-Five miles for ten days , from the “effect of that “Camp Life” we were all “more or less” sickened ..."
1865 Date of Christopher Mossman's letter unkown, but appears to be 1865: there is But 4 of us and the rest will do as i do i know there is 3 of us lives here close together and my other sister lives in Madison Co., ind direct to James Kelley Madison Co. ind duck creek – an there is old thomes more lives there that knew father and grand father in virginne - my Brother William is in the army yet But we are looking for him home soon ...
1865 Letter from Gun & Co. - American, Colonial and Foreign Agents of London England dated 16th of Nov to Alex Pilcher in care of E.Hendry. "Your letter of 29th October is to hand. We cannot say whether or not the Mosman property to which we had reference in our letter of 6th Oct., is or is not that in which you are interested, unless we make an investigation of matters connected with it ..."
1865 Letter from Gun & Co. - American, Colonial and Foreign Agents of London England dated Dec 30th to Alex Pilcher in care of E.Hendry. "Your favor of Nov 28th containing a Draft on London for Four Pounds Sterling, is to hand. We presumed at first that the amount sent , was sent to pay for making a search for the will, and were about commencing it when your letter of 4th Inst came to hand, by which we percieve that you wish us to examine ..."
1866 Eleanor Mossman writes from Canton, MO on the 23rd of March to her daughter Louisa in St. Louis: "...the last leter that I recieved from you was dated on the 10 of December 1865 i hapened to go to Juge veases and theare I hapen to hear that you had sent me word by miss mounday and I went to seher and she told me that you had had had recieved from Gglean leters that thear was grat amount gold and a great a mount of real eastate ..."
1871 George Mossman, son of Archibald Mossman and Margaret (Young), husband of Hannah Brown, dies in Hardin county, Iowa on the 23rd of October and is laid to rest at Pt. Pleasant Cemetery in Pleasant Twp. Hardin Co., IA.
1872 Louisa Ballard, the daughter of Christopher Anthony Ballard and Eleanor (Mossman) dies in St. Louis, MO on the 22nd day of December.
1875 Eleanor Mossman, daughter of Archibald Mossman and Margaret (Young), first wife of Christopher Anthony Ballard, dies in Canton, Lewis County, MO on the 8th of February.

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