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Lexington, Kentucky City Directories

1838 - 1839
Directory of the City of Lexington by Julius P. Bolivar Mac Cabe, Lexington: Printed by J.C. Noble, Nos. 6&7, Hunt's Row 1838

Lowrey, John 39 West Short Street.
Marsh, Mrs. Melinda Boarding house
87 West Main St, corner Spring Street
Megowan, David Belfast Place
East Main Street
Megowan G.F. Grocer and Provision Dealer
2 and 3 Hunt's Row, boards at Belfast Place, E Main Street
Megowan James P. City clerk and deputy clerk of the circuit court
boards at T. Megowan's
Megowan Joseph R. Clerk in office circuit court
boards at T. Megowan's
Megowan Thomas B Keeper of county prison
19 East Short Street
Megowan Stewart Agriculturalist
Near Belfast place, East Main
Milward, Joseph Cabinet Maker
73 and 75 East Main Street
Pilcher Benjamin Harness maker
Resides south side of Upper Street near Maxwell Stree.
Shaw, John R. Blacksmith
30 North Mulberry Street.
Shaw, N & H. Hat Manufacturers
36 W Main Street, Boards at Mrs. Marsh's

1859 - 1860
Lexington, Kentucky

Williams City Guide & Business Mirror, Volume 1 Hitcock & Searles 1859

Marsh, Mrs. Melinda East side Upper between 3rd & 4th
Marsh, Miss Nancy Boards north side Short between Georgetown & KY Central RR
Marsh, Richard Foreman Lexington Observer & Reporter Office
Residence southside of High between Spring & Lower
Marsh, Theo C. Clerk at H. Shaw & Co.
Boards south side Short between jefferson & Spring
Marsh, Thomas Carder
North side Short between Georgetown & KY Central RR
Megowan's Hotel Thomas B. Megowan, Proprietor
North Side Short Between Georgetown & KY Central RR
Milward, Charles Cabinet Maker
South side High between Spring & Lower
Milward, Joseph Milward & Sons
South side Hill between Spring & Locust
Milward, Joseph Sr. Cabinet Maker
South side Hill between Spring & Lower
Milward, Joseph U. Milward & Sons
Corner of Spring & Main
Milward, L.P. Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Manufacturer
Leving P. Milward - north east corner of Mill & Water
Residence northwest corner of Spring & Mill
Milward & Sons Shaw, Manufacturers & Undertakers
Joseph & Joseph U. Milward
Southside Main between Broadway & Mill
Shaw, H & Co. Hats, Caps, Furs & Trunks
Hiram Shaw & Mrs. Emma Shaw
Corner south side Main between Mill & Upper
Shaw, Mrs. Emma (H. Shaw & Co.)
House southside Short between Spring & Jefferson
Shaw, H. Hat Merchant
House south east corner Merino & High
Shaw, Hiram H. Shaw & Co.
House southside High west of Locust
Shaw, Hiram Jr. Clerk
Boards southside Short between Spring & Jefferson
Shaw, Joshua P. Clerk, H. Shaw & Co.


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