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Knowlton Family Photo Collection
Special thanks to Robert Burnham for sharing his photos. To request copies, feel free to email Patti Davidson-Peters
The following photos were generously contributed to the Peters' website by Robert Burnham, and taken from a family photo album believed to have belonged to Eleanor Louise (Knowlton), wife of Charles Ellsworth Burnham, whose relations coincide with the descriptions given.
01. Great, Great Uncle David Knowlton, Hattie's father
02. Unknown
03. Unknown
04. Unknown
05. Aaron Van Slycke, cousin; Cattie Knowlton's husband
06. David Knowlton, cousin
07. Sarah Knowlton, Hattie, Cattie, Janie Knowlton's mother?
08. Daniel Knowlton, Alonzo Knowlton's brother, uncle
09. Carrie Knowlton, aunt; Daniel Knowlton's wife
10. Great Grandmother Smith?
15. Charley Knowlton, cousin - soldier monument in Vale Cemetery
16. Cattie Knowlton, cousin
17. George Washington
18. Martha Washington
19. Major General Thomas
20. Gen. W.T. T. Sherman
21. Unknown
22. Lincoln
23. - Blank -
24. Hattie Knowlton
25. James Christler
26. Jennie Christler, Cousin
30. David Knowlton
31. Lucretia Knowlton, Alonzo Knowlton's mother
32. Hattie Knowlton & mother
33. Hattie Knowlton
34. Pete Dooty, cousin
35. Uncle David Knowlton
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