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Ancestors & Descendants of William Tisdale (In Memory of Rick)

The Tisdale families arrived early in America. Although the parents of William Tisdale have not yet been researched, according to records, he was born in Virginia in about 1764. His first wife, according to the Virginia marriage records, was Jenny Brizentine, whom he married in Lunenburg County.

The following narrative includes information on the descendants of his sons Edward and John who went to Texas, and Reverend Robert Tisdale who eventually made his home in Arkansas.

Descendants of William Tisdale
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Please Note! Census records included on this web site contain corrections to obvious errors and may also include surnames of married women when known. These extractions are not intended as an exact transcription of the actual census, but as a tool to provide more accurate information for genealogical research. I have taken caution with these additions and/or corrections and done so only in a case where other records indicate there was an obvious error. - If you find I've added anything incorrectly, please feel free to advise me.

Special thanks to Lloyd Rowland for the basic family information to get me started with the research. The focus of this site is on the TISDALE family of Garland County, Arkansas, their roots and branches. It respresents the small amount of information I've been able to compile through census extractions as well as data which has been exchanged from other researchers.

Every effort has been taken to provide accurate information. In some instances, where noted, I have added or corrected the census extractions based on my own speculation and research. Please remember this information is intended to to be used as a reference to other genealogists researching these surnames.  These pages are not intended for reproduction in any format for profit or otherwise by any other persons or organizations. 

If you have questions, comments or corrections, please feel free to contact me.
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