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Important Note: Although the index to this website remains online, as noted in my blog post, Farewell to Websites, I'm Blogging Only, much of the narrative content was retired in October of 2013. If one of the links are broken and you are interested in something specific, feel free to contact me from the email link provided below.

Links to some of the brief historical sketches will re-direct you to my blog, PDP's Roots & Branches, where I continue to write about the family histories from each of my websites.

A Brief Introduction:
These records were compiled by Patricia Davidson-Peters in loving memory of my dear mother, Mary Jeanette Lane, and her beloved grandmother, Mary Jeannette (Moore) who handed down and taught me the significance of our family stories. As my mother wrote, "I will always believe in the importance of the past as though it is our pathway to the future."

Born on October 31st, one hundred and four years to the day before his great granddaughter, Thomas Anderson Moore left Harrison County, Ohio and came with his parents, James Updegraph Moore and Rebecca (Cook), in 1847 to Collinsville, Illinois where his father's brother, Joseph Moore, was working as a blacksmith making much needed cow bells for the territory.

By 1860 Thomas had moved across the river to St. Louis where he married his young bride, Clarissa, the youngest daughter of Ezekiel Pilcher and Louisa (Ballard). Shortly after their marriage, Tom enlisted in the 33rd MO Infantry Volunteers and was "mortally wounded" the Battle of Helena on the 4th of July in 1863 and left for dead until a passing soldier found a whisper of a breath in him and he was taken to a Memphis hospital where he recovered.  After several months he returned to his beloved Clara in St. Louis where they finally began their married life, had eight children and lived out the remainder of their lives. 

Clarissa Pilcher-Moore became a homeopathic doctor and preceded her husband Tom, passing from his world in 1890. Tom mourned the loss for twenty-five years. He never remarried, but continued as a carpenter and Chaplain of the Gen. Lyon Post 2, Dept of Missouri of the Grand Army of the Republic.

The Civil War letters between Tom & Clara, as well as other important family papers and artifacts, were donated to the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis and are archived in the Thomas Anderson Moore Collection. -pdp

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