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United Presbyterian Church (So. Kortright, NY)
United Presbyterian Church (So. Kortright, NY)
The Scot immigrants who came into Delaware county brought with them the bias in behalf of the schools and churches which they had enjoyed in their old home. Their first effort was always to establish a school where their children could receive the elementary and useful education of which they knew so well the value. Next to schools they invariably sought to establish churches for themselves and their families.

Relative to the Peters family, this is the church where William B. Peters and Hannah (Rich) were united in marriage as were so many of the early families. Often life-long members, they were baptized here, regularly worshiped and were laid to rest in the old cemetery's churchyard known as South Kortright Cemetery.

It is believed that the building no longer functions as a church, but rather as a community center.

Source: Delaware County, New York : History of the century, 1797-1897 : centennial celebration, June 9 and 10, 1897 by John Harper, Delhi, N.Y.: W. Clark, 1898. Photo edited from an origianl postcard contributed by Carolyn McPherson.
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