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Ulster & Delaware Railroad - 2007 Photographs by Carolyn McPherson
Ulster & Delaware RR Station - Bloomville, NY
Postcard of Ulster & Delaware RR Station - Bloomville, Delaware Co., NY (1908)
Train station for the U and D line in Bloomville where William Hendry Hickok would have gotten off the train every day, and walked down the hill to the Peters home.

While boarding with the William Peters' family, he met daughter Sarah who was born in 1872 and they were married in Bloomville on 22 Apr 1896. After her father's death, William and Sarah moved to Oneonta, New York where they lived the remainder of their lives, William passing in 1937 at the age of sixty-five.

Note: Postcard generously contributed by Carolyn McPherson (2006)
Photo Album of Hannah (Rich) Peters - Elizabeth M. Blakely
The U & D - Photos Along the Bloomville Tracks (2007)
Ulster & Delaware Railroad Depot - Oneonta, NY
William H. Hickok - RR Conductor on the U & D
William & Sarah's Home - Oneonta, New York
News Clip - Survivors of Bill Hickok, U & D Conductor (1954)
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