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Residence of Wm. H. Hickok & Sarah (Peters); Oneonta, NY
Home of Wm. Hickok and Sarah (Peters) - Oneonta, NY
"Residence of William H. Hickok & Sarah (Peters) - Otsego Co., NY"
Photo taken in 1968 and contributed by Carolyn McPherson (2006)
After the death of her father, William Blakely Peters, Sarah purchased this home located at 88 Elm Street in Oneonta and her mother Hannah came to live with them for the remainder of her life.

Hannah passed away on April 2nd, 1930 at the age of 91 years, 8 months and 16 days. Her daughter Sarah, wife of William Hickok nursed her mother and was thereby able to fulfill her dream of being a nurse, something her father had considered "unseemly" for a proper woman.

Photo Album of Hannah (Rich) Peters
William Hendry Hickok (1871-1937)
News Clip - Survivors of Bill Hickok, U & D Conductor (1954)
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