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Residence of Wm. B. Peters & Hannah (Rich); Bloomville, NY
Postcard & photos contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2003
Land & Barn formerly owned by WB Peters - Click image for 1869 Beers' Map & 2007 Aerial View
(Photo taken from the parking lot of the modern-day Kortright Town Hall, looking northwest; the road is NY State Route 10). W B Peters' first residence and the shed (shown here and marked on the Beers' map of Bloomville, 1869) are across Route 10 from his barn, long since dismantled. The Kortright Town Hall is built on the site of that old barn.
This picture, furnished by Wilber Haynes, Kortright Town Historian, shows, left to right, W B Peters' shed, still standing; his house, also still in existence, although the porch has been removed; and his barn, now the site of the Kortright Town Hall.  Modern state Route 10 separates the house and shed from the barn.

Wm Blakely Peters was a man of many talents, having at various times been a partner in the firm of McCune and Peters, a jeweler, a wry contributor to the Centennial History of Delaware County, New York: 1797-1897; and having served as a town supervisor, surveyor, and draftsman.  In a sketch of himself, appearing in the Biographical Review of the Leading Citizens of Delaware County (see page 707), he says of his farming exploits, "After the [Civil] War, having closed out his mercantile business, he engaged in agricultural pursuits on what was then known as the John Bathrick farm in Bloomville, and continued to make this his business, in part, for about four years.  In this short period he entitled himself, as he declares, to be regarded as one of the most unsuccessful farmers in the community; and, feeling a particular respect for men who succeed in employments where he cannot, he to this day feels like raising his hat when he meets a prosperous farmer."

Former home of William Blakely Peters
At some time (perhaps around 1896, when John Peters, W B Peters' father, died), W B Peters and his family moved several blocks east, to his parents' home, marked on Beers' map as "J. Peters." The first W B Peters house was eventually acquired by the Lawrence family. This postcard shows the house (with its porch) and the shed.
Former home of William Blakely Peters
The front of William B. Peters' former home, photographed in August of 2003 by Carolyn McPherson. From census records, it appears William and his wife Hannah (Rich) resided here until at least 1870, at which time they were enumerated in the census as living next door to Isaac Lewis, as shown on the 1869 Beers' Map. The date of the porch removal is unknown.
W B Peters former home as seen in 2007
The William B. Peters' former home as it appeared when photographed in May of 2007 by Carolyn McPherson.

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