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Peters' Residence - Bloomville, NY
Photos generously contributed by Carolyn McPherson 2003
Former home of John Peters and later William B. Peters
Home of John Peters & Jane (Blakely)
After John's death in 1896, his son William Blakely Peters, wife Hannah (Rich) Peters, their daughter Sarah (Peters) Hickok, and son-in-law William Hendry Hickok, moved to this house from their earlier residence, which was several hundred feet to the west on State Route 10.
Note the interesting second-story window, which helped Carolyn identify the house when she photographed the town of Bloomville in May of 2007.
Home at the time William & Hannah resided here.
"Residence of Mrs. W.B. Peters - Bloomville, NY"
Written to the side of the photo in Hannah's hand, "I was away when this was taken - HRP"
Prior to his death in 1896, John Peters and his wife Jane (Blakely) resided here. Sometime after, his son William Blakely Peters with his wife Hannah (Rich), lived here.
The residence photographed in 2003
Photographed in 2003, the residence, which has had the porch removed, is located at Main and Maple Street (previously known as Scotch Hill Rd).
The residence photographed in 2007
Photographed in 2007, the once beautiful home of the Peters has now been vacant approximately ten years and continues to deteriorate.
Photo taken through the front door glass.
On her 2007 visit to Bloomville, NY, Carolyn McPherson received permission to take this picture through the front door glass.
The residence photographed in 2007
Weather and neglect has not been kind to the vacant structure, but memories of its earlier years carry special meaning to the Peters descendants - none of which are residents of Bloomville.

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