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Family Timeline Clark Co., IN
1850 In special messages to the House and Senate in January, President Zachary Taylor urges unconditional admission of California and suggests statehood for New Mexico so that the boundary dispute with Texas can be settled by the Supreme Court.
1850 In February, President Taylor holds a stormy conference with southern leaders who threatened secession. He tells them that if necessary to enforce the laws, he will personally lead the Army.
1850 After participating in ceremonies at the Washington Monument on a blistering fourth of July, Preident Taylor falls ill and dies on the 9th. The war Taylor had been willing to face will come eleven yearss later, and in it, his only son Richard will serve as a general in the Confederate Army.
1850 The sudden accession of Fillmore to the Presidency in July brings an abrupt political shift in the administration. Taylor's Cabinet resigns and President Fillmore immediately appoints Daniel Webster as Secretary of State, thus proclaiming his alliance with the moderate Whigs who favor the Compromise.
1850 Census of Clark County, IN (FHL Film #007751).
1850 The first household enumerated in Charlestown this year, is the home and family of John C. Parker who was born in TN in about 1804. He appears as a Hotel Keeper with real estate valued at $3500. His wife Nancy was born in KY in about 1807 and their children listed were: Mary, Emma, James, Ada, Cordelia, and Sallie.
1850 The household of James and Charlotte (Daily) Boyer is the 9th family and household enumerated in Charlestown. James is listed as a 42 year-old blacksmith who was born in KY and whose real estate is valued at $500. His wife Charlotte (daughter of Philip and Mary Wise-Daily) is listed as age 41. Their children are: Phlip, Mary A., Sarah, David, Harvey, Margaret and Martha. Twenty-one year-old Frank Ruyan, a wool carder, and a German born laborer named George, are also living in this household.
1850 Living next door to the Boyer family is a tailor named John Riley who was born about 1821 in IN is living with his wife Susan who was born in OH in about 1830. Their young children are: Catherine, Mary G., and Elsa.
1850 The 37th family to be enumerated in Charlestown, is the household of David Wise Daily, a 52 year old merchant with real estate valued at $19,000. Listed with him is his wife Mary (Shirley), age 51, born in KY and their children: William H. also a merchant, Louisa, Minerva, Philip, Elizabeth, Seth, and Thomas H. Daily.
1850 Listed as the 41st family in Charlestown to be enumerated is the household of James Beggs, an Indiana farmer born in 1802. His wife Matilda is listed as age 46 and their children are: Nancy, Sarah, Caroline, James Jr., Catherine, Melinda, Matilda, and Jane. Also listed is what appears to be James' mother Hannah and possibly an aunt Sarah both born in Virginia. This family married into the Work family.
1850 The 118th family of Charlestown, is the family of Francis J. Stierheim, a saddle manufacturer who had been born in France in 1809. Listed with him is his wife Sarah, born in IN in 1819 and his children - Alexander, Barbara (who later marries Seth Daily, son of David Wise Daily4), Francis, Sarah E., and Isaac.
1850 The household of Samuel Carr is enumerated as the 135th family in Charles-town. It is speculated that Samuel is the 2nd husband of Kittie Daily4, daughter of Philip and Mary (Wise) although she is not listed and may have died prior to this year. Samuel is listed as a stone mason from VA born in about 1795 and the children are: Catherine, William, Andrew, Melvina, Elizabeth, and possibly John Ross.
1850 Not far away from the Carr household, is the home of William Boyer - family #142. Like Charlotte's husband James, William Boyer is a blacksmith born about 1818 and may be the brother of James. His wife is Mary A. age 30 and their children are - Marietta, John S., and Eli. Living with them is Eli Boyer, a 20 year-old physician and Henry Wilson a 20 year-old blacksmith.
1850 John Howard Ramsey, the husband of Mary Daily (daughter of David Wise Daily4 & Mary Shirley), has not yet been located. But listed in household #144, is the family of Joshua Ramsey, age 64 of TN, his wife Margaret, and children Margaret (23) and Martha (17).
1850 Another possible brother of James Boyer, is Andrew J. Boyer, a blacksmith, whose family is enumerated in household #167. His wife is Mary A., and their one daughter, age 1, is Laura. Also living in this household is Sarah Robinson, Mary A. Wright, Mary Herrod (age 40) and Benjamin Kelley.
1850 In Charlestown, the 208th family to be enumerated was a farmer, Joseph Riley of Kentucky. The Riley families are being traced in order to find something of Fannie Riley (1834-1858) who married William Goodall (1831-1856). Since both died when their son William Richard Goodall (born 1852) was quite young, and he later appears in Charlestown, marrying the daughter of David W. Daily, Jr. and Mary Ann Parker, it seems likely one of the Riley households might have taken him in. Listed with Joseph is his wife Jimima of KY and children - Margaret, William, James, Elizabeth, Horace and Sarah.
1850 Listed two doors down from the William Coombs family, is household of Felix Coomb and his wife Rebecca (Daily) of Charlestown's 268th enumerated family. Felix who was born in IN in about 1815, is listed with real estate valued at $2000. His wife Rebecca is listed as age 29, and their children are - Arabel, Mary, Dallas, Rebecca, and Felix. Living with them from North Carolina, is Napthah Russell, age 38.
1850 The 291st family enumerated in Charlestown is the family of Samuel Work, a 63 year-old farmer born in PA with real estate valued at $3000. Listed with him is his wife Elizabeth (Henley) age 52 of North Carolina, and their children - Jesse, Alexander, Samuel, and Sarah; also 31 year-old John Stutesman. The elder Samuel might be the uncle of Samuel Work who later marries Minerva Daily. His son Samuel listed in this census appears to be too young.
1850 Census taken the 30th of September lists the family of Samuel Hay in household #453. This family has been traced on account that it has also married into the Work family. Samuel is listed as a 37 year-old farmer from IN, wife Hannah, age 34 and childen: Sarah, David W., Mary A., and Florence.
1850 On page 73 of the census in the 517th household, is the family of Thomas Daily, a 41 year-old farmer from KY, his wife Rachel, and children Martha, Stausbury, Mary, Hardin, Casa, Deborah, Francis M., Joseph, and Elvira. This family was also listed in the 1840 census.
1850 Nothing of Mary Tuel's family has yet been located. She was married to Eli Daily, son of Philip (1762); but a Philip P. Tuel a 28 year-old merchant and his wife Rebecca, age 27 both of IN are listed in the Isaac Runyan household in Charlestown.
1851 On the 28th of May, William James marries Sarah Mayberry of Jeffersonville. After her death, he marries Lizzie Daily.
1860 Business Directory for Charlestown - J.W. Boyer, a blacksmith on Water Street; John Riley, a tailor; F.J. Stierheim a saddle mfr; S.M. Work, a physician and surgeon on Main Street; Miss Mary Carr, a millner and dress maker.
1860 Census of Clark County (FHL Film #0803247)
1860 Residing in Charlestown Township: Boyer, James; Daily, David, Louisa, Philip, Seth, Robert F; Huckleberry, Abram, Enoch, John, Lydia, Martin, Nelson, Shade, William P.; Morrison, Julia; Parker, John C; Ramsey, Margaret; Riley, Eliza, John; Stierheim, Francis; Work, S.M., Alex, Henry, Jesse, Milton, Samuel, Sarah.
1860 Living in Washington Township is the heads of families of L.D Fouts his wife Mariah, Thomas D. Fouts and his wife Clarinda, John C. Fouts and his wife Hester Ann, and the older Jacob Fouts and his wife Mary. The Fouts had come from North Carolina.
1860 Also living in Washington Township is the famlies of Joseph Tull, possibly his mother Mary J., and children including one month-old Dora B. Possible that her mother died giving birth as Mary's age is 17 years Joseph's senior.
1862 When the 53rd regiment of Indiana Volunteers is organized at New Albany in January, Company D is represented by Clark county, and is organized by Seth Daily, one of the most popular men of Charlestown. He establishes his headquarters in the old Zed Griffith Hotel which stands on the corner of Main and Market Street.
1862 Seth receives recruits at the hotel and the officers of this company are Captains Seth Daily of Charlestown and William Howard of Jeffersonville. The colonel of the regment is Walter Q. Gresham. This organization serves in Tennessee, with Grant in Mississippi, with the sige of Vicksburg, in the Atlanta campagin, and with Sherman to Savannah and in the Carolinas.
1862 The 53rd regiment first moved to Indianapolis where it gaurds rebel prisoners until March 15th.
1862 On April 15th, the 53rd joins the forces moving to Corinth.
1862 When the 22nd regiment of the Indiana Volunteers rendezvous at Madison under Colonel Jefferson C. Davis, Captains David W. Dailey, James M. Parker, and Thomas H. Daily of Company D are transported on August 17th to St. Louis where it joins Fremont's army.
1862 On October 5th, the 53rd regiment participates in the battle of hatchie, during which it makes a courageous crossing of the burning bridge and charges the rebel line.
1863 The 22nd regiment marches in January with Curtis' expedition against Sterling Price, and participates in the battle of Pea Ridge, in which it bore a prominent part, losing nine killed and thirty-two wounded.
1863 The 53rd marches to Jackson with the force which occuies that city on July 16th and later returns to Vicksburg where they are sent to Natchez and quartered there for about three months.
1863 In Septmeber the 53rd accompanied an expedition into Louisaina and then was at Vicksburg until February of 1864.
1863 A two-story brick woolen mill built by Samuel H. Patterson near the riverbank below Mechanic Street, is sold to Moses G. Anderson, and bought two years later by J.L. Bradley, Dillard Ricketts, and S.H. Patterson who condust the firm under the name of Bradley and Company.
1864 Bradley & Company loses considerable money and the woolen mill is closed. It stands vacant for many years and is torn down in the 1880's.
1865 The 22nd regiment is mustured out at Washington early in June and publicly welcomed at Indianopolis on the 16th.
1865 The 53rd was mustered out on July 21st after having been transported to Louisville. It was pulbicly recieved with the returning regiments at Indianapolis on the 25th and soon after discharged.
1867 Sarah (Mayberry) James, wife of William James who was born in Pennsylvania in about 1826, dies on the 21st of October.
1870 Federal Census of Clark county, IN (FHL Film #0545802).
1870 F. Stierheim, a 59 year-old merchant who was born in France is listed in the census with his wife Sarah, age 52 and born in Indiana, and daughters Adalise, Jennie, and Addie; Russell, Rufus, Elizabeth, Caroline; Russell, Solomon, Ellen, Mary, Caroline, Solomon, Caladina and William; Rebecca Carr; Living in Jeffersonville - Russell, Jacob, Esther, Anne, and John B.; Parker, R.G., James S.
1872 Epedimic of small pox breaks out in the area.
1872 On March 13th, William James marries Elizabeth "Lizzie" Daily, daughter of David Wise Daily and Mary A. (Shirley).
1872 William James, husband of Lizzie (Daily) dies on the 14th of December. By his first wife Sarah (Mayberry) he is the father of four living children: Lora, Luella, Belle and William.
1875 James Beverly James, son of widow Lizzie (Daily) James, is born on the 13th of August., he later marries Theodoica Burr Lewman and has a son David Lewman James.
1878 David Wise Daily dies on August 29th in Charlestown. He is said to have had $10,000 in cash at his home. Since there were no banks in town, he and Mr. Cole took care of the people's wants.
1878 Matilda (Day) James, wife of Beverly James, dies of dropsy on the 11th of October. She was born in Mason Co., Kentucky on 10 July 1797. She was the mother of twelve children including William James who married Lizzie Daily. Matilda was laid to rest at Chesnut Cemetery. [ View Obituary ]
1879 On February 2nd, Philip M. Daily, son of David and Mary (Shirley), marries Melissa C. Morton in Charlestown.
1879 Widower Dr. Beverly James passes away in Jeffersonville on the 26th of August. He was born on 04 April 1791 in Fauquier Co., VA and was the son of Thomas Russell James and Hannah (White). His wife, Matilda (Day), preceded him in death the year before. [ View Obituary ]
1880 Federal Census of Clark County, IN (FHL Film #1254269).
1880 Charlestown- Next door to the widow Mary A. Shirley-Daily, who lives on Market street, is the 67 year-old widower Francis Stierheim, a saddler, who was born in France. Living with him is his 19 year-old daughter Adalia who was born in Indiana; A.J. Boyer, Harvey, James, John, and William; Carr, Samuel, Nancy, Rebecca, Thomas, and Thomas J; Rebecca Coombs; D.W. Daily, Louisa, Philip, Seth, Robert; Hay, A.J., Mary Garrett , Campbell, John C., Julia B., George, and Samuel.
1880 Residing in Bethlehem Township - Boyer, John, Margaret, Mary, Nancy, and William H.; Daily, Josiah, Lorenczo, Michael, Ophelia; and Jacob Tucker.
1880 Federal Census of Bartholomew County, IN (FHL Film #1254265)
1880 Family of Harrison Daily, son of David W. and Mary (Shirley), is residing in the 2nd Ward of Columbus. Includes wife Sarah (Morrison), daughter Maggie age 13, son Harry age 9, daughter Barbara age 5, and a white servant, Emma O'Brian age 35 of Ireland.
1881 Dillard C. Ricketts who was born in Kentucky in about 1819 and was husband of Indiana Clark (Daily), daughter of David W. Daily and Mary (Shirley), dies in Indianapolis on the 8th of September. [ View Obituary ]
1883 During this year and the next, Jeffersonville is flooded.
1895 Colonel Harrison Daily, son of David Wise Daily and Mary A. (Shirley) and husband of Sarah Elizabeth (Morrison) dies on the 16th of March in Columbus, Bartholowmew Co., Indiana. [ View Obituary ]
1897 On the 23rd of March, Mary A. (Shirley) Daily, widow of David Wise Daily, passes away in Charlestown. She had been born near the Kentucky River above Boonesboro and as a child was with her family in the fort with Daniel Boone when it was besieged by Indians. [ View Obituary ]
1900 Federal Census of Clark County, IN (FHL Film #1240362-3).
1900 Rebecca Coombs, Amos, Ellen, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William are still living in Charlestown as is Guy, Louisa J., Lulu Daily, and other Daily relations.
Time Line of the Daily Relations 1798 - 1849
Civil War Indiana Regiments

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