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Family Timeline Clark Co., IN
1789 On April 30th, George Washington, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York, takes his oath of office as the first President of the United States.
1790 Knox County, Indiana is formed from the Northwest Territory and was at this time, larger than the present state of Indiana, including the portion which later became Clark County.
1792 Washington is re-elected president with John Adams as vice president.
1794 American General Anthony Wayne leads a major defeat of Indian tribes at the Battle of Fallen Timbers on the 20th of August, temporarily ending the hostilities with the Indians.
1796 Philip Daily, along with his widowed mother Nellie, his younger brothers, and other Pennsylvania families move to Indiana.
1796 John Adams is elected president, Thomas Jefferson is vice president.
1797 John Adams, the takes office on the 4th of March. His great-great-grandparents were John and Priscilla (Alden), Pilgrims who had landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620.
1798 William Henry Harrison is appointed secretary of Northwest Territory, and in two years later is appointed Governor of Indiana Territory.
1798 David Wise Daily, son of Philip and Mary (Wise), is born on the 16th of August in Charlestown. (His parents had married in about 1784 in Bullitt County, KY).
1799 Washington enjoyed less than three years of retirement at Mount Vernon, dying of a throat infection on the 14th of December. The Nation will mourn him for months.
1800 Congress splits Northwest Territory into two territories: the Indiana Territory and the Northwest Territory (now Ohio, the tip of southeast Indiana, and part of Michigan). The Land Act of 1800 now makes purchasing land in Indiana easier.
1800 President and First Lady Abigail are the first residents of the White House. They move in during the month of November while the paint is still wet.
1801 Clark County is created from Knox County.
1801 Thomas Jefferson, the first president to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C.takes his oath as the third president. He will be re-elected in 1804 and approximately 6,000 books from his private library will be purchased to help start the Library of Congress.
1801 In the April Term of the Grand Jury regarding the closures to the fort, Philip Daily is assigned to view the fences in the township of Clarksville. He was born in 1762 and was a Revolutionary Soldier from MD who had lived in Louisville, KY between 1780-1794.
1801 George Huckleberry and Philip Daily are listed in the July term of the Grand Jury.
1802 Harrison meets with the Wabash tribes at Vincennes regarding the disputed amount of land to be ceded. The Indians eventually sign preliminary treaty on the 17th of September.
1803 Unsuccessful with the Wabash Indians accepting the Vincennes Treaty, Harrison invites chiefs to Fort Wayne in June threatening to withhold annuities, and thereby obtains 1,152,000 acres of land. The treaty is signed on June 7th.
1803 In mid- August, Harrison meets with Kaskaskia Indians and also obtains almost eight million acres of land.
1803 For three cents an acre, amounting to $15 million, the United States purchases from France, the vast region between the Mississippi and the Rockies, known as the Louisiana Purchase.
1804 Aaron Burr fights a duel with Alexander Hamilton at Weehawken, New Jersey on July 11th in which Hamilton is killed.  Burr flees to Philadelphia and contacts his friend General James Wilkinson, a U.S. army secretly in the pay of Spain.  The two begin planning an invasion of Mexico in order to establish an Independent government.
1804 In November, Harrison meets with Sauk and Fox Indians and obtains over fifty million acres of land.
1804 John Work settles on fourteen mile creek and finds a mill already in operation on the 100 acres he purchases from John and James Bate. He operates the mill for ten years.
1805 At the end of December, Harrison treats with Piankashaw Indians who give up 2,600,000 acres of land in the southwestern Indiana Territory, now Illinois.
1806 Andrew Jackson duels Charles Dickinson on May 30th over some unflattering remarks made about Jackson's wife. Jackson was wounded, and afterwards took aim and fired at Dickinson. Jackson's gun misfired. As Dickinson was forced to stand his ground, Jackson took aim once again and killed Dickinson. The bullet that wounds Jackson is lodged near his heart and can not be safely removed. He carries the bullet in his chest for the rest of his days.
1806 Harrison becomes increasingly aware of the influential Shawnee brothers, Tecumseh and The Prophet, whose hostility against whites continues to increase.
1807 Congress outlaws importing slaves from Africa on the 2nd of March, but another quarter of a million will be brought in by 1860.
1807 Responding to the British's attack of the U.S. frigate Chesapeake, prompted by Thomas Jefferson, congress passes the Embargo Act in December prohibiting all U.S. ships from sailing overseas.
1808 Harrison demands Tecumseh, The Prophet, and their followers to remove. They settle Prophetstown near Battle Ground, Indiana.
1808 A new town is laid off a short distance from north of Springfield. The original proprietors are Barzillai Baker and James McCampbell, John Hay and Charles Beggs are surveyors. The town, Charlestown, is named after the surveyor, and is laid off in the wood situated on grant 117. The original plat consists of 159 lots and 95 acres and the founders donate the proceeds of the sale of 30 lots for public buildings in the central part.
1808 James Madison is elected president.
1809 Charlotte Daily, daughter of Philip and Mary (Wise), is born on the 10th of April. She later marries James Boyer who was born in KY in 1808 or 1809.
1809 Mary Catherine "Kittie" Daily, daughter of Philip and Mary (Wise), marries Joseph Mallot on the 14th of June.
1809 The Non-Intercourse Act replaces the Embargo Act which had seriously damaged the United States' economy.  The Act forbids trade only with France and Britain.
1809 James Madison, known a lawyer known as the "Father of the Constitution" takes oath as the fourth president of the U.S.
1809 Harrison treats with Delaware, Miami, Potawatomi, and Eel River tribes in September and obtains about 2.5 million acres of land.
1810 Tecumseh and Harrison meet in Vincennes in August. Tecumseh, angry over Treaty of 1809, warns he will not tolerate any more land cessions without consent of all tribes.
1810 Mexico begins its fight for independence from Spain.
1811 John Russell, a revolutionary soldier, and Jesse Henly were living in Washington Township this year.
1811 Promoted to captain the previous year, Zachary Taylor is placed under the command of General William Henry Harrison, governor of the Indiana Territory, who assigns him command of Fort Knox.
1811 Early in September a comet passes over Utica and in October, the first steamboat brings folks out of their beds, rushing to look outside, thinking the noise was the comet crashing; and on December 16th the first earthquake to affect the Mississippi river valley occurred, and others continued until the first of March the following year.
1811 In September, Harrison and 1,000 men leave Vincennes to march on Prophetstown. They begin to erect Fort Harrison near Terre Haute, and march to Prophetstown. With Tecumseh away, Harrison defeats The Prophet at the Battle of Tippecanoe and returns to Vincennes.
1812 A fort was erected on William Bullock's farm in Owen Township, but was soon abandoned.
1812 Samuel Daily, son of Charles and Eleanor (Kuykendall), marries Eleanor Daily on the 9th of May.
1812 The War of 1812 begins in June with Americans fighting the British for control of American lands and shipping.
1812 Captain Zachary Taylor's company of fifty men are transferred to Fort Harrison which he successfully defends against four hundred Indians on September 4th.
1812 James Madison is re-elected president and Harrison resigns as Governor of Indiana. Thomas Posey becomes new governor.
1813 Zachary Taylor recruits, musters and inspects troops in the Indiana and Illinois Territories, and assists in the defense of the frontier from Indiana to Missouri.
1813 Mary Ann Shirley, daughter of Charles and Rebecca (Collier) moves with her family to Charlestown and later marries David Wise Daily.
1814 On August 4th British troops set fire to The White House. 
1814 In August, Zachary Taylor sets out to destroy Indian villages at the mouth of Rock River and, after failing to do so, returns to Des Moines where he builds Fort Johnson.
1814 Washington, D.C. is captured by British on the 24th of August.
1814 From December until his unit is disbanded on June 15th the following year, Zachary Taylor commands Fort Knox.
1815 On January 8th, a British army which has been sent to capture New Orleans marches bravely up to the entrenchments of General Andrew Jackson, in the Mississippi River swamps.  In less than 30 minutes 2000 British troops were killed or wounded.  Exactly 13 Americans were killed.   Weeks later, both sides hear of the Treaty of Ghent.
1815 By this year, there are ten ferry operations in the county of Clark. The first was established near Utica and was the first crossing point above Louisville. It had been established by James Noble Wood and his wife when he settled there in 1794.
1815 Elizabeth Daily, daughter of Philip and Mary (Wise), marries Daniel Field.
1816 Indiana is admitted into the Union as the 19th state.
1817 Jeffersonville is established on February 10th.
1817 James Monroe, a lawyer and graduate of William & Mary, becomes the 5th U.S. President and will be re-elected in 1820. His Secretary of War is John Calhoun.
1818 On August 29th David Wise Daily marries Mary A. Shirley, the daughter of Charles and Rebecca (Collier) at the Old Stone House. The ceremony is performed by Squire Huckleberry. It is said that the couple were seldom parted except when necessary.
1818 George Daily, son of Charles Daily (1730) and Eleanor (Kuykendall), marries Mary Ann Hahn on August 13th.
1818 Census records indicate that an Isaac Daily is born about this time - he is likely a nephew of Philip and cousin of David Wise Daily.
1819 Mexican-U.S. boundaries are established by Spain and the United States in the Adam-Onís Treaty.
1819 On April 29th Major Zachary Taylor is promoted to Lieutenant- Colonel, 4th Infantry, and ordered to report at New Orleans.
1819 Harrison Daily, son of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 19th of July. He later marries Sarah Elizabeth Morrison.
1819 Philip Daily marries Delila Athon/Athen on 08 October.
1820 The Missouri Compromise forbids slavery above 36 degrees 30 minutes latitude.
1820 Charles Daily, Jr., son of Charles and Eleanor (Kuykendall), marries Catherine Stoner on July 17th.
1820 Samuel Ramsey marries Eleanor Kime on August 20th.
1820 Rebecca Daily, daughter of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 23rd of November. She later marries Felix Coombs.
1821 Mexico wins independence from Spain but permits Stephen Austin to continue to colonize Texas. The Santa Fe Trail is opened to U.S. Commerce.
1822 Indiana Clark Daily, daughter of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 14th of October. She later marries Dillard C. Ricketts.
1823 The majority of the Sac and Fox Indians settle west of the Mississippi.
1823 Census records indicate that a John Daily is born about this time - he is son of Jacob Daily and Isabelle (Barker); nephew of David Wise Daily.
1823 The Monroe Doctrine is delivered to Congress on the 2nd of December.
1824 Mexico becomes a republic.
1825 Unitarian and Harvard Graduate, John Quincy Adams, known as "Old Man Eloquent" becomes president. He was the first to be elected president without receiving either the most popular votes or the most votes of the electoral college.
1825 Mary Daily, daughter of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on April 25th. She later marries James Howard Ramsey.
1826 On July 4th, Thomas Jefferson dies peacefully at his home in Moticello at 12:50 p.m.; and John Adams, whose health has been failing for many months, passes away just a few months shy of his 91st birthday at around 10 pm.  He wrote his own epitaph, never mentioning that he served as president of the United States.
1827 Through 1826 and 1827, Henry Clay attempts to acquire Texas.
1827 David Wise Daily, son of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 21st of January. He later marries Mary Ann Parker.
1828 William James, son of Beverly W. James and Matilda (Day) who was born on 04 Oct 1822 in Mason Co., Kentucky moves with his family to the Charlestown/Jeffersonville area in Indiana.
1828 Andrew Jackson is elected President, John Calhoun, Vice President, on December 3rd. He was the only president who had served in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, and the only president to have been a prisoner of war. At age thirteen he joined the South Carolina militia to fight in the Revolutionary War and after his capture, was ordered to clean the boots of a British officer. Refusing, the officer drew his sword and slashed Jackson across the forehead, leaving a scar.
1829 Charlotte Daily marries James Boyer on May 21st.
1829 Louisa Jane Daily, daughter of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 23rd of November.
1830 Owen Township was established about this year and was bounded on the north by Oregon, Washington, and Bethlehem townships, and north of the Ohio River by Charlestown.


Last Will and testament of Philip Daily recorded in open court on the 3rd of May states in part that "it is my will that the tract of land which I have in number seventy three (#73) in the Illinois grant be equally divided between my two daughters Mary Huckelberry & Charlotte T. Boyer, that my beloved wife Mary (Wise) shall have an income annualy the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid by my sons David W., Philip & Eli for her support during her life, that the home place which includes all my land be divided equally between my three sons ... the small tract of land on the Ohio river to be equally divided and paid over to the children of my daughter Catherine Carr (who is now deceased) and Elinor Appelgate when they shall respectively come to lawful age or marry; and pay one dollar to my son Jacob and one dollar to my daughter Elizabeth Fields - for their portion in full and one dollar in full to my daughter Elinor. Sons David W., Philip, Eli executors.
1830 Willis & Sarah Cook of Bartholomew County, Indiana sell land to David W. Daily, Clark Co., Indiana on June 13th. (Sec. 12, T8N, R6E in Bartholomew Co.)
1830 Thomas Hardin Daily, son of Charles Daily and Eleanor (Kuykendall), marries Eliza Henthorne on July 19th.
1832 Mary Ann Parker, the daughter of John C. and Nancy, is born in Kentucky on the 9th of February. She later marries David Wise Daily.
1832 Minerva Daily, daughter of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 8th of March. She later marries Dr. Samuel M. Work.
1832 Black Hawk War takes place when the 1831 treaty has moved the Sac and Fox Indians West of the Mississippi, but under Chief Black Hawk, they returned to Illinois where most of the Indians in the engagement were killed on the Bad Axe River.
1832 Letter dated 17th July of Indiana Governor Noah Noble, to Sheriff D.W. Daily of Clark County, Indiana. "You are commanded to hold an election for the purpose of electing associate justice of the Peace of Clark Circuit Court to take place of Beverly W. James, resigned. [signed by Governor Noble and Secretary of State James Morrison].
1832 On August 24th, Mary Daily, daughter of Charles and Eleanor (Kuykendall), marries Mathias Bovee.
1833 Cholera epidemic sweeps Lexington, Kentucky.
1833 On Tuesday, November 12th, It is ordered by the court that David W. Daily be appointed guardian of Mahala Daily, Mary Ann Daily, and Philip Daily, heirs of Jacob Daily, dec'd. to answer to a bill exhibited by John Hawn for division of land. [Probate Order Book B, p.210]
1833 John Hawn, Plantiff requests division of land owned by Jacob Daily, dec'd to be divided between Jacob, Mahala, Philip, and Mary Ann Daily, heirs to Jacob through their court appointed guardian, David W. Daily - petition for division of real estate [Probate Order Book B, p. 211]
1833 Jackson is re-elected as President - his Vice President is Martin Van Buren.
1834 Secretary of U.S. Treasury Department, Roger B. Taney, writes to Senator William Hendricks on the 14th of February. "Your letter recommending Mr. Daily to appointment in the land office received." Envelope addressed to D.W. Daily, Esq., Charlestown, Indiana. [Transcript of letter]
1834 Jacob Daily marries Jane Becket on April 10th.
1834 On Tuesday, May 27th, it is reported that the estateof Jacob Daily, dec'd has divided the 80 acres among four of his heirs - reported by commissioners John Coombs, Joel C. Bowen, and Samuel Prather. [Probate Order Book B, p. 243]
1834 Philip M. Daily, son of David and Mary (Shirley), is born in June of this year. He later marries Melissa C. Morton.
1834 James M. Parker, son of John C. and Nancy, is born in IN this year.
1835 The first attempted assassination against a U.S. President fails - a gun misfires, and leaves President Jackson unharmed.
1835 In the autumn of this year, after President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna throws aside Mexico's democratic constitution, a revolution breaks out in Texas.
1836 On the 21st of April, the Texan forces defeat the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto, capture Santa Anna, and end the revolution in victory.
1836 Jaminia Daily, daughter of Charles Daily and Eleanor (Kuykendall), marries Daniel Vest on the 27th of May.
1837 While Martin Van Buren has become President with Richard Johnson as his Vice, an economic panic and depression settles in on the U.S.
1837 Elizabeth "Lizzie" Daily, daughter of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on June 17th. She later marries William James.
1837 Philip M. Daily, son of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 17th of June. He later marries Miss James.
1837 Emma Parker, daughter of John C. and Nancy, is born in IN this year.
1838 An Isaac Daily, probably nephew of Philip and Mary (Wise) marries Mary Henthorn on April 20th.
1839 Mannon Daily, not identified as yet, marries Ruth Shelton on April 10th.
1839 Seth Daily, son of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 09th of March. He later marries Barbara Stierheim.
1839 D.W. Daily becomes gaurdian of his brother Philip's son Hezekiah Daily.
1839 Ada Parker, daughter of John C. and Nancy is born in IN this year.
1840 Census of Clark County, IN (FHL Film #007722).
1840 William Parker, apparently his spouse, and two others - one male and one female between age 15-20 are listed on page 461 of the census in Charlestown.
1840 The household of Andrew C. Hay (born between 1790-1800) is listed on page 461 in Charlestown three houses down from the Daily home and includes his wife and six children ranging in ages from under age five to between 15 and 20 years of age.
1840 The household of David W. Daily, his wife Mary A. (Shirley) and their ten children are listed on page 461 of the census in Charlestown.
1840 The household of Charles Daily (born about 1800), including what appears to be his wife Catherine (Stoner) and ten children, who in the next census is living next door to the John Daily (born 1823) household is listed on page 479.
1840 The household of Isaac Daily (1818), which includes his wife Mary (1812) and their two young sons identified in later census records as Elias born 1838, and Robert born 1839, are listed on page 479.
1840 The two last households of page 481 are both Daily's: Thomas Daily born 1808 in Kentucky and son of Charles Daily and Eleanor (Kuykendall). He married Eliza Henthorn in 1830 and their children at this time would have been Martha, Stausbury, Mary, Hardin, Casa and one older daughter not located in other census records. The last household on this page is Samuel Daily (1801) who is listed with his wife and four daughters.
1840 The household of Jacob Daily (born in KY between 1810-1820), his wife (probably Jane Becket whom he married in 1834) and two young sons is listed on page 559.
1840 Five doors down from Jacob, is the home of his son Philip Daily. Philip is the son of Jacob's first wife Thei (Praim) and was born in Indiana in 1816.
1840 Not far from the Philip Daily home, listed on this same page, is the home of Bartlett James (born in 1811 in NC), his wife Margaret, and three young children. This family may be of relation to William James who married David's daughter Lizzie.
1840 Judgment of Jacob Daily against William Alstott by Alexander Mars, J.P. to Constable. Dated the 11th of February.
1840 On the 15th of April, Rebecca Daily, daughter of David W. and Mary (Shirley), marries Felix Coombs. They become the parents of: Arabel, Mary A., Rebecca, Dallas, Felix, Loretta and possibly India K. Coombs.
1841 Santa Ana returns to presidency of Mexico.
1841 William Henry Harrison who served as aide-de-camp to General "Mad Anthony" Wayne at the Battle of Fallen Timbers (which opened most of the Ohio area to settlement), later became Secretary of the Northwest Territory and Governor of Indiana. He was elected president and during his inauguration speech caught pneumonia and died a month later on the 4th of April.
1841 Thomas Hart Daily, son of David Wise Daily and Mary (Shirley), is born in Charlestown on the 4th of December. He later marries Margaret Walsh.
1842 Cordelia Parker, daughter of John C. and Nancy, is born in IN this year.
1842 Arabel Coombs, daughter of Felix and Rebecca (Daily) is born this year.
1843 Mary A. Coombs, daughter of Felix and Rebecca (Daily) is born this year.
1843 Barbara Stierheim, daughter of Francis J. and Sarah (Neely), is born in Indiana about this time. She later marries Seth Daily, son of David and Mary (Shirley) Daily.
1844 Now Brigadier General, Zachary Taylor is ordered to Fort Jesup and, in anticipation of the annexation of Texas, is directed a few months later to have his command ready to take the field on the slightest notice.
1845 James K. Polk is inaugurated as the President of the United States on March 4th.
1845 Texans vote for annexation to the United States on the 4th of July, but Mexico still does not recognize Texas as independent.
1845 In July, President Polk sends orders to General Zachary Taylor to organize an army at Corpus Christi and to Commodore David Conner to prepare a squadron in the Gulf of Mexico.
1845 Taylor sends his topographers to reconnoiter the region southward toward the Rio Grande, and on 14 September he reports to Washington that he has directed his army to examine the nearby country in the direction of the contested river border. The general adds that the reconnaissance would soon include surveys "of the Nueces and the Laguna Madra [sic] . . . in the event of a forward movement to the Rio Grande.
1845 Indiana Clark Daily, daughter of David W. Daily and Mary (Shirley), marries Dillard C. Ricketts on the 13th of November. They later remove to Indianapolis.
1845 President Polk sends John Slidell as commissioner to Mexico with instructions to try to purchase New Mexico and California.
1845 December 29th, Texas is admitted into the Union as the 28th state.
1845 Thile John C. Frémont's exploring expedition arrives in Alta, California, the year closes with conflicts as the country faces war with Mexico, and war with England over the Oregon territory.
1846 As the year begins Old Rough and Ready's Army of Occupation of regulars and volunteers has grown to nearly 4,000, almost half the strength of the entire U.S. Army. Units arriving over the course of the six-month encampment at Corpus Christi settle down to a training routine, but the arrival of winter and its wet, miserable, and unhealthful weather, adversely affects training. The cold and often ill soldiers are forced to huddle in their tents, awaiting developments.
1846 Polk sends orders to General Zachary Taylor to advance to Río Grande and orders Commodore David Conners to Vera Cruz.
1846 Letter of Harrison Daily (1819-1895) from Camp Butler, New Saltillo, Mexico, to his father David Wise Daily dated the 10th of January. "Movement expected, possibly an expedition for Vera Cruz ... Clark Guards are well."
1846 John Daily marries Mary Overman on February 12th.
1846 During February the U.S. rejects proposed arbitration of dispute with Britain over Oregon Territory.
1846 About one month after receiving notification to move his army, and after carefully examining the various engineer reconnaissance reports, Taylor selects the mainland route over some 200 miles of sun-baked prairie. In retrospect, his decision appeas to be the right one. They depart on 8 March to the Río Grande and establish a base at Point Isabel and entrenchments opposite Metamoras.
1846 In April, General Mariano Arista arrives in Matamoros taking command of the Mexican Army. He sends a cavalry across the Río Grande surrounding a U.S. scout party. Several are killed during the skirmish.
1846 Thomas Daily, son of Charles and Eleanor (Kuykendall), marries Rachel Overman on 26 April. His first wife was Eliza Henthorn.
1846 Leaving behind enough men to defend the earthen fortification, Taylor sets off on 1 May with the bulk of his army to secure Point Isabel. He returns on the eighth to find his garrison besieged and a Mexican army three times the size of his own force at a watering hole called Palo Alto, but is able to defeat them.
1846 On the afternoon of May 9th, Taylor sets out with 2,000 men and meets the Mexican army a few miles to the south at Resaca de la Palma. This time they fight in a dry river bed on the road to the American encampment opposite Matamoros and is able to defeat them.
1846 U.S. Congress declares war on Mexico on the 13th of May. Taylor, who occupies Metamoras on May 18th, is breveted by Polk to Major-General as soon as word of the victories have been received.
1846 On May 16th, Governor Whitcomb of Indiana received an order from the U.S. Secretary of War requesting three regiments of volunteers. Camp Clark, near New Albany, was chosen as the rendezvous site for the little army. A total of 2,811 recruits enlist throughout the state, and a great wave of military enthusiasm washes over the area.
1846 Harrison Daily is mustered into the 3rd Regiment of the Indiana Volunteers on the 22nd of June at New Albany by Colonel Samuel Churchill and is transferred to staff.
1846 Colonel Stephen W. Kearny leads Army of the West toward New Mexico and California.
1846 July 3rd, Harrison Daily writes from Camp Whitcomb, New Albany, Indiana to his father. "...will leave for Rio Grande Next week." He mentions brother David who is with him and that a lieutenant of the Montgomery guards was killed in an accident.
1846 Letter written from Camp Whitcomb, New Albany, Indiana from Harrison Daily to his father on the 6th of July asking him to please send $100 in gold and the banks there will not accommodate the officers.
1846 Harrison Daily writes his father from Camp Whitcomb on the 8th of July. Writes that "David returned last evening and handed over the $100 dollars you had the kindness to send." Also mentions a tailor, John W. Long, and that he wishes to have the name of one of his father's hired hands to pay him in his name so that he can certify and draw pay for him as a servant. Directs letters to be sent to 3rd Regiment, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
1846 During July, Zachary Taylor establishes a base at Camargo at the mouth of the San Juan River.
1846 Letter written July 29th from Point Isabel, Texas from Harrison Daily to his father saying he arrived after ten days on the brig Prairie. Five vessels had traveled together. Also mentions Dr. Athon. (James S. Athon).
1846 Sallie Parker, daughter of John C. and Nancy, is born in IN this year.
1846 Rebecca Coombs, daughter of Felix and Rebecca (Daily) is born this year.
1846 In August, at about the same time Taylor is making preparations to depart Camargo and march on Monterrey, Brig. Gen. John E. Wool assembls another army in Texas to march into Mexico and join forces with Old Rough and Ready.
1846 On August 28th, David Daily, who was been ill as a result of a scouting trip under Captain Gibson, writes from Camp Bellknap, Texas, that "the boys" have taken good care of him and that he expects to be discharged in october. He hopes to go home by land and look for land for his Uncle Silas and Felix (Coombs). Says to address correspondence to Point Isabelle.
1846 With Saltillo as his objective, Zachary Taylor departs in September with 6,000 men divided equally between regulars and volunteers. On the 21st he attacked Monterey. After three days of skirmishing in mostly with bayonet assaults, the larger Mexican army surrenders and an eight week armistice is arranged. Taylor is severely criticized by the administration for the liberal terms of surrender he accepts, and five days before the end of the armistice he is ordered to terminate it. But for his popularity, Taylor undoubtedly would have been replaced as field commander.
1846 On the 24th of September, Harrison Daily writes his father from Camp Lane on the Rio Grande. "We are thirty miles below Matamorous" and happy to be on high, dry, land. Mentions appointment as adjutant of the regiment with pay of about $92.00 a month.
1846 Harrison Daily writes his father from Camp Lane on the Rio Grande on the 7th of October. He mentions Doc Athon and the Battle of Monterey being fought without the assistance of the Hoosiers. He offers opinions and comments about the battle and mentions Colonel Lane, Generals Lane and Taylor and Captain Gibson.
1846 By October 12th, the army begins crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico. The Corps of Engineers contingent supervises the assembly of a "flying bridge," prefabricated in San Antonio for the crossing. Wool, unlike Taylor, has the foresight not to wait for pontoon bridging to arrive from the East.
1846 Between November 3rd-7th, Harrison Daily writes his father from Metamoras, Mexico. Gives news of Captain Carter, Captain Gibson, Colonel Curtis, William Forsythe, Captain Curtis, and Colonel Clarke. Mentions May Morrison being there and that the 1st regiment was reduced to four hundred men by deaths and discharges. That his regiment has 700 men.
1846 In what appears to be a continuation of the previous letter, Harrison writes that Colonel Clarke has issued order to suppress gambling and that thirty-eight enforced it.
1846 On November 10th, President Polk selects Winfield Scott to command an expedition to land at Vera Cruz and march to Mexico City. Scott promptly submits a list to the War Department of the men and materiel he requires to execute his plan.
1846 Scott issues orders to Taylor on November 23rd to send the core of his army to staging points at the mouth of the Rio Grande and Tampico for transport to Scott's invasion staging area. Meanwhile, Taylor decides on his own to alter his strategy and begins to concentrate on occupying strong points. His first order is to reorganize and abolish the bulky Volunteer Division which is composed of the Ohio and Kentucky Infantry regiments in one brigade (Butler) and the Georgia, Mississippi, and 1st Tennessee regiments in another (Quitman). He takes Twiggs' division, with Quitman's brigade and the Baltimore Battalion, along with him to Victoria, leaving Worth at Saltillo, Wool at Parras, and Butler at Monterrey. Butler, the senior officer, would be in overall command of the troops left behind. Patterson, currently at Matamoros, would join Taylor at Victoria. At Monte Morelos on the way to Victoria, the 2nd Infantry and 2d Tennessee Regiment joins Taylor for the march to Victoria
1846 Letter of Harrison to his father David Daily on the 6th of December states that the regiments 1-3 are moving to Camargo, that they will go on to Monterey to join the main Army. Mentions Captain Gibson, Colonel Clarke, General Patterson, and describes the battle ground.
1846 Situated at Camp Taylor, three miles from Monterey on Christmas Eve, Harrison Daily writes his father that they arrived there after eight days of hard marching. Speaks of meeting Taylor and describes him, Monterey, and news of his brother David. Three days out on the march, Taylor received information that General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had regained the presidency of Mexico and raised a view army. The wily Mexican leader appeared to be leading this army on a long march toward Monterrey. Taylor rushed back leaving Quitman to proceed to Victoria. The threat to Monterrey turned out to be a false alarm, and Old Rough and Ready resumed his march to Victoria.
1846 On December 25th, Jefferson Davis meets Zachary Taylor near Montemorelos* and proceeds with him to Victoria.
1847 Dallas Coombs, son of Felix and Rebecca (Daily) is born about this year.
1847 Encamped twenty-one miles south of Saltillo at Camp Aqua Nueva, Harrison Daily writes his father on February 13th. "About 5000 men are here; will be 8000 soon." Gives an account of the battle which took place a few days earlier and how the Illinois regiment had interfered with the Arkansas regiment.
1847 At Buena Vista, on February 22nd-23rd, Taylor is out-numbered four to one, but the American army defeats the Mexicans and effectively ends the war in the north. The battle is fought mostly by the volunteers, but it is the smaller regular artillery to whom Taylor ascribes in large measure his success.
1847 Charles Daily marries Ruth Williams on March 7th.
1847 Winfield Scott's forces stage an amphibious landing at Vera Cruz that captures the port on the 9th of March. The Mexican commander chooses not to oppose the landing, so over 8,600 men are landed without a single loss in just over four hours.
1847 On the 11th of March, Mary Ann Daily marries John Howard Ramsey.
1847 Taylor continues to command all forces in northern Mexico from March to November.
1847 Following a brief siege, Vera Cruz surrenders on the 29th of March.
1847 Writing from Buena Vista on the 15th of April, Harrison Daily tells his father that Conway is recovering, that Jack has tendered his resignation, and that small pox is reported among troops at Matamoras.
1847 On the 24th of June, Harrison Daily is mustered out of the Indiana regiment at New Orleans, Louisiana by Colonel Samuel Churchill.
1847 Taylor leaves Monterey on November 8th and arrives at New Orleans on the 30th. Hailed as a national hero, Taylor retires to Baton Rouge on December 5th.
1848 The year begins with the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in Eldorado County California.  It brings the Treaty of Guadalupe, with the ceding of Texas, New Mexico, and California to the United States, and the Oregon Bill, which establishes a territorial government in the Pacific Northwest.
1848 Dr. James S. Athon writes to D.W. Daily from the City of Mexico. "Captain Simonson will carry this letter. Expenses are great here. Enclosed is money owed by Phil Roe." Writes that every movement now is towards peace; armistice is entered into. General Butler is more considerate of the soldiers than General Taylor and General Scott. Mentions news of Hezekiah Daily, Joseph Gibson, Jonas Stansbury, and others. Adds that "Whigs of Indiana determined to run Taylor for Presidency in spite of all he had done to the state." Mentions that the 2nd regiment are rampant on the subject and that he does not favor a military man for president.
1848 Taylor is nominated by the Whig party in Philadelphia on June 7th, on the fourth ballot, over Clay, Scott and Webster.
1848 James M. Daily marries Rachel Daily on August 16th.
1848 Felix Coombs, son of Felix and Rebecca (Daily) Coombs is born this year.
1848 Dated November 18th from the Columbus Insurance Co. to D.W. Daily. Insurance on pork and hams to be shipped from Louisville to New Orleans. Signed by Wray Thomas, pres.; Sam Gwathmey, Agent and A.S. Chew, Sec'y.
1848 Mexico cedes New Mexico and California in return for $15,000,000 and American assumption of the damage claims. President Polk has added a vast area to the United States, but its acquisition precipitate a bitter quarrel between the North and the South over the expansion of slavery.
1849 Cholera epidemic sweeps through Lexington, Kentucky and St. Louis, Missouri.
1849 President Polk dies on June 15th in Nashville, Tennessee.
Time Line of the Daily Relations 1850 - 1900
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