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State Census relative to Moore & Pilcher
Please Note! Census records included on this web site contain corrections to obvious errors and may also include surnames of married women when known. These extractions are not intended as an exact transcription of the actual census, but as a tool to provide more accurate information for genealogical research. I have taken caution with these additions and/or corrections and done so only in a case where other records indicate there was an obvious error. - If you find I've added anything incorrectly, please feel free to advise me.


Oregon State Census

Marion County
Created July 5, 1843 by the Provisional Legislature
Present Geographical County Boundaries Established in 1856

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Mossman, Isaac V. Male Upward of Age 21  1 Horse 1 Cattle
Mossman, Martha (Jackson) Female Upward of 18 -- --
Mossman, Clara Edith Female Under 10 Years -- --
Mossman, Minnie Mae Female Under 10 Years -- --
Mossman, Frank C. Male Under 10 Years  -- --
Isaac is listed as a legal voter with $50 in property value, $50 in real estate value & was taxed on state and military tax.
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Updated 22 Jun 2015
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